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  1. ember sat there.he was listening and looking like a elementary student learning about a topic that truly intrested him when the hummans were here.he did not get bored or anything.asoccinally,he would try to write something down,using blood(scince that was the only thing avalable to him that he could write with.) here is what a torn peice of paper he wrote things on looked like when atlas finished teaching ember for the day: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- aT TE mp Et tO F LaP Yo UR W
  2. "*ahem*young.sorry about that." Ember bit the last chunk of meat of the squrrel. "well,i don't have anything else to say right now.go ahead." ((same with me,red dragonette.writer's block.))
  3. "thanks for the info.i never knew that i was being visited by a master warrior!" ember grinned."i hope i can use that aganst another rat i attack(or even a fellow hatchling in a play-fight,lie you said!)" ember continued,"and i agree that i am too old to actually battle."he looked at his bite marks he got from the rat,regretfull of the choice of actions in the fight.he could have done a bit better.
  4. by the time atlas finished talking,ember's maw had neeary touched the ground.he was VERY shocked. (if i where ember at that moment,i would have a exspression like this: ) there was a munute of scilence that felt like a hour.finally,ember said:"c-can you teach me?"
  5. He leapt into the bag,scurrying through the pile-then he came out,a sqiurrel in his mouth.he landed and started eating his food.he then said,after swallowing a bit of squrrel meat,releived that atlas is alive: "Atlas,why wern't you here yesterday?i was worried you died in a battle."
  6. Oni deku link FEEL THE WRATH OF A DEMONIC PLANT HERO THNGIMAJIGGER!!!! (its feirce diety link and deku link combined)(they are both from legend of zelda majora's mask.) (note:this is a pic from deviantart.I DO NOT HAVE A ACCOUNT ON DEVIANTART.DO NOT give me credit for a thing i didt do.)
  7. ember was hungry.again. with a sigh,he looked for a new foe to fest on.he then looked at the outside world,warming a egg one last time.he then turned back to the exit of the hatchery,walking twords it.
  8. ima join.do i post here? Username:danwar123 Dragon Name:ember Breed:red+sunstone Gender:male Personality:quite aggressive and ruthless for a hatchling.still,he is very cute at times. Picture:think of a with the same orb on his tail as a Differences in appearance: none Mate/crush:none/too young Path they choose:princess's soldier(even though he's a hatchie 0_o) Weapons/Abilities/etc:he is sort of a one-dragon army.he has a varitey of weapons: eating smaller foes smashing enemies with his orb burning his foes with FIRE and simply clawing them to death. Othe
  9. bump bump bump HMH bump bump bump HMH bump bump bump HMH
  10. *it starts raining syrup,luckily i am in my passage,bulding another army*
  11. weeping angels?i can top that .
  12. *syrup and waffle lands on my plate* *eats a bit of da waffle* *outs meatbalkls in wadffle* *makes it ahand gernade* *throws waffle meatball gernade*
  13. /*uses plate sheild* *eats bacon* *blocks eggs* *&shoots 5 meatballs at hazel*
  14. i drop a cheese bomb on everyonf from a choppah. a arrow hits me choppah,sending me crash landing. i jump from the choppah and use my paracute.