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  1. If the cave is getting crowded but you want to add more items to attract a certain type of dragon, you can stack identical items right on top of each other. Then it looks like one item, but counts as two (or four, or twenty, depending on how many you stacked). I've been using that trick to keep the clutter under control. The easiest meat items to stack like that are the pheasant, pig, chickens, and ham.
  2. Completely and utterly spaced on the new Halloween egg release. Didn't catch a single one. Some very kind person traded me an egg, but unless I can get another trade to go through, I will have exactly one new egg for this year's release. Not even a single pair. I can't believe I was such a dork. <headdesk>
  3. Please remove me from the list for Creation, as I was able to trade for an egg.
  4. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: Barrdwing Scroll Name(Make scroll link): here PM link: here What Avatar do you want? Creation Any desired mates? Any CB Any other comments? Chaoz
  5. Yeesh. No GoN yet, so I thought I'd at least join in the event by breeding some Trio eggs for the AP. Except that now my Trio dragons have apparently all signed a pact of celibacy.
  6. Brilliant! I've been looking forward to this!
  7. Well said. I think TJ's made a good decision here, in how to handle the situation. I don't know what this is about, but I don't have any need to know either.
  8. I watched a little too much Scooby Doo as a kid, I admit it. A little while back I had the crazy idea to collect a bunch of Daydreams and do this.
  9. I was thinking it looked rather like a dragon in flight seen from above or below. The big mark on the left is one wing, the little bit in the middle is the body (with a funny gap between body and tail), and the mark on the right is the other wing. Alternatively, it reminds me of a bat.
  10. I can appreciate how TJ is trying to be helpful here. Hopefully the eggs will not be rares; since this new time is by way of being an experiment, it would make sense that they'd be at least reasonably common, like Red-Finned Tidals. That said, the new time will put the drop in the middle of the day we use to catch up on everything that couldn't get done the rest of the week, which is rather unfortunate. I have to admit that the midnight East Coast Time window was a little better for me, too.
  11. Both of these are very handsome eggs. Thank you, TJ, spriters, and everyone else involved!
  12. Oh dear. I didn't realize the Arum was also the Corpse Lily--I thought it was just an unusual-looking flower. And I sent one out to someone . . . . <hides>
  13. Not seeing any Valentine's eggs yet, although I darned near mis-clicked a Flamingo. ("PINK!! --no, wait.") And grabbed a CB Blacktip hatchie, which I hadn't expected.
  14. I'm a little past 40 myself. Been enjoying DragCave for hmm now . . . five or six years now.
  15. I named mine for the first two lines of a Christmas carol I remember from when I was a kid. I have no idea what the name of the song is, and Google hasn't a clue either; it's a real shame because it's lovely and I wish I had a better recording of it. They are "Chaunticleer Sweet And Clear" and "In A Glad Noel".
  16. These are beautiful! The colors are just amazing; very Christmastime but they'll stand out a mile from the previous dragons. I'm happy to see a departure from the standard colors of red, white, and green: yes, those colors are traditional, but they tend to get overplayed in Christmas decor. This design suits the holiday very well, and manages to also look like something that could exist on an actual creature. I love the reindeer heads and necks, and the Lung-type mustachios. The posing on the wings is also very nice. Well done spriting team!
  17. If it's a cavebred, and I don't have another name in mind already, I'll use the code. It makes it easier for me to tell at a glance which dragons are cavebreds. But it also can lead to some really weird names, like Kexpidar (kxpDa), Higzig (hGziG), and Sovilhessix (SV1h6). I'll sometimes use the code on a bred dragon; I have a Tinsel named Zidiau the Silver whose code is ZDIAU. And sometimes even when I have another name in mind, the code is too much fun to pass up. I have a male CB Thunder, code fLOwY, whose name is Aw Gee Why FLOWY.
  18. Wow, wasn't expecting another round! Been chucking snowballs at everyone who asked for one on the last 4 pages, but I could use some more experience too. So . . . Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Barrdwing
  19. I believe there's a minor hiccup in the system. Mine was still at bronze when I hit level 25! But it corrected itself overnight. So whatever it is, TJ's aware of it and working to correct it.
  20. Gotcha! Scroll name: Barrdwing Threw a snow-ball at: empererpenguin Thanks everyone for the hits!
  21. Been cheerfully chucking snowballs at everyone on pages 104 and 105 of this thread . . . out of snow for now. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Barrdwing
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