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  1. Oh my goodness, these are amazing!! I'm so angry at myself for missing the release. I only managed to get one so far they get snatched up so quickly!!
  2. I'm not really liking any of these dragons. They're all very... Iffy looking. Certainly better spriting than I could ever hope to do, but still. My favorite of the three is the Cassare Dragon. The Carmine's colors don't look good together, and the head is really awkward and phallic looking. I'm hoping next month's dragons are more exciting. Thank you TJ and Spriters.
  3. If someone needs a magma, I have an egg that was bred last night Just let me know and I'll give it to you
  4. Oh my goodness I want the one that says "This iridescent egg radiates mysterious energy." Soooo bad ;n; it looks like it's gonna be so amazing!
  5. I AM LOVING THE FROSTIES!! omg yes <3 thank you so much for such beautiful dragons!!
  6. I can't wait to see the adults! Today's my birthday, so these are my birthday dragons! Wooo!!!
  7. My birthday is in three days, so this is a great present. I really hope these dragons come out looking amazing! I have high hopes for the frost egg
  8. OMG. I knew its design looked familiar. The name, too. I saw that picture of the slug a while back before the release That's so awesome!
  9. The adults are absolutely beautiful! I'm slightly disappointed these are drakes, since they won't have a wide variety of beautiful lineages.. But I still love them!! Especially the blue ones! :')
  10. For those of you having trouble grabbing the new releases, here's a tip if you're not using it already My method is hovering and refreshing. I hover over an egg, and as soon as I refresh I click. If I don't get it, then back space. and repeat. So far it's proven to be very reliable for me.
  11. I expected the grab to be harder. I got 3 of each in like 2 minutes. They're drakes? YAY!
  12. aww man, I was really hoping I'd win. I love the prize dragons <3 Congrats to the winners, I hope I can get a 2nd gen shimmer one day
  13. I really really really hate snow.
  14. The adults are absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you TJ and Spriters for such a magnificent breed!
  15. wooo! Im at level 50 Thank you TJ! This is awesome!
  16. <3 I already got two of the new eggs. Good luck everyone, they are so pretty!! I can't wait to see what they look like all grown up
  17. Mine is able to breed aswell O.o But none of my other ones are. They arent the same breed I just bred it with one of my GWs and it produced several wrapping wing eggs.. soo.. I'd say it is probably a bug?