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  1. Sorry, guys, I've been kind of busy lately and haven't had much time to list or manage the RP. I'll trey to do better, but I'm going poof on Wednesday to Saturday, so be prepared. Also, it's be great if someone could keep a recap?

  2. I tried it before, and got even worse than usual.

    Well, if you never got anything, then you didn't get worse than usual. :I


    Honestly, it works for me and a bunch of people who I know, so I'm just going to stick with it. It got me six eggs in seven drops.

  3. I refresh, ctrl click, click, click, refresh, ctrl click, click, click, about ten drops now, and still nothing.

    Yeah... effective.... my sister got 5 using the same method.

    But you don't get the jumpstart. The point is to start grabbing while most of the other people are refreshing.

  4. Late to the party, but I've got my 7! It's a shame I ran out of Influences, since I went out of my way to get one from each biome. xd.png

    Good job! I realized that I was one female influence short too late. I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope it comes out right, I guess.

  5. To the other people trying to catch eggs? Or maybe it's a huge, egg-sucking black hole! ninja.gif


    I think the most effective way to catch eggs is to start clicking around the biomes, just repeatedly switching when it's almost on the five minute mark. When the eggs appear, click as fast as you can. This method usually let's you start trying to grab the eggs earlier than most.

  6. Is this going to happen at cave time or follow the time zones? I keep getting a message that there aren't any eggs to be found in the caves. I'm on the west coast and it's almost 9:45pm. Do I have to wait for midnight my time?

    Eggs are dropped every five minutes.

  7. Nice painting! Really cool to see more different art mediums from you. ^^


    It's really nice overall, there's a lot of minor brightness differences that allow each stroke to be seen, and the strokes themselves are very nice as well.


    The only two issues that I really see with it. First off, the fur direction is in an arc, which isn't very realistic, and actually gives the pelt a bumpy, weird feel. Also, the light patches have a bit too much contrast, and it'd probably look better if it was blended a little bit.


    Great work!

  8. Traffic is always highest during the initial first few hours (or at least that's what I've observed). And that goes for EVERY new release, Holiday or otherwise. I'd say Holiday releases are much busier in general.


    However, since they will drop non stop (with no randoms mixed in) all day long, you should have plenty of time to find enough lulls to fill your clutch smile.gif

    Okay, thanks.