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  1. Huh, I'm not getting any duplicate pumpkins. Perhaps that was a glitch, and instead of being a new treat it was just giving animation to the other pumpkin?

    Same here. And mine have stopped dropping. I'm pretty darn sure the extra pumpkin is some sport of glitch.

  2. Ah okay, so to get the most CB halloween's I'd do:

    1) Get 7 CB on 10/31

    2) Incubate all 7

    3) Hatch eggs on 11/3

    4) Get 7 more CB from trading

    5) Get as many hatchling CBs as possible?

    It's pretty tough convincing people to trade new release Holidays unless you have stuff like CB fares to breed for them. :/

  3. Aaahhhhh I'm late again, sorry.


    I really like the first one, but really am not too sure of what it is? It looks sort of like a reflection on a piece of crystal or something, but not really? It's really cool though!


    The second is really great as well, but it still looks a little twisted. The face side away from the wall slopes up way faster than the other side, which is rounded.


    The third one is neat too, but it's just a baseline, so I can't really say too much about it. Great work, though!


    Pi: How is dA a toxic community? Just kinda curious, never got into it too much.


    And aw, it sucks when your interests are laughed at. I've only ever had this problem with Pokemon, but all my friends are nerds like me, competing for who can break 98% on their average marks in school first. It sounds terrible being teased for liking different things.

  4. I really don't like these kind of surprises (yes, I am grumpy lol). Can anyone tell me if it makes a difference when you choose one dragon or the other at the beginning of the quest?

    Order definitely doesn't matter, they're just four things you have to do to complete the adventure.