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  1. Sent to people on this page and the last two! Hope I got everyone. I'm not looking for any particular flowers yet, just send any card/flower combo you think looks nice!
  2. I wish I could tell the flower dragons I appreciate them they're trying so hard and I love them all Happy Valentine's day!
  3. Just bred a cute little 09 with a Z-code! Up for grabs, may abandon if no one takes it - I'm trying to get room on my scroll to breed others Claimed! Dunno where it went though...
  4. Took this one! It'll make a great mate for the one I picked up earlier <3
  5. Found a 2G Lurker x Bleeding Moon in the AP - free to a good home! It's hatched and influenced Male. Claim the Lurking Moon here! Edit: Just bred another Lurker, this time a 4G Staircase with Magma. Claim the Magma Lurker here! Just auto abandoned another Z-code, if anyone's interested in stalking the AP for Caligenes. https://dragcave.net/lineage/zL2Bf
  6. Incuhatchable Royal Blue with a pretty lineage! Up for grabs https://dragcave.net/teleport/4c751f5db2a49dd027c2065212ed20da
  7. I've bred three of the new hybrids so far and gotten two z codes and one double z code Anyone else been lucky with the new release?
  8. I was breeding BSA dragons for the AP and ended up with three z-codes: a purple, a pink, and a red! I'll put them up for grabs individually for anyone in need of BSAs, or anyone who'll give them a good home Purple Gone to purplehaze Pink Gone to OutlawQueen Red Gone to Ruby Eyes All gone! Enjoy
  9. Up for grabs: 3rd gen EG Pink with a Z code Claim here! Claimed by OutlawQueen, enjoy!
  10. Sooo it's been forever since I posted, but I've got another Z'copper egg up for grabs! Normally I'd be happy to keep it, but it interferes with a pending description. Copper claim link, Project members only please!
  11. Oh, these are pretty! The colors remind me of Starry Night for some reason. I'm naming mine Vincent and Remy Astra.
  12. I've picked up both of my Hollies! Thanks again to InugamiZERO and Lurhstaap
  13. Z'coded CB Hooktalon, free to project members Claim the Z'Hooktalon Gone to Pattekat!
  14. Just bred a 2nd gen Z Copper from a Z Mother. I'd keep it, but it interferes with my description plans. I want to make sure it goes to a project member, so please offer a dummy (or send me a PM and I'll give you a one way link.) Z Copper egg looking for a home! Gone to Dragonpuck
  15. CB Z-coded Mint, free to a good home Project members only, please!
  16. Just bred a Z'incubator with 69 in the code. I'd keep it, but I need the room... Free to a Z Project home! Gone to dragonchic Edit: Also, that's a really cool banner, Tomato_Juice! Thanks!
  17. That's some of them; I'm still missing 22. It looks like, for some reason, my list started with Z'biwing. He's listed as my first Z'dragon on that site, but the missing 22 were submitted before him (as were the ones on this forum, but those aren't important right now). Most of my Z coded dragons are together on my scroll. Z'orrin through Z'ebedee (and Z'shik) are listed on this forum, while Z'arvest Gleam and Z'imma through Z'bog were put into the Google doc, but only Z'biwing and the ones after him are showing up on the other site. It's not a problem if I need to resubmit the others -
  18. I can't find them on the spreadsheet, though. Is there another, older spreadsheet somewhere?
  19. I've been meaning to update my list for a while, but I can't find my dragons in the spreadsheet. I know I've entered several into the Google doc already, but should I post them here again?
  20. Ooh, a double Z? (Sent you a PM ) Edit: Got it, thank you very much!
  21. Spitfires, please! I have a few in the queue, and I happen to like them. Glassblower dragons are such interesting things...
  22. Updating my total to 400 named. Who else is trying for a giant PB EG lineage?
  23. Managed to grab two Z'coded Astrapi, influenced them to make a pair... and then had them reject each other.
  24. While it may not be 'modern', it's certainly not medieval either. You could create an equivalent for your dragons that wouldn't be out of place in a medieval setting, but as Dragcave is set in the fictional setting of Valkemare, not Earth, it wouldn't make sense to have an American icon present. I've seen descriptions that adapted modern icons to the fictional setting - as long as it's not too close to the original, you should be fine. (You can't say it was given to your dragons by the French, but you could say it was a large metal statue built by the dragons to symbolize freedom or equality