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  1. I really like both of the two new megas. Glalie makes me laugh, and if you think about it, it's a frozen THREE FEET DIAMETER beach ball with a giant mouth and beard. I prefer playing with Frosslass, since it's just plain more useful, but it's nice to see more underrated pokemon get megas. And Steelix is cool too, with its diamon things sticking out. I'm not sure how much more defensive it can go without moving to the special side (sure hope it does, that doupd really boost it's effectiveness), but an attack boost is almost guaranteed and would be cool. It might be really similar to Aggron, though.
  2. Um, no? I was talking about the second list of stats. Mega Aerodactyl is still faster, but Beedrill has higher attack. Mega Aerodactyl's offensive moves don't have great power unless they're rock type, too.
  3. I honestly saw it more as a revenge killer/late game sweeper. Scizor cleans better, but I do think Beedrill is the superior sweeper. Personally, I'd say it'd be banned to BL pretty quick. There are just a few key reasons why it might not be OU material, but unless were missing something vital in our theorymon, it'd tear UU apart. The only thing that could sort of counter it is scarf crobat, and pretty much any rock type can deal with it.
  4. Are your art classes part of your school classes, or do you do them extracurricularly? Your improvement has always been impressive, but after you started saying that you were taking lessons, you jumped into a rocket! Well, why not have a mix of the styles that suits you? Your more anime-style works were great, but the realistic portrait was neat as well. Consider which you preferred, and decide using that. Although, there's really no need to decide. Oftentimes, style develops as you practice!
  5. Not every set runs Roost, though. That's a standard move on most bulky offence teams, but for HO, it usually goes CB or LO with SD. Also, there's a lot of physical attackers that Scizor can't really switch in on, like Talonflame and Excadrill. 70/100 defence is great for an attacker, but against some of the metagame's nukes, it doesn't suffice. Scizor onto has one weakness, but it doesn't have many important resistances either. I know it's a matter of eliminating threats and then bringing in your sweeper, but eh. Also, Rotom-W is one of the most used pokemon (I'm pretty sure it was #1 recently, but I'm not sure) and it usually carries Will-o-Wisp, quad resists BP, and can survive Bug Bite with room to spare, especially if Scizor is burned. Quagsire is an issue for pretty much any setup sweeper >_> Oh, and whoo, Hyperbole and a Half reference.
  6. Hello, there! (I'm not going to give syntax critique right now because, well, formatting and also I know nothing about Digimon.) So really, I'm just here because I stalk Unnaproved threads and Kyra sort of noted that she wanted confirmation from someone else. Kyra is correct in pretty much everything she said. You definitely need some setting. I'd say a good paragraph, plus a map or something, since I'm pretty sure the Digimon world is expansive and has some kind of map you can find online. The paragraph should probably focus more on important notes about the land more than specific things, though. Your character sheets would be a lot easier for your roleplayers to use if they were in quote or code tags, and though this is entirely optional, most would up them on the OP and have the second be accepted sheets. Since you mentioned the Digimon wiki, and there might be some people wanting to join that don't know about Digimon, you might want to link it in the OP to make it easier for your roleplayers. Your plot could also use a bit more detail. You have a nice base, that gives a but of history and the plot, but there's no detail. All we really know is that there are Digimon, and there's an evil Digimon trying to take over the world. Give more information, try to really flesh everything out. Also, since you said you've been away for a while, why not give this a read? You've fulfilled most of the requirements, but it's always nice to brush up and get a memory booster on things like this, provided you have time.
  7. Okay, sure. Thanks, by the way, you're so much more experienced than I am. Just a lowly newbie here. ^^; AV Scizor is great. It can actually tank HP Fires from a lot of more defensive pokemon. Eh, I still prefer prefer bulky Scizor. It can tank plenty of hits considering its offensive nature, and the speed, even with a powerful priority move, just doesn't do it for me. Life Orb's recoil really hurts, too, because of the bulkier builds I use. I guess it would be really good for more aggressive spreads though, since 130 atk is nothing to laugh at. Although, now that you've pointed out SD, I'm really realizing how deadly that could be if Scizor got a free turn.
  8. Petalstorm Finally, after much restless movements in her attempts to stay warm and asleep, Petalstorm woke with a satisfied yawn. She could no longer feel the moist heat that her body had generated as it rested in preparation for another busy day, and her muscles and mind were quite satisfied with the amount of rest they had gotten. Her eyes still half-closed, the she-cat wandered drearily out of the warriors' den, quickly able to leave with just a couple pawsteps thanks to her conveniently placed nest. It was less comfy at night, because if the chilly winds that managed to sneak in from the entrance, but being able to enter and leave without having to step over any other cats was a luxury. She recoiled as stray leaf carried by a morning breeze hit her face, then blinked her eyes wide open and crossed them to stare down at the flat, brownish specimen. She blew it off, then leapt and swatted at it with a paw, pinning it securely to the ground before pleasantly continuing on her way to the clearing. Apparently, her mind had been in so much of a panicked frenzy last night, she could not recall what had happened. Cheerily, she selected a small minnow from the fresh-kill pile to chew on, not having anything to worry about so early in the morning. Fortunately for the sleeping cats, it often took until noon or later for her gathered emotions to create a dramatic, over-reacting cat. Sleepily, she munched on her fish, quickly finishing it and burying the tiny bones by merely pawing at the ground and then patting dirt over the skeleton.
  9. The most common sets I see are CB or AV, though? I've seen maybe one or two agility or SD sets, so pardon me if this is another case of different trends on different simulators. I still don't really see how BP and bug bite are enough to sweep, though. It doesn't have much coverage outside of Superpower and Pursuit, one of which decreases a necessary stat and the other, even with technician boost, isn't enough to OHKO much that isn't weak to it.
  10. Okay, thanks. I'm honestly not too familiar with most pokemon not in OU, UU, or Uber. I have to disagree. Scizor is more of a tank, it takes hits and dishes back damage. It's too slow to be a sweeper, even it's technician bullet punch isn't enough to properly sweep. But, yeah, it is better than Beedrill overall. Okay, that makes sense. In PS!, most Clefables are bulky attackers, so I guess different simulators have different people using different sets.
  11. Apologies if I offended you, that wasn't my intention. I merely disagreed with most of what you said. Honestly, I don't think I was particularly insulting? I was just sharing my opinion which happened to clash with yours and explaining why. Also, I mostly use mobile, so I'd appreciate it if you'd stop trying to correct every auto-correct. It's a pain to fix, and it's just kind of annoying. Oh, Kyra, X-Scissor over Twineedle or Twineedle over X-Scissor? I'm trying to make a set, but can't decide which is the better move. Subs are darn annoying, but the power could be handy? I dunno. x)
  12. Actually, the second set out speeds Crobat. I don't think it can OHKO, though, so it doesn't matter much, I guess. And honestly, I think the second stat list Eef made could very well be viable in OU. It'd need support, but hey, a lot of Pokemon do anyways. You were entirely right when you said it could be pretty decent. EDIT: CP Clefable is prone to getting hit by crits, though. It's generally outclassed by the CM variant, apparently, according to Smogon. I soon have much experience with Clefable personally, I trust Smogon. You're probably right though.
  13. Yeah, most offensive pokemon can easily be OHKO'ed. The point is that they trade defenses for speed and attack/sp. atk. Heck, even a lot of defensive and stall pokemon can be OHKO'ed by the right attack from the right pokemon. And... Why would you be using Accelgor anyways? It's fast, and can set hazards fairly well, but it's down in NU for a reason. And, Greninja is outspend by the second list of stats, which happens to be the one we were mainly talking about. Besides, aerial ace is terrible. Nobody should be using a Greninja with aerial ace. Heck, nobody should be using aerial ace at all. Greninja's more of special attacker, anyways. Honestly, there are about four viable fairies in OU: Clefable, Sylveon, Togekiss, and Klefki. The only one commonly seen is Clefable. Klefki is something I see maybe once in 100 battles, and it doesn't have the best defenses, anyways. Drill run=dead. Sylveon has crappy physical defense (65, if I remember correctly) and will easily die to a couple poison jabs (maybe just one, I'm too lazy to go do a damage calc). Togekiss is in the same boat as Sylveon, and though 95 is much better than 65, it's still dying to two poison jabs. Even with a scarf, it can't flinch Beedrill to death because Beedrill is faster, plus it's weak to SR and Beesrill can easily nail it on the switch. Oh, and Clefable has even less physical defense than Togekiss, and though it can run cosmic power, that set is pretty unviable. Also, people don't run toxic on sweepers. It's not a good idea. And... Most people run at least one fire/fighting or one fire/psychic? Off the top of my head, I can remember one FE fire/psychic (Delphox) and two fire/fightings (Infernape and Blaziken), and neither are viable in OU and mega Blaziken is uber. Delphox is really bad, too, and outspend and OHKO'ed by both drill run and knock off. Just out of curiosity, do you battle competitively? I don't mean this offensively, but what you've said shows little proof that you do much competitive battling.
  14. 65/80/80 isn't that great anymore, though. Actually, that's almost the same as Azumarill, who technically has higher attack, better bulk and way better typing plus the ability to use an item. :c I mean, it'll help Beedrill a bit, but not against many significant threats. And, it's total lure for will-o-wisp Rotom-W. The second one would really love Tyranitar as a partner, though. SR+Talonflame counter. And, Beedrill can take the fighting moves that Tyranitar can't. It has room for fell stinger, too, which is great. Despite fell stinger's lower power, I think 150 base attack more than makes up for it. Yeah, and it can trap Psychics and Darks fairly well, too. This thing isn't nearly as bad as I originally thought.
  15. I think I like the second one more. It isn't weak too any priority, and resists a few, too, so the high speed could be really useful. And that attack stat is amazing, IMO. A lot of Megas are better than it, but 150 in any stat is still insane. It would require team support though, and hazards, just to weaken everything enough that it can KO them. I also don't see it able to switch in on much, but it could do great if something was sacked to give it free entrance into battle. Oh, and it'd be a great check to the Lati twins. It wouldn't be able to switch in, but it could easily revenge kill them. Actually, Rotom-W and Rotom-H have pathetic base HP and are still fairly competent. :3
  16. Started on Legend. It's okay, so far, but nothing super special.
  17. Chilly and cloudy. Not unbearably so, though, there's a bit of sun.
  18. Nah, Mistystar's going to make some changes on the way the clan is run later. Just makes things easier. X)