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  1. Does anyone know which click site has the lowest amount of traffic? My eggs are about five days, but I don't want to run any risk of them getting sick.
  2. Aaahhhh I just got the spinning lollipop ToT item. So cool, want to eat it. That, the candle, bat, and cat are definitely my favourites for the time being.
  3. Haha, the Haloween eggs in the AP sure disappeared fast. It was full of them just a minutes ago, and when I refreshed, it was just the regular eggs.
  4. Yeah. There isn't much to do after you finish the quest.
  5. I don't really see this as much of a problem? Just wait until they're at five days or four days, put them in a couple egg sites, and they should be fine.
  6. I think IVs and Natures don't matter is much in event Pokemon? The different sprite is meaningless in battle, and they're worth more untouched anyways. I guess they'd be worth even more with good competitive stats and whatnot, but there are lots of people willing to trade legend arises and multiple shinies for one shiny Gengar.
  7. Yeah, but the detail is so cool. The shapes and shading still come across so well, despite the busier designs . Like you, I can't wait, either.
  8. Very delicious pineapple. I will eat everyone's. Oh wait, I can't cut it open because there's no knife... Waaaaaaah. My life is over.
  9. I doubt I could've convinced my parents that it was worth their time to take me, especially since they know that there's a very good chance there might be none, but a very good friend of mine went and goot four or five, so I got a shiny Gengar free! Apparently, she's already gotten a couple Diancies early, too, and she says I can have one as well, since I've given her shinies before!
  10. Nah, there isn't a way to lose. If you complete it, you'll have all the items, and you can't just die midway through.
  11. isn't a word. It's supposed to be "a lot". The is a creature from a popular humourous blog, "Hyperbole and a Half", which has a piece on the . Also, it's usually better to leave eggs fogged for a day if they get sick. Or just leave them away from click sites until they're at five days or so.
  12. I definitely agree- and, even if it was the same as last year's, or the player had really already seen it, why not let them see it again? I know the lack of anything else is supposed to redirect attention to the adventure, but hey, there isn't anything to do after the guest is finished. And, reading it on the Wiki just lacks something.
  13. The 2010 badge is just where all your ToT items are stored. The badge for this year is the one you earned from the adventure.
  14. Ugh, that sounds terrible. I'm not adding them until they're five days or so, then, sick eggs freak me out.
  15. Well, some people think that more will be released over time. WE really don't know for sure yet.
  16. Okay. I guess it's pretty much fact that clicking isn't worth it, and doing other stuff and waiting is better. Thanks! Also, what's the point of Legacy?
  17. Ah, that's sad. It was a pretty cool story, wish I could go through it again.
  18. I sure hope there are only 37 and they aren't going to be spread around the week. It's so much easier to do it all in a burst and not have to worry ans stress out about missing some released on the last day.
  19. No problem, and I'll start soon! I'm not the best spriter, so it might be not so great and kind of slow, though. Sorry.
  20. Whoo, confirmation that I got all the adventure collectibles. Sad that it isn't replayable, but at least (I think) it makes sure you got everything before you can finish? And the stories were awesome, by the way.
  21. I really hope that I finished the the adventure right. I'm allowed to keep replaying the ending.