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  1. Petalstorm Petalstorm frowned. "Ivyclaw? But he's an elder, right? I mean I understand that we have to respect our elders because they have lots of experience and served the clan well in their time, but Ivyclaw isn't even that old. He just retired because if injury, and it's usually just the leader, deputy, and oldest warriors that have a say in how the clan is run. I guess we should obey, though, since there aren't any other cats going on patrol and whatnot, but still... It's strange isn't it?" Petalstorm turned her head back nervously, and her tail twitched with an equally unsettled air. Now that she thought about it, it was true. Deputies had to be one of the first to wake, and she hadn't seen Cranewing all morning. Mistystar, too, was nowhere to be seen. Though, the gray leader might be in her den, so it was much less of an immediate worry. "Yes, let's go see if Mistystar is in her den. There's enough chaos already, without cats, especially important ones, seeming to disappear." Petalstorm continued to fret, worry edging her expression. She didn't want to make noise so early in the morning, but she could feel a panic attack coming. She could only hold off her powerful emotions for so long every day.
  2. Sorry for double posting, but I want to make an ammendment to what I said earlier. I wasn't very clear, at all. Having two people reply to each other quickly is fine. However, the posts should not feel rushed. As long as they remain normal, solid posts, everything is fine.
  3. Petalstorm Petalstorm cheered inwardly; something to do! Despite her usual scared demeanor, she didn't like life without any events. Usually. Mostly in the morning. She jumped up, and landed neatly on her front paws before her entire body landed, too, and smiled at Snowfeather again. "Of course I'll come! Starclan knows we need more to do in the mornings. I love hunting patrols, too!" Petalstorm wasn't really being completely honest, though she didn't notice, either. She didn't really love hunting, or think that there wasn't anything to do in the morning- she just disliked being bored. Something to occupy her constantly frantic mind calmed her, despite the additional risk of something that triggered a hysteria fit. But something didn't connect. Snowfeather, of all people, was organizing a patrol? Like herself, the other she-cat was a young warrior. There was almost no chance that either of them would be chosen for anything important. Yes, they had both led a few patrols each, but organizing them was a bit out of their league. "Yeah, great! I'll come, too, of course! But... You're organizing the patrols? Really? Who told you to? Why isn't Cranewing commanding the clan right now? Actually, where is he?"
  4. Here's CosmicStorm's fox: Apologies for the delay, scanner's been having a lot of trouble.
  5. Welcome back, Tiga, and Narvix! We've missed you, but please don't feel rushed to make a post- you should never be. We understand that many things, like life, come before internet (Although, that doesn't seem to apply to me. Because I'm weird.) And Mia, Enchanting, it's fine! Still, though, unless you want to unleash a lot of information really quickly to go BAM on us all, it'd be nice if we could all keep up!
  6. Petalstorm Petalstorm yawned again, then swung her body to survey the cam again through tired, blinking eyes. There didn't seem to be much to do. No patrols seemed to be leaving, and there really wasn't anything happening at all. There was a bit of commotion in the medicine cats' den, but she just assumed that it was some apprentices fighting again. That happened far too often, for Petalstorm's taste, at least. Noticing Snowfeather, Petalstorm jogged up to her, and nodded a quick greeting. "Morning, Snowfeather! What are you doing? I'm kind of bored, can I join you?"
  7. Mistystar Mistystar continued up the gentle slope until she reached the large, leafy bush that Sagepaw and she had entered only last night. Flattening herself, she wriggled into it, managing to get only a few leaves caught in her pelt. Still in a shrunken, crouched position, she extended a foreleg and brushed away the pile of leaves, then slipped into the tunnel. She trotted down the steeper area right beneath the entrance hole, gaining speed as she did so. Though she would have preferred to walk slowly, attempting to do so would cause her to skid down the narrow hill, scuffing her paws and covering her pelt in dirt- something she didn't want, at all. Her fur already needed to be groomed; having it take longer would be exceptionally annoying. As Mistystar reached the flat tunnel, she sat down and began lapping at her fur, pulling leaves and dirt out in the almost unlit underground passage. Soon, though, only after a dozen licks, she decided she was finished, and continued on her way through the tunnel.
  8. Indeed you did, Enchanting! But guys, let's try to keep this from being too much of a 1x1. It's fine if nobody else is all too active, but if you have like five posts in an hour, that's quite a bit- also, none if your posts were all too long, and they actually seemed a bit rushed.
  9. More pumpkin pie, because my family totally overstocked.
  10. Rice Krispies in milk and a strawberry banana smoothie.
  11. Spaghetti in tomato sauce, salmon, and vegetable soup.
  12. Chilly and wet from yesterday's rain.
  13. I hope that the person hacking was lying when he said that Primals could be stacked with Megas and other Primals. It means that Primal Kyogre can be on a team with other behemoths like Mega Mewtwo Y/X, which kind of scares me. I'm really not too passionate on this, but I would prefer it if they worked like Megas, except transform right away and have different names.
  14. Ah, sorry, I haven't checked here in a bit. It seems I've missed wine of your lovely sketches! ^^; The first has nice hair, once again. Everything you usually do well applies, and I really have nothing much to say about it, other than great work! The lips are a bit strange, though. It's lighted in a way that makes me wonder if the highlights of the top lip are teeth, which I assume they're not. The second has great shading and expression, but the hair is a bit less good than what yo usually do. Also, the entire face seems twisted? It looks very off, though I do realize this is a WIP. Great work! Are we going to see more colour anytime soon?
  15. Mistystar "That is fine. I will deal with her later. Now return to camp and busy yourself with whatever situation arises. Be useful. Go do some quick fishing or hunting before the journeying cats leave, so we might have a feast together before we are separated for an indefinite amount of time." Turning away as if she had never acknowledged the once-crippled warrior at all, Mistystar briskly strode away, with secure, definite steps in comparison to the slow, brooding pace she had used before. Despite his leg being somewhat healed, Ivyclaw would have had trouble catching up, as the injury would have had some permanent effect, no matter how minor.
  16. Mistystar Mistystar turned quickly, annoyedly, when she heard racing footsteps follow her. Whipping her head around, she glared furiously at her pursuer, hissing angrily as she did so. Twisting her legs and body around, and digging her claws into the loose soil, she snapped a fast, almost uncomprehensible "Really?!" at the large warrior in front of her. "What now, Ivyclaw? Yes, I know that your leg suddenly healed itself and you were in too much misery to test it every day until now, so I have to bring you out of retirement. Unless the clearing has collapsed upon itself, I have no time for your shenanigans."
  17. Kalana laughed happily at Kalu's confused reaction, despite her worries on being rude. It wasn't nice to make fun of others, but surely, this was fine? They all seemed to be relaxed and at peace with each other, anyways. Being a little loose with herself shouldn't be too big of a problem. A less cautious demeanor would probably inspire more friendships, too. And with such troubling issues, being able to cooperate would be essential. Even if she wasn't as talented as the others, Kalana hoped that she could at least bring together these dragons, for the good of everyone. Wrapped in her thoughts, she stared absently at The orb on Kalu's tail, subconsciously admiring it. It was quite nice, with a pretty blue coloration and what seemed to be a smooth texture. Had she been one to feel jealousy at more minute things, Kalana would easily have wished it was hers. Looking up distractedly, she stared at Kalu's face with a mildly vacant expression. She formed a mental link between the beautiful orb and the other dragons' coloration and face, struggling to remember the more normal appearance of her darker acquaintance in comparison to Eve's silvery, glistening scales. Kalu's highlight was at his tail, which though very recognizable, could easily be hidden. Her gaze followed his body, sweeping down from his head to his tail again. Then, she looked up, much more focused than before. "Hello, then, Kalu! I don't know what the nice orb on your tail is either. But it's so pretty! You must be proud of it, it's something anyone would want to have." She looked admiringly at him again, deciding that his nervous, apprehensive attitude was an effect from the loss of memory everyone seemed to have suffered. Other than that, he seemed perfectly kind and friendly, which Kalana liked quite a bit. Then, as if she had just noticed that another dragon, the pink one, had spoken, Kalana turned to face Enid with the same cheeriness. At first, she didn't attempt a reply, or any significant acknowledgement. Instead, she scanned the other dragon's body, determined to find something in everyone's appearance that could help her identify them. She wanted to meet and know everyone to a decent extent, and she was more than willing to work towards that goal. Immediately, her eyes locked onto the bright orange-y part of her throat. It certainly captured attention well in comparison to the duller metallic pink of the rest of her body. Content with her discovery of what she would use to identify this dragon, Kalana moved her head up slightly, and smiled warmly. "Hello. I think I hear your name. It's Enid, right? Nice to meet you, the orange on your neck is really nice! And don't pretend that what you said was stupid! And don't say that you're not unique, either! You and Kalu are just different! Your throat is pretty and Kalu's tail is pretty, too." Kalana's voice had a natural airy, sing-song tone to it, that not added to her overly joyful demeanor. As she finished, she began thumping her tail excitedly, then added, "So are we going to look for food now?"
  18. Petalstorm With nothing to do, Petalstorm was quickly becoming to feel bored. Her stomach was satisfied by the small fish she had eaten, since her last meal was quite large and only ingested a night's sleep ago. Though she could definitely fill her belly a bit more, there wasn't much prey because there had been no hunting patrols yet, and she didn't want to take more than her share because the only thing she had to do was eat. Staring down and the small lump of soil that she has used to cover the fish's bones, she patted it down more, so that it was no longer visible. Then, she yawned and turned around to find something more productive or interesting to do, like finding someone to chat with or exchanging some moss.
  19. What's MySQL? Also, not every cat has to go through "kit stage". Warriors just has rankings depending on how old and capable the cats are. :/
  20. Rice with cilantro, salmon, and vegetable soup.