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    **WISHLIST at the Bottom**

    【1】I support IOU and give/accept IOUs. Usually I welcome it and consider it more productive than immediate trade. Egg slot is above everything.

    I love PM people and receive PMs. I consider it more efficient. I always reply the PMs unless I forget(I check my PM box on my phone right after I am awake but sometimes I am too busy at work and forget that I ever opened the PMs at all. If I don't reply in 48h, poke me again. If the inbox is full, wait for 12h or so to PM again or just e-mail me.)[I can't accept e-mails sent from g-mail]

    【2】Usually, when I can't get satisfying offers in 2d, I will gift them to friends or just dump them no matter what they are - 5g shimmer/metal checker or something. I won't dump 2g metal/4g prize/CB uncommon/rare or something more valuable than them. Those things become gifts for my friends. It's not very likely that I pend an offer for more than 48h when I have non-silly offers on my link. I will decline those I am not intersted in at all right away. What stay on my link catch my attention. BUT I WILL PEND THOSE SILLY OFFERS FOR 1-2D.

    Q:what's silly offers?
    A:anything messy(I define 'MESSY' by my own standard below in【5】)


    【4】I'm **NOT** intersted in any of these at anytime UNLESS I list the exception in the post.

    --For shinies--

    6g or higher gen 2011-12 tinsel
    6h or higher gen 2013 shimmer(unless a rare line. But I will only accept 6g)
    shimmer or tinsel I have(unless you are offering a 2-3g one)
    NON-checker even gen silver/gold
    NON-PB even gen silver/gold

    --For non-shines--

    2g from non-metal that I don't specificly ask for

    【5】My 'messy' standard

    I consider non-checker/non-PB-even-gen things [[MESSY]] except 5g or lower gen spiral/stair shimmer/tinsel.
    I consider 2g common from non-metal [[MESSY]] too unless I specificly point out that I need that pair.

    【6】I am intersted in these things:

    non-holiday metal checker
    metal checker fails(those I need for my proj are AUTO)
    holiday metal checker(except female silver x male shadow)
    holiday fails I am seeking
    trio checker
    4g or higher gen common checker(AKA pretty checkers)
    PB copper(no mixed color; no red copper)
    PB GW
    PB seasonal
    CB common hatchlings(I need old CB commons in large quantity to finish my scroll goal. I have enough uncommon CB hatchlings like black and vine)
    CB gold/silver/copper(like everyone else...)
    5g or lower gen shimmer I don't have
    'PB' thuwed
    2g prize fail(*)
    even gen 'PB' prize fail(every pair in the first gen has a prize in it)(*)
    'PB' spiriter alt(every pair in the first gen has an alt in it)(*)
    ’PB' CB alt(same as above)(*)
    a mix of (*) - first gen has multiple thuwed/alt/prize fail.

    【7】I won't accept an offer which I consider not fair(or decent). I mean sometimes the egg is low time and I will get silly offers cos people think I can't trade the egg and will sell it in a low price. For me, I would rather just gift it to friends than sell it with a low price.

    I think the price for metal checkers or any checkers too low on the market these days. Checker building takes a lot of effort. Definitely more difficult than breeding prize dragons once a week - you can just toss the fails away.

    【8】Multiple CB hatchlings will catch my attention even when I don't list them in my preference in a post.

    【9】I need BSA hatchlings but I don't need messy magi/purple.

    I have enough PB silvers so I usually won't accept PB silver. But I might accept it to trade it for other things I need.

    I reserve the right to retrade/dump/gift anything I get from a trade(I won't trade gifts of course).

    **Scroll Goal**

    1. All Stages of Each Dragon
    2. 16 pairs of each CB breedable&non-prize&non-holiday

    CB Trios/red dorsals/seasonals are always welcome.

    **IOU LIST**

    Messy and not quite in English. I don't delete old IOUs. Some IOUs are not listed if I think I can complete in a short time and they are only in my inbox.

    If I O U something and you haven't heard from me for quite a long time, PM me pls. It is possible I forgot... Sorry.



    Please check the link in my sig^_^ Though that one is old... I can't get on google spread list now and I think I won't update it in the future...

    PB projects
    Metal Checker Projects
    Trio Checker Projects
    Holiday Projects
    Seasonal Projects
    Stripe Projects

    *******Freeze List(rares and uncommons)*******
    Please check the link in my sig^_^

    Looking for loads of holiday fails and metal fails.

    *********HOLIDAY FAILS I AM SEEKING*********

    PM me if you want to make an arrangement. I can breed high gen or same gen in return or other things:


    PS: if I ask for a 4g and you have a 3g, pls PM me, I WILL try my best to find you a 3g mate. Same goes for lower gen owner.

    PPS:I seek fails for myself and for some of my friends(as I seek fails all year around and people will see this whenever I post). If you also want to seek something, PM me pls and we will arrange something. I reserve the right to turn you down though. Not gonna turn my profile to a public fail seeking page.


    4g horse x 09 val
    4g terrae x sweetling[priority]
    4g flamingo x sweetling
    3g GW x rosebud
    4g thunder x heartseeker
    4g horse x 09 val


    3g red copper x f lurker
    4g tidal x m lurker
    4g hellfire x m lurker
    3g tan ridgewing x f lurker
    3g brimstone x f/m lurker
    3g speckle-throat x f lurker

    3g f magi x m shadow
    5g moonstone x m shadow
    3g white x f shadow[for someone else]
    3g red x f shadow
    4g albino x m shadow
    3-4g daydream x f shadow
    3-4g daydream x m shadow
    3g grey x m/f shadow
    5g royal blue x f shadow
    3g blue nebula x m shadow(if you are offering this, PM to make arrangemnet or I won't accept)
    3g blusang x f shadow
    3g black x f/m shadow
    4g pillow x m marrow[priority. for a 4g I got in 2013...]
    4g stripe x f shadow[priority]
    4g sunstone x f marrow[PRIORITY]
    4g stripe x m marrow


    4g GW x tri-color wing snow angel. I can find you a 3g GW.
    3g red x ribbon dancer

    ********Metal Checkers that I 【DON'T NEED. AKA complete】********


    x F Spring
    x M Red
    x F Sunsong
    x Red Nebula
    x F Black
    x M Black
    x F White
    x Green Nebula


    x F/M Blusang
    x M White
    x F Albino
    x Blue Nebula
    x M Tan Ridgewing
    x M Red Dorsal
    x F Hellfire
    x F Moonstone
    x F/M Ice
    x Red
    x M Purple
    x F Royal Blue
    x F Black
    x Trihorn
    x Harvest

    *********Metal Checker FAILs I AM 【SEEKING】********

    PS: Highly possible that I can do swap of same gen or other gen. PM pls. If I decline your offer, either it is IB with mine or I get another fail on the same trade link and I am still in need of yours if that is the case(I will PM you if I recognize your id or you have to PM me and we surely can arrange something).

    3-4g albino x f gold
    3-4g balloon x f gold
    5g black x m gold
    3-4g brown copper x f gold
    3g daydream x f gold
    3-4g red dorsal x f gold
    3g red dorsal x m gold
    3g purple dorsal x f gold
    4g electric x f gold
    4g ember x f gold
    4g fleshcrown x f gold
    3g golden wyvern x f gold
    3g harvest x m gold
    3g hellfire x f gold
    3g ice x m/f gold
    5g lumina x m gold
    4-5g lumina x f gold(need a repalcement for this pKEAf; reject)
    3-4g magi x f gold
    3g mint x m gold
    3g moonstone x f gold
    3g nocturne x m gold
    3g olive x m gold
    3-4g pink x m gold
    4g pink x f gold
    3g purple x f gold
    3g purple ridgewing x f gold
    3g royal crimson x f gold
    3-4g speckle-throat x f gold
    4g spring x f gold
    3-4g sunrise x m gold
    4g sunsong x f gold
    3-4g swallowtail x f/m gold
    3g tanger x f gold
    4g terrae x f gold
    4g terrae x m gold not related to z4ixB & 3tlFT
    3g thunder x m/f gold
    3-4g tsunami x m/f gold
    4g turpentine x m gold
    4g vine x m/f gold
    3g water x m gold
    3g waterwaltker x m/f gold
    3g winter x f gold

    3g black tea x m silver
    3g brown copper x m silver
    4g brown copper x f silver
    4g electric x f silver
    3g falcon x m silver(yeah, I know it is insane)
    5g flamingo x f silver
    4g horse x m/f silver
    3-4g f lumina x m silver
    3g magi x f silver
    3g magma x f silver
    3g f mint x m silver
    3-4g mint x f silver
    4g neotropical x f silver
    4g pink x f silver
    5g pink x m silver
    3-4g purple neb x silver
    3-4g royal crimson x m silver(insane too...)
    3g spitfire x m/f silver
    4g sunsong x f silver
    3g f sunset x m silver
    3-4g sunrise x f silver
    3g sunstone x m silver
    3g thunder x f/m silver
    4g vine x m/f silver
    3g waverunner x f silver
    4g waterhorse x m silver