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  1. By the way, is there a way to tell the difference between Mega Latios and Latias from a picture? I've inspected the model, but really can't tell. >_> Waah, Mega Diancie and Mega Altaria are so beautiful. Some of your guesses were scarily close, though Sci. Seriously.
  2. Yeah, that's what I said. I'd just enjoy them in their respective tiers. I'm terrible at NU and RU, though. ;_; I'm kind of wondering how good a Fairy/Dragon typing is. There's a lot of handy resistances, and a really great immunity, but they don't cover weaknesses very well. But, it'll be a total steel-type magnet, which could make a pretty good double-switch or lure with Fire Blast.
  3. Whelp, there goes my hopes for Mega Altaria. And a bunch of others. Ah, well, I can still enjoy them in their respective tiers and in-game, I guess. But fluffy. So much fluffy. Fluffy wants use in competitive. Fluffy never gets used in competitive. And the more I think about it, the scarier Mega Hoopa becomes. Why.
  4. Username: KoalaNoob Name: Spiran Gender: Male Breed: Royal Blue Appearance: Standard Royal Blue with smaller size and paler silver markings. Picture: "Sorry, don't know how to do pictures yet even though I'm level ten and have been here over a year" Personality: He is cold and diplomatic, almost cruel at first until you get to know him then he will die for you. Also, he's apparently "tsundere", which I won't know about until over a year later. Crush/Mate: Favian- I mean Zofia Power: He almost never loses arguments, and is a very fast runner and flyer. Also, he can make his silver markings glow at night when he wants to. Other: He will suddenly become super weird and then disappear for some reason. Codeword: eyjd NOPE. But she was the start of the terrible disease. Two in-game years before everyone else. Just getting the idea for new character together, will edit when I stop being lazy have time. Yes, *ahem* when I have time. Username: KoalaNoob Name: Arachne Gender: Female Breed: Olive Appearance: (What does your character look like?) Picture: (Post the sprite of your dragon. You can get the image codes from the wiki. If you have a problem doing this properly, contact one of the mods.) Personality: (How does your character act? What do they like? What drives them? Please be detailed.) Crush/Mate: (Who does your character like? Not at ALL necessary.) Power: (What can your dragon do? Don't write something overpowered. Your sheet will be shot down immediately.) Other: Codeword: mordor The RP was The Plagued Earth. Kalana is from there, actually.
  5. Yeah, I know. But Megas are supposed to be special! They should all be masterpieces like. Garchomp was in Gen 4! Actually, no, that'd be too broken. But yeah, I get it. I just like speculating about overpowered Pokemon because they're fun. Say, how good is GF at competitive Pokemon? They've made some pretty impressive ones that seemed intentional without totally breaking down the stat averages, and I'm sure a lot of the bad ones are on purpose, but do they think competitively at all, or just what the Pokemon seems like/in-game?
  6. Ah. Well. I'm really hoping these are fake, too. I usually like weird and somewhat ugly Pokemon, but dat Mega Hoopa. DAT MEGA HOOPA. WHAT HAPPENED TO IT. I mean, plastic surgery is one thing. Becoming a weird flowery thing with a hole inside, he weirdest hairdo ever and six disconnected arms is quite another. I'm gonna say that there's hope, though. Pokemon, despite the designs becoming more complex overtime, has never created anything even close to that. It's like Madame Flurrie and a perfume bottle had a baby. Although, I don't care for looks much. A lot of those stats are terrible in comparison to what they could've become. There's a lot, so I don't think I'll go specifically on many of them, but egh. No like. So yeah, really hoping that's fake.
  7. No, but you can always make a new cat, claim an unwanted one, or just have your cat leave the interaction- that's always fair when you've been suptuck for too long.
  8. Now that you've mentioned Levitate as a Pokemon that can be used during speculated Sky Battles, I'm really wondering as to how most Levitators work. I mean, flying is flying, and for Pokemon like the Lati Twins, they're basically flying except they can only have two types and flying got left out. But then, what about Pokemon like Claydol? Do they just... float?
  9. Wailord is giant, but if you approx. calculate it's density, you'd be surprised. It's less dense than air. So it's species name, "float whale pokemon", is pretty accurate. Groudon is smaller than you'd think, though. It'd fit into the average apartment if it ducked a little. But that's why we love Pokemon. It makes no sense, yet remains super fun. Personally, I'm more concerned about fire types, especially flaming ones like Ponyta and Chimchar, in tall grass. Especially the dry, wheaty-textured kind. You think the trend will continue in ORAS?
  10. Um, Enchanting, there's something off about your poll results so far. I mulled my vote since I haven't joined as of now, but you have five roleplayers and nine votes. :/
  11. The face is really well done, Lunevis! I really like how you have different darknesses that indicate how the face would be shaded, and your lines are very solid- they seem to be right where you want them. I'd darken the face's edge more, though, since the outline is pretty important, and as it is, it's pretty faint. Also, though I'm not sure this is something you can fix without a huge hassle, some of her eyelashes go into her eye/are stroked downwards even though the majority to up. From the faint (Erased?) outlines I can see on the mouth, I think the problem is that the bottom is too thick. Try lightly sketching an oval around it, then a thinner oval inside it that could bear resemblance to the hole in the mouth. Then, you can use the space in between as lips and shape them out! Also, lovely, lovely eyes. They're both shaped correctly and proportionate to each other as well as staring at the same place with a very well-done expression. They're very detailed, too, which is impressive because paper and pencil has no zoom-in function. Say, how do you do your eyes? I've always struggled with them, and am really curious to your techniques. Goos job, can't wait for more!
  12. Eh, I don't really care. It's not like it's plausible that you can battle with the Pokemon you're surfing on, or battle in the water at all with any pokemon not water type? Or that you can fly on a Starly, or sure on a Staryu? Pokemon isn't plausible. It's creative and crazy, and that's why it's so fun.
  13. Huh, I wonder if it'll be just random battles popping up out of nowhere, or maybe you have to go through clouds that are basically tall grass like speculated earlier in this thread? I still want it to be pokemon flying around that you have to dodge the most, but I seriously doubt that'll happen.
  14. I wonder if the air will have tiles like walking and surfing? It'd be cool if it was totally free, like on the rollerblades, but then that might be a lot more complicated for various reasons. And would there be battles? It'd be totally cool if there were flying pokemon that popped out at you and you could doge if you were skilled, but again, that seems kind of complex and not something Pokemon will ever do. How would steps work in the air? For egg cycles and stuff?
  15. I really like that idea, actually. Assuming it stays true to the original RSE, the Lati twins will be found near in the after-game, so players can't go wherever they wish until they've explored the entire world and beaten the game. I honestly kind of like how Fly forced you to think before you used it, and promoted exploration a bit too. Although, it might just be that they've only made the Lati twins' models or decided to use them since they're the mascots. Or, all the models look like that, like how all surfing Pokemon were Lapras in gens 1 and 2. I doubt it, though, since the art is expected to be higher quality now.
  16. The Glalie one is very true to the actual Glalie (that is to say, very balanced and quite mediocre). I can definitely seeing it as a total beast in RU, but not much beyond that. Ice is a terrible typing, it doesn't have the speed or offences to be a great attacker like Weavile once was, and even with Ice Shard, Mamoswine is just way better than it. I guess if you had given twenty to everything, it would be like a Mew Legendary, but then it can't have an item and has bad typing and would still be pretty bad. And Mega Steelix scares me stat-wise. It has an inability to use an item like leftovers, and doesn't have recovery at all, other than wish-passing or a teammate's leech seed. Personally, I really think that going mixed attacker is the only thing it can really so and still be effective. And... 90 base attack just isn't enough for that.
  17. Yeah, that does look really cool. I've been too lazy to watch the video as of now, but I hope the flying speed so fairly decent. Slowness annoys me so much. Also, I'm wondering how the controls will be, since it wouldn't make sense if they could just inexplicably hover in one height.
  18. DS! It was my first, outside of computer, and I just really like it, even now. The 3DS and other new handhelds there are now are great and all, but for nostalgic reasons, the original will always be my favorite.