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  1. Oh Joy. Two single biomes breed and a drop event that won't last long enough for most folks to get even one of! I didn't even get a single one of the last drop, so here's hoping I get at least ONE of the new ones this go around. Edit: Holy crow i actually got one. Once I get two, I'll actually let other people have a shot at grabbing them.
  2. I grabbed two of each of the new eggs, they have enough time to be influenced/incubated! Just offer a dummy egg; I'd prefer they go to someone who doesn't have any new ones! (To the person who made an offer, you don't have enough egg slots!) Gone!
  3. Gosh I ADORE the new dragons, they remind me of a mix of Leshen and Skinwalkers on a massive scale for ultimate devouring. *u* And I honestly don't care about the male's poses. Just because one dragon has a certain pose doesn't mean that a similar pose can't be used at all for any other dragon, some folks are just being picky.
  4. Every time I try to get back into this site seriously, I am punished for working the night shift. Third year in a row I didn't get one of the Halloween eggs. -sigh- Edit: Thank you to a very kind soul who gave me a pair, you've made my Halloween!
  5. My forum name is ChristineFury, and my favourite element is silver, EVEN IF I'M ALLERGIC
  6. Dear Gods above that's a gorgeous dragon. Now I know my next hoarding obsession.
  7. whew! Got my two. influenced and incubated, now to hop out of the competition. Good luck, all!
  8. I would Like to join! Do you want to opt in for receiving personal breeding requests though pms? Sure! (I need to update my spreadsheet for the CB's available) If YES please put your scroll name, and forum name here: Scroll and username are both ChristineFury Do you have any dragon ready for this project? Yes. If not would you like to be gifted? What type of Lineage would you like to work on? Spiral or even gen How many generation can you make by yourself? up to three gens so far on spiral. Four or more on even (have more even gen PB GW's than CB) If you do already have a dragon with the Royal Golden lineage? What is the link? Are you a requester/gifter/ or normal member?: normal member, but once I get my CB GW's grown up and collect a few more, I'm more than willing to gift. Any extra notes? like you don't hold on to gifted eggs etc etc? Due to shimmer breeding requests, gifting and working on a gold/lurker lineage as well as my own personal projects, I cannot hold requested eggs for longer than 24 hours, so anyone requesting from me needs to be responsive. Also, I'm new to actively breeding with projects, so my spreadsheet's a bit messy/sparse atm!
  9. Seven Daughters of Eve Guns, Germs and Steel House of Leaves (I don't know why I'm doing this to myself again; Maybe I'm just a masochist.)
  10. Currently: World of Warcraft- leveling my 87 Shadow/Disc priest and gearing up my level 90 survival/beast mastery hunter (ilevel 485! NEED MORE TOT GEAR) Star Wars the Old Republic: leveling my 42 Sith Assassin tank and my level 28 Sith Juggernaut tank, then my level 26 Bounty Hunter dps, and my level 22 Imperial Agent. Also working on using this tutorial to make an N7 Shadow class for single player on one of my playthroughs of Mass Effect 3. Debating on buying and playing Bioshock Infinite, though!
  11. Dragon Age Origins: Loghain Mac Tir Dragon Age II: First Enchanter Orsino Mass Effect: Saren Arterius Mass Effect 2: The Illusive Man Mass Effect 3: Kai Leng World of Warcraft: Lady Sylvanas or Vol'jin Star Wars: The Old Republic: Andronikos Revel or Malavai Quinn
  12. 1. Four years in the Navy as a meteorologist. 2. Played the flute since I was 12 (now 28) 3. Survived an abusive relationship and had the courage to kick him out. 4. Have had three cars and paid for all of them with cash- have never been in debt over a car. (and never paid more than 3k for any of them.) 5. Had my art of Wrex and Aria from Mass Effect complimented by Patrick Weekes, a Bioware dev and Christ Priestly, a Bioware PR <33 6. Almost done with Phlebotomy school 7. A licensed Pharmacy Tech! 8. Had my writing style complimented and compared to Stephen King's by W.E.B. Griffin (WWII fiction writer) 9. Got a recommendation later to work at LabCorps! 10. Built my own computer from the ground up <3 My Art Writing on Tumblr Writing on AO3 (My Original fiction isn't available online as it's a constant work in progress- I've been working on a novel for some odd 7 years now. Only people that have seen it are my Lit professor and Mr Griffin, whom I am ever so grateful for his input, even if he only read a few pages.)
  13. Other: Roadrunner Raspberry. White chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls and little raspberry filled chocolate cups. Either that or Americone Dream <33
  14. I always get in the 150-200 range, but I'm blue/yellow colour-blind in my left eye =P
  15. ChristineFury

    Glomp Gifting

    ChristineFury => Another Empty Galaxy Silver Shimmer/Moonstone Accepted; Pending pickup! *cackles and skitters away like a thing possessed....still cackling.*
  16. Died to being overwhelmed by stupid birds while my goat attacked a Zandalari Warscout and was instantly killed by a Vengeful Spirit. (normally, I'm able to solo those guys on my hunter, but last night was just not my night in Kun-Lai.....)
  17. same here. I've read all the books, but with the divergent paths the show is taking at this point, I'm still surprised at some of the twists in this season. I NEED MORE JAIME AND BRIENNE.
  18. Victim blaming is never cool, and not all the users on this site have the time to constantly watch their scrolls. I myself go to school for six hours a day where cell phones aren't allowed and there's no internet available for free use, and that's really all the time needed to make an egg sick. If I'm unable to get back in time due to a long day in the phlebotomy lab, or urinalysis, that's an extra four hours for view bombers to kill my eggs. I've lost a hatchie to view bombers during the holiday release because I had long school days and even longer microbiology labs. And it wasn't even a holiday egg- I fogged those due to high traffic during releases- it was a BSA pink I was raising to influence my holiday eggs. So please, don't say "It's your fault" when it really just falls to the fact that people shouldn't be jerks and try to kill other people's eggs/hatchlings out of malicious nihilism.
  19. Mother's family came from Wales. Father's family came from Germany, but his mother's mother was 100% Rromani. So, Welsh, German and Rromani =)
  20. my goodness there are some attractive people on this site! ...and then I go spoil it with pics of my ugly mug. (Blurry as all get out, but the most recent!)
  21. Sorry this is happening to you, hon! If you do get removed from the list, PM me- I still have yet to gift the first offspring from the Silver Shimmer I received, and I'd be more than happy to gift it to you!
  22. Not perfect, but I found this lovely- a spiral gold/shadow walker with a lumina at the end. http://dragcave.net/lineage/MdfEw http://dragcave.net/lineage/acUEL a lovely evengen Hellfire/Ember Checker http://dragcave.net/lineage/zL4Jz Stairstep gold and heartseekers http://dragcave.net/lineage/OUvuk evengen Ice/Shadow Walker with a really funny naming scheme that I kept http://dragcave.net/lineage/CGFpr stairstep silver/red nebula http://dragcave.net/lineage/rld3l bronze/red spiral Thanks to the breeders for those lovelies <33
  23. Yes, thank you! I was actually in the middle of looking for something similar! <3333333333
  24. First off: Comparing abortion to the Holocaust is disgusting. Sometimes abortions are medically necessary for the mother to live, and they save a contributing member of society. The Holocaust was GENOCIDE of Jews, Mentally/Physically Handicapped, Non-Heterosexuals, Rromani (You would probably know them by the slur "Gypsies") and other "Non Aryan" races that were "abominations against God and the Master Race." When you compare a woman's choice about what happens in her own body that YOU DO NOT OWN to the MURDER OF THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THAT WERE ALREADY BORN OR GROWN, you SPIT on their hardships and their struggle. STOP THAT. STOP IT. Second: It is NONE of your business what someone does with their body. You don't know their story. Maybe the woman having an abortion isn't crying because she's ashamed of the "message" you screamed at her in front of the clinic- she could be crying because her baby is dead inside her, or has a FATAL birth defect and will die inside her soon. She's crying because YOU demonised HER for terminating a pregnancy that will not end with a baby that can be taken care of. YOU are HURTING HER in an already painful time. Maybe that woman who is ducking away from your horrible shouts, your religious propaganda, is getting an abortion because her baby is an ectopic pregnancy and she would DIE if she doesn't terminate the pregnancy. She WANTED that baby, and you're SCREAMING at her because YOUR GOD made it grow in the wrong place. Maybe, a woman has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and does not have long enough to bear her child. Maybe she was diagnosed with malignant Stage Four cancer that has metastasised from her bone marrow to her liver, and she won't LIVE long enough to bear her child- or maybe she was diagnosed, and she can't go through the live saving chemo/radiation while she's pregnant. You're SCREAMING at her because she's dying, and has no choice. Maybe, despite being careful, despite a tubal litigation, the birth control, the condoms, a woman with health problems becomes pregnant. If she carries the child to term, she runs a 90% chance of dying- This was me. I have fibromyalgia, MULTIPLE problems with my nerves, MULTIPLE problems with my blood pressure. If I were to try to carry a child to term, I would suffer complications and could very well die. Despite being careful, despite my precautions, I became pregnant. I was lucky. I had a miscarriage. I didn't have to face people like you, screaming at me, calling me a sinner, a *, and other names, because despite doing all I could, I had gotten pregnant, and I didn't have to have an abortion to save my life- my body did it for me. Third: What is it with prolife considering only brain dead people and foetuses as people? Once they're born, you don't help the mother care for it- you say "You shouldn't have had a kid if you can't take care of it," yet you scream, throw rocks, vandalise their property if you know they want to have an abortion. A friend of mine had an abortion because she was raped by her FATHER. Someone broke all the windows in her car and left a note saying she didn't deserve to have a car because she was killing the result of INCEST. Not ONE of you EVER cares about the mother. You never care that a good percent of these women* are in mental- sometimes physical- AGONY. Crying themselves to sleep because they've been raped, or because they want to keep a child that won't live, or they can't keep a child they want because it will kill them. You NEVER ASK. YOU JUST SCREAM YOUR SELF RIGHTEOUS DRIBBLE. What a woman does with her body in order to stay healthy is NONE of your business, and you should feel horrible for judging someone when you don't know their story. So gloat all you want about preaching the words of a book that contradicts itself with every turn. Go ahead and disregard that supposedly, Christ died for your sins, but apparently, terms and conditions apply to that statement. Go ahead and think you're doing God's work when all you're doing is aiming blind hate at women that don't deserve it. At the end of the day, the only bad person is the one you see in the mirror.
  25. DNR's notwithstanding, however. I have a living will that states if I cannot live without a machine, I am to be pulled off it. You'd be surprised at how many people HAVE DNR's, but how FEW of them are honoured. I recently lost my Oma to a lifelong battle with anorexia nervosa, and she was on life support due to heart failure. She came to long enough to BEG to be taken off it if she fell back to needing it again. She had a DNR that was ignored- THREE TIMES- by the doctors that brought her back from her ischemic myocardial infarction. "Don't put me back on that damned thing," she said. "Let me die." There were witnesses, so the doctors couldn't deny her wish. When she started to slip again, they let her go for good, and she finally looked at peace. You'd be surprised at how many people are on life support that never wanted to be there. I personally have a DNR- wrote it into my living will when I had surgery on my spine. My mother threw a fit over it- she would rather me be hooked to a machine for the rest of my life, decaying in a bed and doing nothing if I were a vegetable, rather than let me go and have peace. Frankly, it disgusts me, because it's my body and my hypothetical life in that hypothetical situation. (I was actually in a pseudocoma for a few days due to an adverse reaction to the anaesthesia, and she had to face what it looked like to see me hooked up to machines. She admitted she hated seeing me unable to do anything, tubes invading my body and doing everything for me because my body could not.) It's not our place to decide if a person lives if they want to die, if a person carries a child or chooses not to, etc. It's their body. What they do with it doesn't hurt anyone else. No one else owns their body. Not the government, not the church, not their family, no one but THEM. (And, my apologies if I misunderstood your post, but seeing defence of leaving people hooked to machines makes me very upset.)