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  1. I haven't really watched much anime, but I've really enjoyed the ones I've watched. -Fairy Tail (hrnnng what happened you used to be so good) -Madoka Magica (favourite) -No Game No Life -Love Live! School Idol Project (not the best but has a fun rhythm game) -Yuki Yuna is a Hero (surprisingly decent)
  2. Thanks, Dragongrrl and Purplehaze. I'll have to save that link.
  3. When i tried to go on to add my eggs, I got a different page saying that the domain expired and was for sale? Does anyone else havethis problem or know what's happening?
  4. Sure? We'd need another person, to ref and all, though.
  5. Though she had remained silent and unexpressed throughout Kevin and Kara's explanation, Kate pulled her box closer to her chest when she heard of their life-linking properties. "Just a second. Can't we find a safe place to store our boxes, like bank safe or something? I know it looks suspicious, but it could be done in secret. They're too big to comfortably fit in pockets and backpacks aren't always convenient. I don't want to risk my life wih this thing while carrying out any of the tasks you mentioned." As soon as she finished talking, Kate resumed to staring at the others, spending a few mo
  6. Woudl it be okay if I skip the intro post and just go with what you've weittwn, Narvix? Exams are driving me insane and I don't have time to make a decent sized post, but don't want to drag down the RP.
  7. I'm probably going to be unable to make a post until tomorrow evening at best. Pretend my character is there/make her forgotten about/whatever. Don't worry about waiting for me. NVM, I'll try to post on Wednesday.
  8. (Finished. Deleted previous post to avoid doubling.) Username: KoalaNoob Name: Kate Hollins Age: 17 Gender: Female Appearance: Kate has a small build, standing around 5'1". She has a pale complexion and large brown eyes framed by glasses. Her hair is dark brown and reaches a few inches past her shoulder. She usually wears a plain hoodie or loose shirt over a t-shirt with black track pants. Because she doesn't spend much time on appearance, she generally looks messy and ungroomed. Personality: Kate was brought up by very protective parents and it shows. She is immature and innoce
  9. I should be done my character sheet by tomorrow. Would it be okay if I left the "other" section blank for now? There really isn't anything I think is worth putting there.
  10. Hey, I plan on joining and have started a character sheet, but around what age should our characters be? With the personality I have planned for my character, it'd be awkward if she's over seventeen, so I'd need to work around that if there's an age limit.
  11. Six moons is the age where kits first become apprentices. However, it can vary depending on the speed at which a kit develops, or if there's injury or whatnot. Also, sorry for being so slow for my character sheet, Mia. New semester is starting at my school and life has been hectic as heck.
  12. Okay, approved, it looks great! If you want your thread cleared, PM a mod.
  13. Have you edited in the things I pointed out? You've replied twice, but I don't see any changes once you've done so, I'll do a final check and approve.
  14. I've looked it over, and your grammar seems to be good throughout. However, we need information on "The Fire", and a bit more on Skyclan. A brief but describing each is fine, as long as players are aware if who they are. Also, the reason for Skyclan's territory changing from floods to drought hasn't been explained.
  15. ((Hey, GingerNinja, I haven't accepted Silverclaw yet >.<))
  16. Thistlepaw Glancing to Willowpaw again, Thistlepaw frowned uneasily. "Right. Right, we shouldn't miss out on this celebration, no? So, err, you want to get a small fish with me, sis? I don't know if the little kit has eaten yet, but I don think we should take too much, save some for the cats that need it." Quickly, Thistlepaw turned and scampered away, taking his chance to escape. With a thrashing flick of his tail and a scuff of dirt, he had vanished behind the fresh-kill pile abandoning Rose. Whether or not his sister followed him wasn't much of a concern to him, she would be able to find
  17. I don't really remember what's happening, but if she's in the middle of an interaction, it's probably best to bump by having her do something else within the interaction.
  18. I'm a bit busy right now, but I'll try and give a bit of critique. -There are some capitalization issues. Only proper nouns should be capitalized in the middle of a sentence, so whenever you use "the Clan" (which is quite often), it should actually be "the clan". Also, seasons and cat allegiances like "greenleaf" and "rogue" shouldn't be capitalized either. -Canonically, the clan names only have the beginning of the word capitalized. The "C" in "clan" isn't, unless it's been changed (I haven't been reading the newer ones). -Why doesn't Skyclan try to move their territory, if t
  19. Um, yeah, so since there are a few people wanting this, and some old members kinda bumping it, I'll try and pull it back together! I'll try and post within the next week, but you can all feel free to post whenever you wish- apologies if I'm locking you guys.
  20. Oh wow, that tiger is amazing! The legs are definitely a bit short and skinny, but the patterns are really cool! Sorry for not commenting for such a long time, but you've really improved!
  21. I think most of us are busy with life. The active people are locked with inactive people, or have nothing to respond to.
  22. Bleh, posted. Sorry for interrupting numerous interactions, but I haven't posted in a while and the plot has been sitting still for a while- it needed a push to get rolling again.
  23. Mistystar Mistystar trudged up the final upwards hill in the winding, sloping tunnel, and emerged on the cliff hanging above her den. In the dim morning light, she could see that mist everyone was awake, and she could see the three cats that were scheduled to leave before sunhigh. That was good, the more daylight time they had, the better. Their journey would appreciate a highly fuelled start to lift everyone's spirits and being them success that would inspire more productivity. Besides, it would be good for the entire clan to be able to function without daydreaming all day about the oncomin
  24. Posts saying that you noticed someone else posted are highly unnecessary and will be counted as spam from here on out, unless the post was over a week ago and someone else has posted too.