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  1. Spira blushed furiously. "oh. Sorry. I guess I took your words incorrectly, Viden. I'm sorry."
  2. Spira bristled. "Why can't a female be the leader? I bet there are tons of species where females dominate the males! So only you and Favian can be leaders because you're males?!" Spira was glaring daggers at Viden. "I guess just because SOME males, are nice, doesn't mean they all are." She turned back to Favian. "Oh, and I'll join, but who will lead the other group? If its Viden, I'm staying in the cave with Sera, or at least not joining the group he's in."
  3. "I have a suggestion. Maybe we should send two smaller groups, so we can cover more ground. One group can be in charge of food, and the other can be in charge I water, or whatever else we need. Other than that, I'll join"
  4. Spira looked at Favian. "You know, you don't think you can do this, but you really can. You are a fair dragon, and you can create plans. You're a natural leader, but if you don't want to be, you don't have to. We will all help, and if you want, you can give this responsibility to someone else. We believe in you, and we think you can be our leader."
  5. "Is there anything that you think will taste meaty? What do you like to eat?" sitting in front of Feather, Spira looked around and noticed a crack in the cave wall. "Do you think that crack could be a constant supply of water? We could dig and guide water through the crack and into the cave if there is some nearby. Can I be in the first party too?"
  6. "Can I go too? I want to go outside! maybe there'll be more tiny things there! I promise I'll calm down, too! See? I'm calm. And she was. Spira had suddenly become much quieter. Do you think there will be water that reflects stars outside?"
  7. "Cool! How do you know what they are? I wonder if they taste good..." Squishing it with her other paw, she nibbled some off. "Hm. They're not too bad, but I think I'd prefer something a little meatier. They'll do if I can't find anything, though. You want to try some?" her question wasn't directed to anyone in particular, but she was facing feather. "If you want it, I can look for more tiny little things!"
  8. "come on then, Favian. We can go outside and scout the territory. Do you notice anything strange, though? It seems much darker than when we first came out." Poking her head outside the cave, Spira saw a centipede, crawling along the grass. Picking it up with one (OOC: is it a paw?OOC:) she brought it into the cave to show everyone else. "Come and look at what I found!" she called.
  9. Spira got up from her spot in the corner. "that's a great idea, but I think some if us would rather go and live alone. It feels suffocating in this cave, there are too many people. Maybe we should leave two or three behind to guard the eggs, while the rest of us go outside and see what food we would like, possible shelter and find water. We can always come back to the cave as a safe haven."
  10. (OOC: sorry, I made a mistake. I fixed it, though:OOC) After running around outside a while, Spira grew tired and returned to the cave. "Sorry! I couldn't resist! It's amazing out there!" Spira then went to curl up in the corner of the cave.
  11. Spira turned to look back inside the cave. "Hi, Ashni. Do you want to go outside and explore with me?" Ignoring Ashni, Spira ran out of the cave, but turned back to look at Skylene. "Wow! How did you do that? Your wings must be huge! Mine are just little flappy things! (OOC: sorry. Made a mistake OOC:)
  12. "Okay then. We can stay here until the others are ready to leave." Spira sat down by the exit and looked outside, still marveling at all the bright colors. It had been nice and dark inside her egg, but all the varieties of color outside were amazing. Now if only it wasn't quite so bright...
  13. (OOC: tHe dragon is a girl...OOC) The royal blue's eyes lit up. "okay! Thanks! Can my name be... Um... Spira? Yay! I found a friend!" Spira happily bounced around the cave, until he saw that there was light filtering in from the mouth. Mystified, she walked towards it, until she saw the lush greenery glittering outside. "Favian! Luye! Come and look at this!"
  14. "Hi, Luye and Favian!" Can you help me? I don't know what I am! What's a name? Do I have a name? Can we be friends?
  15. The blue hatchling sat down dejectedly. She had tried talking to some others, but none had responded. Trying one last time, she turned to the soulpeace. "hi! what's your name?"
  16. A blue head popped out of a blue egg with a silver swirl. "Where am I?" The hatchling wondered. Looking around, she realized that she was in a cave... whatever that was... looking around some more, the blue hatchling saw some other hatchlings in the cave. Turning and looking at a random one, she asked: "Hi! What's your name? Where are we? What are we?"
  17. CURRENT DONORS (feel free to apply!) BREEDING+DONATING KoalaNoob- Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/KoalaNoob Current Donatable Eggs: Copper (red)---Misfit Pygmy---Seawyrm Pygmy Current Donaable Hatchlings: Ochredrake---Guardian Is currently willing to breed. NOTES: Copper is Second-Gen, bred with a CB copper and a CB Golden Wyvern.
  18. Hi! I'm KoalaNoob, but just call me Koala. TO DONATE If you would like to become a donator, please PM me, and I will add you to the list on the post below this. Please include any eggs and/or hatchlings you are willing to give, along with a link to your scroll. If there are ever any changes (someone adopts something, something grows up, etc.) please tell me so I can change the list. If you become a donor, you may choose to be a breeding donor as well. To do this, simply state that you want to be a breeding donor as well. Breeding donors take requests for breeding dragons, and it will say they are breeding donors where it says they are breeding donors. You may select to only be a breeding donor or only a donor. If there is a request that you do not wish to do, tell the requester that you don't want to do it. If there is any special note you want to show about a particular egg or hatchling, feel free to tell me, and I will add the detail. TO ADOPT If you would like to adopt an egg or hatchling that is currently available, ask on this thread, stating who it will be from and which one it is. ALWAYS MESSAGE THE GIFTER TOO. If you want someone to breed two specific dragons for you, check their scrolls first, in case they are egg-locked, or both dragons are the same gender. If they refuse, do not pester them. RULES 1. No swearing, and try not to be rude. 2. Please don't take everything. There are other people who want the eggs and hatchlings too. 3. If someone refuses to breed something for you, too bad. 4. You may ask for eggs and hatchlings that a donor does not have on his or her list, but if hero she says no, do not ask again. 5. Donors MUST give me a link to their scroll so I can post it here. 6. Using vampires to bite counts as breeding. 7. The rules are subject to change, but there will always be a warning in the form of a post. Now for the most important rule of all: Have fun, and make this work together!
  19. Do you have to download or get an account for GIMP?
  20. Question: Are there any FREE ONLINE spriting programs?
  21. 1. Darkstripe. HE IS THE BORINGEST CHARACTER TO EVER EXIST. 2.Rainflower (is that her name?) Crookestar's mom is seriously... I hate her guts. Nothing more to say. 3.Hawkheart. HOW COULD HE KILL MOONFLOWER?! Poor Bluestar... 4.Beetlefur (Beetlepelt?) That cat that Ivypool killed the spirit of in the dark forest. He is such an IDIOT. Hi tarined in the dark forest, DIED from it, and decided to stay there because he like it. stupid much? 5.Scourge's mom. I hate her for not standing up for Tiny. I mean, come on, your kids are bullying your other kids, and all you can do is make the bullied realize that you like the BULLIES more than him? What kin of parent are you? but then again, that created one of the best charactrs ever... My favourite cat are Mapleshade. I LOVE her (missing) backstory. So sad, but she found the strength to carry on, and have revenge. She's actually tied with SandPAW... Sandstorm's fine I suppose, but it's all because of your days as an apprentice.
  22. CHUGGAACONROY FTW!!!! (for the win) He's HILLARIOUS, doesn't swear much, makes "bad" puns, has a frequent update timetable, and is just PLAIN AWESOME!!! I guess therunawayguys (TRG) is also pretty good (because it's a colab with chuggaaconroy and two other funny people) and Stephenplays (the not-so-violent videos with Mal) He also has a LOT of videos with who else, but chuggaaconroy!
  23. I really suck at tuping. Next poster write: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, IT'S THE POTATO APOCALYPSE!
  24. Viridi from kid Icarus uprising (she's SOOOO immature and funny!) Marth from fire emblem (I am royalty. Bow down before me. AAHHH! I BROKE A NAAAAIIIIL!!!) Tetra from legend of Zelda... She's second to those chicken things, but they aren't exactly "characters..." they should be though! I got murdalized by them once! Or twice... Or three times... I like messing with them, okay?!
  25. Pikmin: you know you've been playing pikmin too long when a big scary dog walks up to you and you look wildly around for your Pikmin. Kid Icarus: uprising : you know you've been playing kid Icarus uprising too long when you check to see if your homemade bow splits into two knives.