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  1. Names: Howlmon, Snarlmon, Slashermon, Slasherdramon, MetalHowlerdramon

    Type: Beast

    Attributive: Viris

    Element: goes between Ice and Lightning, starting with Ice, going to lightning at Slasherdramon and changing back to Ice at MetalHowlerdramon

    Season Style: Savers

  2. I am wanting to do a contest for Digimon creations, you must at least draw child and adult, it is prefured to have all four (unless you want to do its baby stage), Child, Adult, Ultimate and Super. You must ask to join and submit a form. (if the judges enter they can not vote for their own creation or just not vote at all but people who aren't judges can vote for their own, but please look at the others first)

    You can only enter once



    Type: (Dragon, Beast, Insect Etc.)

    Attributive: (virus, data or vaccine)

    Element: (Dark, Ice, Lightning, Fire, Holy Etc.)

    Season Style: Original, Digiarmor(must have child, adult and its armor evolution), Tamers, Frontier(must have beast and human spirits), Savers(Burstmode will help with points) or Xros Wars (must have at least one fusion form, and tell what digimon it took to make it)


    When we get more judges the point system will be decided

  3. i so far have Y on prehold, should i also get X?


    and what do you guys think of the release of the Fairy type? i am not too happy about the type but i'm not going to let that ruin the game for me