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  1. Got my hands on Pokemon Shield and I've been enjoying it so far. This is the very first time I actually truly own a Pokemon game - I played Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Silver (yes, Silver, not SoulSilver) but the former actually belongs to my brother and the latter was given to me by a friend I haven't seen in a long time haha. And this is the first time I can connect with the rest of the world via a mainline Pokemon game too. I've been waiting for both of these things to happen for the past decade or so
  2. I decided to try and partake in the breaking of the halloween wall. Egg-locked myself with 7 random eggs, got 2 caligenes but the rest are all different types. I hope that any eggs that remain will end up hatching and growing up in the wild so that they don't die ;-;
  3. Did you mean this one? If so, that's actually the treehouse from Adventure Time One of my personal favorite treats haha
  4. Dude I really love them! The part about them swallowing their prey whole really terrifies me lol. Another wonderful Halloween dragon
  5. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: Eggy Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: Festival of Eggs 2019 Brief description of treat: It's an egg made to look like the Smurfette Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: ToT 2019 Brief description of treat: A Gumble in a tin can with a candy label on it. It's a running staple from Bottersnikes & Gumbles (without the tin cans having a candy label on them). The depicted Gumble character is Toot
  6. Really liking these new Halloween dragons! Based on what the hatchlings look like and what others have posted, I'll make a guess that they're called Wendigo Wyverns This was also the last state I saw my board in before I went to bed and saw that the game was gone this morning. I wanted to test out someone else's setup with the magmas and the whites (sadly I forgot who it was!) and it does look like it would've lasted indefinitely or at least a very long time lol. I wish we could see the board in its final state before the game was closed down though, really wanted to see how far this got.
  7. Since a few other people have done it, I'll talk about my treat as well It's sadly not very spooky though as I didn't want to go for that, having considered that plenty of others would try that lol. I'm hardly surprised no one brought this one up, since the thing it references is pretty obscure - may even be the most obscure one out of all the 58 treats lol. I only know about it because I happened upon it by chance and then proceeded to check it out. Anyhow this is a reference to something called "Bottersnikes & Gumbles", a children's book/cartoon where there's a running staple of the Bottersnikes (the bad guys) stuffing Gumbles (the good guys) inside tin cans, and the idea was somewhat based on the concept of trick-or-treat but with a tin can with a candy label instead of a ToT bag and a Gumble instead of candy. There are several different Gumbles and the one depicted in my treat is Toot, my favorite one of them all. Also here's a fun fact: in the cartoon show, Toot has a backstory that is... kind of freaky. Nothing over the top but it was enough to make me feel genuinely uncomfortable and spooked for several days upon finding out about it. Even more fitting is that it occurred on October last year - at the very beginning to be precise, on 1st or 2nd of October (don't remember exactly). His backstory also somehow hits too close to home, as unreal as it sounds. P.S. I considered a totally different idea for a treat, but I want to leave it for another year
  8. Actually, TJ never confirmed that. He said there are only 58 treats, which I'm pretty sure means 59 was a typo rather than one of the treats being removed. This is his post
  9. I think I had actually seen ads like these on mobile while browsing the halloween 2019 news thread a while ago. A couple of them were "normal" ads (i.e. the kind that links you to a product, external website etc.) and the others linked to dragons.
  10. These dragons are working so hard to keep the zombies away...
  11. There's only 58 treats according to TJ, which means 59 was very likely a typo as there isn't 59 treats. The OP had been changed in the meantime to say 58 instead of 59 Well this is going nice so far
  12. My personal best now is 143 rounds, and it ended while my GoN was still on the board lol. Let's see how this setup goes
  13. I just had my dragons summon a GoN as well! I'm curious as to what its stats are and what it does exactly lol
  14. Aww, just 5 rounds short from 100! But the good news at least is that I'm level 50 now haha
  15. This DEFINITELY isn't good lol
  16. This is not looking good
  17. Huh. So this setup is looking pretty solid right now. Round 60 looks exactly like round 0 except for the log and possibly HP and cooldowns. Wondering how long it'll last.
  18. The last time I checked their description says that they will move across the board to attack zombies so yes, I think they're trying to target the zombies
  19. Here's something I'm going to try
  20. Going nice so far. I'll go to bed soon so I'll see in the morning what the results are lol.
  21. If there's only 58 treats, then I guess I'm done collecting them now because I just grabbed my 58th treat I'll tell all about the treat I made later on haha
  22. Uh oh, this doesn't look good! Looks like my tower is going down very soon lol
  23. Yes. After each round you get experience points based on how long you lasted, and with enough EXP you unlock higher levels which unlock more dragons
  24. The first post says there are 59 treats to collect in total
  25. The main page when you're not currently defending against zombies has a list of dragons, their stats and their effects I'd get a screenshot but I'm currently defending, though I think someone else did.