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  1. A couple mini-bagels with salmon cream cheese.
  2. Yeah, eight man smash sounds totally awesome. I guess it's a bit hard getting eight controllers, and there will be much chaos, but hey, that's the fun part. Too bad there isn't going to be Ridley. At least he's a boss?
  3. Haha, so glad I'm a few hours earlier than DC time- no staying up late needed!
  4. Pinks and reds are awesome, useful for so much. I always make sure I have enough to last me the entire holiday week.
  5. You mean the ToT item? Or there's some random earlier release for some reason?
  6. Aw, nobody likes Pumpkins? They don't have wide breeding options, but they're still adorable!
  7. Haha, hoarding pinks works for a reason. But yeah, saving influence for new release is smart.
  8. Engines of Resistance. Ugggghhhhh. But at the same time, I love it.
  9. Or overdoing it on Haloween night and being too bloated to do anything else. But yeah, a candy corn dragon would be totally adorable. And delicious.
  10. Dark Pit hits harder, but lacks Normal Pit's sweetspot hit boxes. Their side-B attacks launch at a different angle, and I'm pretty sure their forward smashes are different as well.
  11. Cutest breeding idea ever, period. And it would probably look pretty great, too.
  12. Some candy-related dragon to contrast the creepier dragons would be cool. Doubt it'll happen, though.
  13. I honestly have no favourite? I definitely have favourites with the other holidays, but for me, the Haloweens were all pretty equal.
  14. I really don't think there's a high chance of that. One of the person's friends would have to see your post AND be a nice person, assuming they know their friends' scroll names. If you're lucky, their forum name and scroll name might be the same, so you can check if you're desperate.
  15. You'll probably just have to try again next year.
  16. There are still normal eggs out of the AP, though, and it occasionally see a couple regular eggs peek through the wall.
  17. Voted, pretty tough choice between two!
  18. Just wondering, if the adventure is done for the second time, can it be completed in a third round?
  19. Oh, we can read the story again? Cool, reading it again would be awesome.
  20. I can't say that my reaction was that different. Too bad it's not real.
  21. Ah, okay. Thanks, that makes sense.
  22. Why are there so many hallowe'ens in the AP again? There were next to none yesterday. :c