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  1. She can join the clan as a cat with a regular name, then Mistystar will decide she's apprentice age and give her a suffix.
  2. No, that's still a warrior name. She isn't a clan cat and therefor shouldn't have one. And whatever you want would be great, Tiga.
  3. EMLuna, Rosepaw shouldn't have an apprentice name yet. Can you go back and fix that? Thanks.
  4. Alakazam's normal form gained ten points in defense, though. No idea if the programmers messed up,or they were just trying to balance it,
  5. Actually, the Hoopa thing might not be a Mega at all? The stats don't rise 100 points.
  6. Oh, ElementalMistressLuna (is there a nickname you prefer?) could you post in past tense? That's what everyone else is doing, and everything flows more smoothly that way. I know, it harder to make things dynamic, but it's a worthy sacrifice.
  7. Rice, eggplant, veggies, and weird meat stuff.
  8. Here you go- http://www.keller.com/html-quickref/4a.html In the [color=] thing, just use the color name below the color you want after "=". Yay, all my characters are awake now (I think. Mistystar might not be, someone tell me if she isn't.) Feel free to interact with any of them if you're bored.
  9. Thistlepaw Thistlepaw quietly stepped out of the apprentices' den, stretching out in the chilly morning air. His family didn't seem to be awake yet- a quick scan if the camp didn't give him any shapes that greatly resembled Willowpaw or his parents. He knew he could easily be wrong, though. He was still looking at the world through a blurry lens, and could barely tell den from tree. The calm demeanor of the camp before everyone had awoken was something he decided that he liked, despite having to lose sleep over it. Moving softly as to not disturb the peacefulness that had wafted itself seemingly around the entire territory, Thistlepaw turned around and slowly lay down outside the den he slept in every night. He closed his eyes again, just barely keeping himself from slipping back into sleep, and let his muscles fall loose. Oh, how he wished that everything were always like this. In this subdued environment, he was so relaxed, he could barely remember anything.
  10. Which purple or red? And why? It doesn't seem to relate to your cat? If you need a full list of colors, ask and we'll get you the link. Make sure you don't take claimed colors, though.
  11. Yeah. Sableye can Will-o-Wisp (or even Confuse Ray, if you like trolling and haxing out opponents) a bunch before Mega-ing, abusing Prankster and priority Recover until it decides it's the right time to Mega. Loss of Prankster Recover sucks, but those defenses are pretty worth it. I can definitely see it running Substitute to block status, though. Recover amends the no-lefties issue a bit, albeit not completely.
  12. Dangit. And... That's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. No idea how that happened. Fixing now, thanks, Mia. EDIT: Apparently, the first characters post is too stuffed for any more. I've moved the seeking list lower and used the last reserve post for new character sheets.
  13. Yeah, Mega Sableye sounds awesome. It has everything it needs to be a great annoyer. Prankster paired with Will-o-Wisp before Mega-ing could make a pretty beautiful specially-defensive set, with a water to patch up the fact that fires evade burn. It has pretty great defenses, too. Its HP is still bad, but it's not that much of a downfall. The bulky Rotoms have proved that great HP isn't absolutely necessary, and Sableye isn't much of a wall, anyways. It's more meant to screw around with the enemy team. Too bad it loses Prankster, but meh, Magic Bounce is great as well. That Sp. atk isn't too shabby, either.
  14. Story-wise, she does have a mentor. We just don't know who yet. Shy not have her wake up, like normal, and then get something to eat? Or, if you want, you could have her crashing into camp, seeking help.
  15. Why not just make. Shiny of every pokemon, then? And if the hacker's game breaks, their own fault for hacking. And, honestly, I don't really care that people hack shinies. Yes, it screws up the market for those who hunt them legitimately, but still, it's their choice- they went through the trouble of hacking it, though it's perceived as "cheating". Also, couldn't you just implement a better hack-control system? :/ Even if you can't, it's not like shinies are anything important, anyways. They're just different.
  16. Chilly, but it's actually pretty pleasant, too.
  17. Rice porridge with cilantro and pork.
  18. Ugh, I can't stand shiny locking. It keeps people away from pretty sprites/models that time was spent on creating. I don't really see a good reason why, either. I mean, yeah, story and all, but a lot of people who are shiny hunters dislike hacking, so they just can't get what they want because GF has to keep something already wobbly the way it is.
  19. Yeah, I like the merging idea too. Just... Not to the point that there's only one actual distinction. Still, though I really like them. I feel like Latios will outshine Latias, though. Kinda sad, always preferred Latias. It'll still be a beautiful Calm Minder, I guess. I wonder if there'll be some plot point in ORAS that explains the Lati Twins' Mega. That'd be cool.
  20. Well, I guess that mins of makes sense, since their stats are kind of blending closer? Doesn't matter much to me, since it always read words (dangit, people who name their Arceus as different Arceus that look similar). It's a cool concept that as they get more bulky and more powerful, they become closer in appearance, but still, I wish there was a little more differentiation. They're a bit too similar for my taste, and the fact that it might be because GF doesn't want to make another over world model is sad.