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  1. Oksay, thanks. I've really been wondering about that.
  2. How much time is between the trick or treat items' appearance? It only seemed to take five or so minutes last year, but nothing now? I've only gotten three, too, so I've definitely got tons more to collect.
  3. Sure, I can try to make it as a sprite. Also, is the pose you want something akin to your avatar, or different?
  4. Sure! Are there any specifics that you want? (Color change, pose, etc.)
  5. Oh, cool it's started. (I really should've remembered...) Already snagged an egg and bred two eggs that I promised someone, can't wait to get started on the adventure.
  6. No, I mean, is it effective? It doesn't seem to help the CPS much.
  7. Huh, I actually didn't notice the triangular dress thing until you pointed it out. It is a pretty cool touch, really subtle- it requires a bit of attention to notice (which I obviously didn't have). And yay, thanks! The Gourgheist sisters thing sounds really cool as a concept! Will there be the new Ultra one?
  8. I played this for a bit before, then lost my stuff and stopped. I got back into it today, but have been wondering: Does clicking actually help?
  9. Ah, I see. These are so cute, I thought colours would really bring them to life. Although, the skecthy, light style they're drawn in does clash with colours, especially vibrant ones. Yay, do you mind doing a Liepard, Gourgheist, or Trevenant Magical Girl? Oh cool! They're both really nice, but don't seem to bear much resemblance to the pokemon they're based on?
  10. Petalstorm Petalstorm smiled distractedly at Snowfeather, then nodded. "Yes, yes, of course we should take a couple apprentices. It would certainly help in their training, especially if their mentors are busy. Besides, older warriors tend to do important things in the morning, and don't really take younger cats out to train until noon. We can keep them busy until then. Although, I guess it wouldn't do to tire them out early. We should probably be soft, and catch most of the prey ourselves. Swimming can be tough on underdeveloped muscles, so they might have to stick to snatching from the shore." She stopped and stared skyward, musing silently to herself at the mild issue at hand. A distracted, sleep-ridden mind slowed her, but she came to a solution after just a bit of time. "Although, there really aren't many fish that swim by the river's edge, and they probably haven't learned how to do so properly yet. Maybe we can just show them techniques for hooking and scooping up fish, even if it's less efficient for fishing." Again, the she-cat looked away, seeming to be unfocused at the conversation with Snowfeather. This time, though, it was back over her small shoulder, right at Mistystar's den. She glanced edgily back at Snowfeather. "Maybe we shouldn't go right away, though. Mistystar might be doing something important that'll have its own announcement soon, since she isn't here. Considering the current events, it'd probably be really important." An unsettling calm had settled over Petalstorm. Despite her usual panic towards everything possible, and impossible, she wasn't reacting to the dilemma that the entirety of Cloudclan was facing. In fact, she never had. Something had draped itself over her, numbing her usual dramatic displays. "Yes, we wouldn't want to miss that, would we? Besides, most of us have eaten this morning or a lot last night, so hunting can wait for a bit, at least.' ((Going to wait for Narvix before posting with Thistlepaw again, probably.))
  11. Huh, that's weird. Hope there'll be something to amend that. I've actually never had the Graveyard work?
  12. Eh, you have a point, but isn't it good to give a small piece of the really cool parts to lure people into buying the actual game?
  13. Sorry, Mia, it appears that I've lost the little kitties. >.< But anyways, here's something.
  14. I haven't gotten a code, but apparently, the demo was a bit underwhelming, according to my friends? To be honest, I'm not too fond of the new character looks. I know it's kind of a staple in Pokemon that trainers start at ten or whatever, but the appearance being a bit more mature was pleasant.
  15. Ooh, nice! And adorable! The little witch hat is the perfect touch. And the expression in the sad one. Great work! Have you ever considered colouring your work? Also, may I make another request?
  16. Wow, just noticed it. I hope it's available on mobile, since I usually play from that. And yay, a way to force myself to collect dragons again and make sure I've gotten all of them while being lazy! I guess I can't click on adults anymore, but I rarely did anyways.
  17. Grilled cheese sandwich and blueberry smoothie.