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  1. Um... Spiral Dragon? I don't think there is one?
  2. Eh, I still doubt that. I remember the cave being round, so even if she's at the very edge, there will be light. The best chance is that she's right beside the exit, but again, because of the round shape, there will still be some sunlight, even if it's not much. Besides, since a lot of the dragons are in piles, the ones at the bottom (which we've had) wouldn't have had any light either. They're perfectly fine. And... What's the point? She's going to be all healed in a bit anyways. Isn't personality carried over partially from parents, though, like genetics? I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure it would make a lot more sense if her personality was consistent. Make it a .gif or .png, then? And remove the background?
  3. Yeah, I know. But if you want to continue the interaction, you'll need another post where she expresses herself?
  4. Did you? I don't see a post...
  5. Eh, doesn't matter much. All you really have to so to fix it is make Rose suddenly feel sad that she lost a potential friend and call him back or something.
  6. I'm not a mod or anything, but just had some questions about your sheet, Tribal. ^^ Why does she have scale problems? No other dragon does, and I'm pretty sure scales aren't affected by sunlight anyways? Also, I'm pretty sure some sunlight is still getting into the cave. I don't really understand her power, either. It doesn't make sense in the fact that's she's a Pink Dragon, nor does it make sense within her personality. It only really relates to the fact that she sings, which really has very little to do with the power's effects. Also, her picture is a jpeg from tinypic for some reason. I'm not sure if you edited it or something, but I'm pretty sure that's not allowed without the spriter's permission.
  7. Thistelpaw Thistlepaw's mind was whirring furiously. This cat, who was probably eight moons or so, was barely weaned? She had barely started eating meat? That seemed impossible. How could the she-cat's mother have provided milk for so long? In the clan, milk was usually provided for only a moon or so before the kits excitedly began eating small pieces of meat, and within a few days, they would be snatching prey off of the fresh-kill pile whenever they could escape from their parents' watchful eyes. Indeed, the more he communicated with this new cat, the more he wondered and felt repulsed by life outside of Cloudclan. It was preposterous that a cat would be fed with milk until they were well into apprenticehood. He wanted to question it, but thinking it would only bring another onslaught of confusions, he backed away another step. Frowning at the kitten, he twisted his head and stared at the side of Willowpaw's head. "Ah, Willowpaw. Would you, er, like to say something to this... Fine young cat?"
  8. Thistlepaw Thistlepaw stared at the other cat's much smaller body, and wondered how she could've decided that they were about the same age. He was large and bulky, barely smaller than the warriors. In fact, he was as big, if not bigger, than some of the smaller she-cats, like Petalstorm, and to a lesser extent, Snowfeather. The kitten in the medicine cats' den was larger than Smokeypaw, but she was tiny- and the new cat wasn't even larger by much. The difference in their height and length was about the length of a rabbit's tail, not much at all. Considering the puny frame of Smokeypaw, and how large most other apprentices were, Thislepaw decided that this new cat was either the same age as Smokeypaw, or younger. Turning, he glanced reproachfully at his sister, frowning and backing away a couple steps as he did so. "That's nice. Er- I'm eleven moons old. Which is much more than you. Quite a bit more." Again, he turned and glanced at Willowpaw, willing her to speak up, and take his place as the center of the kit's attention. This cat, who he assumed was a lost young loner or rogue, was behaving in a way that made him feel and act awkwardly. Her reactions felt off. Wouldn't a lost kit be wailing for help?
  9. It's fine, EMLuna. Like I've said before, life comes first. Ahhhhh sorry. I think I missed your post. ;_; I'll go fix it now, Narvix.
  10. Thistlepaw Thistlepaw stood up slowly and wiggled upright, until he was in a stretched standing position, low to the ground. Widening his mouth, he let loose a massive yawn. He rightened himself, after, feeling positively refreshed, though still a bit stiff. Turning slowly to Willowpaw, he stared for a moment before figuring out who she was. "I dunno. Something. I don't think anything else is happening, so I guess we could go check it out. If they don't want us there, they'll kick us out, anyways." Drowsily, he swept his gaze around camp, seeking something to do. It was a quiet morning, despite the majority of Cloudclan being awake. Yet, there wasn't much happening, other than the commotion by the medicine cats' den. Wandering blearily around, he aimed himself towards the place that numerous cats had been shooed out of, hoping to get a peek of what was happening. The entrance was no longer obscured by furry bodies, but still, the distance made it quite difficult to see. Slowly, he trotted closer, until his head was barely poking into the den. ((Sorry, short, but I needed to start a planned interaction and there's nothing much to respond to as a result.))
  11. Eh, we don't need any mentors as of now. Someone to take that position when things return to the normal system late,r would be great, though. :3
  12. Birchpelt Birchpelt struggled to push a purr out of her stiff, tired throat, but the supposedly soft sound caught in her throat and came out ragged, like a mild choke or growl. Wincing both in embarrassment and pain the gray she cat continued on, attempting to reply to Icefall as if nothing had happened. "That good, very good. How much land do you think we can make today? I expect that it will be many days' journey, perhaps a dozen or so if we are swift. The smoke is thick, and even if it had incredible roots, it would be much more diluted after too long of a journey. Of course, it might just be the combination of wind and another large gray cloud that has been collecting for a long time, but I cannot judge without any experience." She yawned, bringing a slimy substance to the edge of her eyes. And then she yawned again, only able to briefly wonder if her own tiredness would spread onto the cats around her and cause the entire clan to begin taking deep breaths to suppress the urge for more air. Though she was facing Icefall, she wasn't focusing on her old mentor. Even if she was trying to, her efforts would be quite useless. Her eyes were bleary, and her tired mind was still frantically processing everything else the older warrior had said, and though mere moments ago, the desperate whir of her thoughts made it seem much longer. Finally, after only a couple heartbeats, she stammered, "Yes! Yes, of course." Upon realizing how utterly unrelated her statements could have seemed, though, she hastily added, "Yes, the others should be awake soon, if not already. And we should set off soon, for a bit if extra time. Although, Mistsytar might want to send us on our way. Perhaps we should wait. And yes, there does seem to be something buzzing around the Marshflight's den. But it would do no good to overcrowd them." Deciding that she had addressed everything necessary, Birchpelt turned to stare at the ground, trying to gather herself as she waited for Icefall's responses. Quickly, though, she looked up and glanced at the stuffed aforementioned den. Yes, there was definitely something somewhat important happening. But, if it was truly vital, Mistystar would have returned instantly. And really, Icefall's guess that it was some young loner was likely not far off.
  13. Rice and pepper and eggplant stuffed with meatball paste.
  14. Petalstorm Without any words, Petalstorm turned and backed away from the cat that she had been speaking too. Quickly the she-cat turned and began to survey the camp. Apparently, she had been too busy with Snowfeather to notice Ivyclaw, or perhaps her brain had just shut off when the touch of information reached her delicate ears. Whatever it was, it was also a great fortune to the clan. Even if it was odd, and migh nibble at the couple other cats within earshot, all of Cloudclan was spared of Petalstorm's tortured shrieks. It appeared as if only Snowfeather had spoken. In fact, it was all Petalstorm reacted to. But indeed, Ivyclaw had poked into the younger she-cats' conversation. But, it was like his words were the wind. Unnoticed and of no real significance. Petalstorm turned away from the rest of camp, and focused only on Snowfeather. Still, it was like Ivyclaw had no presence in the hollow, and remained unseen. "There are a few cats who seem free, and not half-asleep. Who do you want to ask to go with us? Or should it be a private hunting trip? There does seem to be quite a commotion around the medicine cats' den, so taking a few apprentices out would be good, but then again, whatever's happening might need some cats to help out and the younger ones might be unwilling to leave."
  15. Salmon cucumber avocado sandwich with vegetable soup.
  16. Mild. It's somewhat chilly, but there's definitely a lot of sunlight, too.
  17. You don't like being a Yamask? Aw, how sad. They're cute in a weird sort of way... I meant it as Primal Evolution or whatever is a different name than Mega Evolution, haha.