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    To people I have promised to draw stuff for: I broke my right wrist, which is also the hand I draw with. At earliest I'll be able to draw again at the end of November... I'm sorry guys!

    -I take IOU's.

    -I WILL GIFT/BREED if possible/am asked nicely enough. If I gift you something it would be nice of you to name it. Ask away! :)

    -I don't like IBs (unless the lineage is something really abnormal), DLs or messes, nor will I breed any even if requested.

    -If I have both CB genders and frozen hatchling(s) of any dragon I don't wish to have more if not listed below.

    -I love lines with a catch! <3 A nice lineage increases the chance of me wanting to trade for a common hugely!

    (un-ordered) WISHLIST:

    -I'll give anything for the code C4M1N or variations, like CAM1n, c4miN, CaMIn, C4m1n etc.!

    -CB GOLD (female)!
    -2nd gen Blue Coppers from Ribbondancer!
    -CB Blusangs
    -CB Thunder (male)
    -CB Olive hatchies or eggs under 5 days
    -CB Red Copper (female)
    -CB Blue Copper (male)
    -CB Brown Copper (female)
    -MESSY Magma for freezing (refusing to freeze if not messy, preferably low-time egg or hatchling)
    -CB GWs
    -Anything that glitters <3 (Shimmerscales, Tinsels, Golds, Silvers)
    -Holidays (excluding vampires, especially valentines and marrows)
    -Famous lines
    -Some Spriter's alt lines (Penk, Jewel and valentines)
    -2nd gen Shimmerkins and Tinselkins

    AS HATCHLINGS (will consider some as low-time eggs):
    -CB Moonstone (male)
    -CB Ember (male)
    -CB Sunrise (male)
    -CB Sunsong (female)
    -2nd gen Soulpeace
    -Alt Blacks
    -Alt Vines

    If you want to trade anything not on the list, just offer. I don't bite. And who knows, I just might not be aware I want what you have. ;)


    MY PRIZES: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgQ2xXwstKtYdDJkaURRTl9hQXR5NUFSc01QZXBqdlE&usp=sharing

    -Saynna - 6 trio hatchlings, 2 of each (ice given)
    -ruby1988 - Tinsel hatchling from Anzu - FULFILLED
    -shhhhsleeping - Breed/catch Pink hatchling -FULFILLED


    -zheyrryhn: Around middle of the month (Jewel Shimmer)
    -shhhhsleeping: When space/applicaple (f.ex. Gold Shimmer, 2nd gen Holidays)

    -Lady Artemis

    -AnnieLyla -Done, approved
    -SpiritWolfe -Done, approved

    -Sinew Dragon
    (-Furred Wyrm -Male)

    GOLD-LIST a.k.a. nice/honest people:
    -Zerhai (Gifted Hope line egg and Silver Shimmerscale)
    -Flower1818 (Gifted Gold egg)
    -Ilune Willowlef (Gifted Shimkin Blusang)
    -Sincerest_Apologies (Gifted Bronze Shimmerscale)
    -shhhhsleeping (Gifted sooo much I can't even)
    -ariaalina (Kept a promise)