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  1. OMG Tomorrow is gonna go so freaking slow while I wait for Midnight to tick around! Grow up already! >.< (bloats her dragons and throws growth potions on them to hurry their growth)

    Haha, so glad I'm a few hours earlier than DC time- no staying up late needed!

  2. Yeah, I think I'm gonna try and hoard pinks and reds in between all the releases.


    I only have three pinks and six reds

    Pinks and reds are awesome, useful for so much. I always make sure I have enough to last me the entire holiday week. xd.png

  3. Didn't influence any of these guys because I'm saving them for the new release


    biting my nails that they gender right

    Haha, hoarding pinks works for a reason. xd.png


    But yeah, saving influence for new release is smart.

  4. That would be so cute though! I feel like if a candy-related dragon came out for Halloween it would have something to do with candy corn.

    Or overdoing it on Haloween night and being too bloated to do anything else. xd.png


    But yeah, a candy corn dragon would be totally adorable. And delicious.

  5. Does anyone play as Dark Pit? I know he has been getting a really bad rap since him and Pit are so much alike, but there is some differences actually.

    Dark Pit hits harder, but lacks Normal Pit's sweetspot hit boxes. Their side-B attacks launch at a different angle, and I'm pretty sure their forward smashes are different as well.

  6. I'm very curious to see what the new dragons are going to be like. We have ghost like dragons (Shadow walkers), pumpkin dragons, Grave dragons, etc. I can't wait to see what theme they have going on for the new dragons. smile.gif

    Some candy-related dragon to contrast the creepier dragons would be cool. Doubt it'll happen, though.

  7. What I want is their owners forum names so I can trade Mt soul for at least one of them

    I really don't think there's a high chance of that. One of the person's friends would have to see your post AND be a nice person, assuming they know their friends' scroll names. If you're lucky, their forum name and scroll name might be the same, so you can check if you're desperate.

  8. I'm a sort of new member. I was on here ages ago then I left (released my dragons and burnt my scroll) when my only reliable hatchery went under.


    This was in the days of breeding multiple eggs in clutches and picking an egg, no biomes and AP trading. Teleport was a great surprise when I came back. In fact it was so long ago I can't remember what my original username was or my scroll name.


    I don't know if it's changed and I can't remember what happened anyway with holiday releases so my question is what happens when the new holiday is released?


    Are there normal eggs in the cave as well? Or is it a wall of holidays?

    There are still normal eggs out of the AP, though, and it occasionally see a couple regular eggs peek through the wall.

  9. I assume it's a matter of timing. With incubate, people could get a full 7 eggs on Friday, incubate them, get another 7 eggs today, incubate those, get another 7 on Wednesday, incubate THOSE, and then have room for 7 new Halloweens. I'm following that pattern and was breeding some fresh Halloweens for myself today accordingly. Others are likely doing the same. smile.gif

    Ah, okay. Thanks, that makes sense.