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  1. Viridi from kid Icarus uprising (she's SOOOO immature and funny!) Marth from fire emblem (I am royalty. Bow down before me. AAHHH! I BROKE A NAAAAIIIIL!!!) Tetra from legend of Zelda... She's second to those chicken things, but they aren't exactly "characters..." they should be though! I got murdalized by them once! Or twice... Or three times... I like messing with them, okay?!
  2. Pikmin: you know you've been playing pikmin too long when a big scary dog walks up to you and you look wildly around for your Pikmin. Kid Icarus: uprising : you know you've been playing kid Icarus uprising too long when you check to see if your homemade bow splits into two knives.
  3. Erin hunter! (it has to be them TOGETHER, otherwise, no)
  4. In Warrior Cats: the Game, I got comboed to death. I was against two enemies, and one of them kept paralyzing me and the other one used poison bites (they deal continuous damage) and claw slashes (decently strong attack). In Pikmin 2, I got lost. with only the other Captain. and there wasn't a single pikmin at base. Did I mention that I didn't have any spare Pikmin either? Sundown happened. PIKMIN EXTINCTION. GAME OVER. yeah.
  5. In Fire Emblem: Awakening, the game glitched and I lost my (first) turn. Chrom promptly got 1 hit KOed.
  6. Give Joey figs in other galaxy, press small jade orange, give pee some doo. Bvberiyvbriyne
  7. Well, I didn't swear, but I yelled at it... watched a kid's show/anime (ex.pokemon, yugioh, arthur) lately? Whoops. Someone else posted first...
  8. Super Mario Bros. Anything from the series is horrible. I REALLY dislike Mario, although the Paper Marios (not sticker star) were good. Any non-RPG Mario sucks. I'm probably gonna get so much hate for this...
  9. Innocent. Ever finish a 400+ page book in less than a day?
  10. Guilty. (though it was more of a "give everything you've got") Ever kicked someone in the shin, HARD?