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I Accept and Give IOUs! IOU info in profile.

I use decline, if your offer is still there I haven't seen it or I'm considering it :) I will breed almost anything on my scroll on request, just ask! I love random trades, try me!  

My shimmer/tinsel lists are open. Dead eggs on my scroll are from Vulturia Deux. CB or nice lineage Gemshards wanted. Would love a 2g Shimmer! Low Gen Shimmerkins also always welcome, especially if Moonstone or Guardian!

I collect Thuweds, especially ones not related to This or This. Also want 2nd gen male green coppers from spriter's alts :3 PM to discuss.

.:Check out my scroll to view my Dragon Babies!:.

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    I owe:
    7th gen Simoniac gold shimmer x lumina to TheDoggy---COMPLETED
    6th Gen satan bronze shimmer x purple to kwan852963--COMPLETED
    3 Red Hatchies to kwan852963-- COMPLETED
    8th gen Silver tinsel x GW to Rusty Chevrolet--COMPLETE
    4 seawyrm pygmys to Xythus --COMPLETED
    2 new two headed dragons to simkim - COMPLETED
    6 different bloodlines of Hellhorse to Mew 1 -5 of 6 done!
    5th gen bronze shimmer x thunder to Silvermoonwolf--COMPLETE
    2nd gen male tinsel x frilled to panthera1- COMPLETED

    I am owed:
    6/5/17: panthera1 owes my sister six cb zyu hatchies(one of each color) and me a cb silver (egg or male hatchie)COMPLETED
    5/14/17: jerzeeshadow owes me 3rd gen gold shimmer from https://dragcave.net/lineage/4OuJk COMPLETED
    Coyote- red fire gem(complete!) and 2g shimmerkin!
    2gen green copper x arsani from Rusty Chevrolet--COMPLETE
    7th Gen gold shimmer Ashura x moonstone from TheDoggy--COMPLETED
    5th gen quantum color x moonstone from kwan852963
    silver tinsel from Xythus- COMPLETED
    gold egg from gold f x white m from Simkim--COMPLETED
    5th gen shimmer bronze x royal blue from Mew 1-COMPLETED
    CB blue copper from Silvermoonwolf- COMPLETED

    I Owe the following to AngelicDragonPuppy for the CB Silver she has given me:
    - 3 CB Sunset hatchies COMPLETED
    - 3 CB two-headed green lindwurm hatchies COMPLETED
    - 3 CB Night Glories hatchies COMPLETED
    - 3 CB Trihorn hatchies COMPLETED
    - 3 CB Fell hatchies COMPLETED
    - 3 CB Howler drake hatchies COMPLETED
    - 2 CB FEMALE Seragamma hatchies COMPLETED
    CB can be 3rd gen checkers instead!

    I take iou's if you are trustworthy! :) I love random trades and doing a catch and hatch of multiple common/uncommons in exchange for shimmers/tinsels and holiday dragons.. Feel free to PM with offers and I will get to work :)