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  1. support, been trying to get the new dragon nearly all day now but every biome page keeps showing up as empty 😕 would stink to miss out on the new dragon for a whole year because my wifi isn't fast enough or something
  2. I'm also a member of the LGBT community but I don't think this should be a thing, much like FR the dragons are coded as in needing one to be a female and one to be a male in order to breed, this is just...biology. much like in real life, I'm biologically female and no matter what I can't produce a kid with another female. It is what it is. "But magic!" doesn't really work as an argument either, and yes I know dragons aren't real, but even magic needs to have some form of rule in the world that has been set up. And in the world of DC a male and female dragon need to mix their magic in order to breed. Plus in some cases the dimorphsm doesn';t really show beyond the male having a different pose from the female, some dragons have the same sprites for both male and females. I'd not be against having a toggle to switch sprites (for the breeds it applies to anyways) on their scrolls so they can switch and have some visible form of representation present. Because I know how important that can be, but please do not claim dragon cave only favors "cis hetero pairings"that is just pretty rude. You never know what sort of stories someone has attached to a dragon!
  3. I feel like I'm one of the few who really liked the silver update, their flaws to me personally made them unappealing, it was basically "once you see it you can't unsee it" things, So I'm glad those were taken care off, and I'm also happy they look shinier, mean they struck me more as flat grey then really silver. Least compared to the other silver dragons we got on site it made them just made them bland in comparison. I don't mind the updates, it's just something that happens, they're just part of life and we just have to deal with them. though I'm not fond of the whole "I shouldn't have to go offsite to look at the old spites" it comes off as pretty elitist, after all we the players literally have NO say in these updates, that's up the TJ and the artists, all we get to say is if we like them or not. Heck just be happy the old sprites are even kept on the wiki, they could've not done that y'know? but yeah there's my 2 cents on the matter
  4. i wanna be able to obtain black sweetlings not super unreasonable but lemme have both...plz
  5. had a trade with the omen wyrms i was hoping to obtain was waiting for me, can't influcence them anymore :c just need to hope I get a male and female
  6. got a normal mint...that good?
  7. where do I start? hellfire wyverns baloons albinos Two headed dragons bright breasted wyverns copper dragons orange dragons gemshard dragons Night glory drakes (never lucky enough to grab an egg at the right time ) green dragons of all things pygmies piralspytes the cream colored ridgewings (I always only seem to hatch the purple ones) and striped dragons I dunno what it is but whenever I do decide to go biome hunting they're just....not there for some reason
  8. Not a huge thing but on another thread I said that I have my periods where I forget about this site, and the thread was to make DC more engaging and I agreed on doing so because yeah I'd be nice if I could do a bit more on this site so that I'd come back more often instead of forgetting about it months on end. But instead various people are telling me that "This isn't the game for you" and that I shouldn't be playing it. I just find that incredibly rude, who the hell do they think they are telling people "this isn't for you"? I can perfectly decide that for myself, I'm not wrong for wanting the game to offer a bit more, just like people that don't aren't wrong either, I'm perfectly able to decide what i can or can;t play and despite me forgetting a lot about this game I can play it, so to anyone who says that this isn't the game for me go sit on a cactus
  9. oh yeah, how dare someone having other things to do outside the internet and forgetting about pixel dragons for a few months, such a shame! Clearly people like that can't play a game like this! No, get out of here with that nonsense, don't tell me what I can't or can play I'll decide that for myself thank you very much I life with my dad and only celebrate Christmas with him, and all we do is eat nice and put up a tree, we don't visit family or whatever, so it's pretty small, and we don't give each other gifts every year either but, thanks for stooping that low Fuzzbucket. appreciated :3 Now I remember why I don't come to the forums. Well sorry for having a different experience you guys
  10. Honestly i wish DC was more engaging, because sure it's low maintenance and that's fine but at the same time this makes the site also pretty forgettable all together. Lord knows how many eggs and hatchlings I lost simply because i forgot about this site for a few months. Personally I'm not keen on sites that have a death/running away mechanic, I understand why Dc has this and yes it's a core mechanic but at times I wish it was more of an optional thing, I get it it's supposed to mirror real life where if you don't look after your pets or whatever they die. But I usually play these type of games to relax and escape from real life just a little while, so if I do not come to a site a couple months or even a year or so i'd like everything to be still there and not gone because the pixels ran away or "died" on me. They made the events more engaging which is fine and fun, but again site is forgettable I missed out on the Halloween and Christmas dragons from last year and the valentine dragon this year. sure I can still do the mini games and get a cool little badge but I much rather have the dragons. So to fix this perhaps if you complete the mini game but have no eggs yet you get two eggs as a reward as well (the biomes would be randomly decided) or after the new holiday dragons mature they are allowed to breed once with their breed as a result and all eggs will go to the AP automatically (to keep with the 2 per new holiday release rule) and those who missed out the first time can grab 2 eggs and still have the dragons for that year even though they won't be CB's. The store idea would also fix this, but yeah we don't know if TJ will ever implement something like this. Another problem about this site being so forgettable is that names are wiped form scrolls after a certain amount of time, and you have to rename your dragons, and duplicate naming isn't allowed. Of course if you have a small number this is no problem but if you have over 5000+ dragons then giving all of them unique names is rather bothersome, sure you can give your dragons surnames or use special character/numbers in their name but not everyone wants to do this. Sadly whenever a suggestion to remove this it's usually met with insults on how people are lazy and uncreative but that is a different matter. And the final issue is the scroll lock feature, now thankfully there are only 2 breeds that have this so it's not THAT big a deal but it's still an annoyance to the real hardcore collectors among us or to those with a preference towards a certain sprite. For example I love the snow angel with the red and green on its wings, but instead I'm stuck with the one that has gold and white wings. I can take a little solace in the fact that out of the 3 different variants it has a different colored tail ribbon so there's that. In that instance trading adult dragons would help, it'd allow people to have access to the sprites they are not able to get. However even if people breed the other version any eggs hatched and raised on their scrolls wills till result in the version their scroll is locked with. For example: I trade one of my white/gold winged snow angels for a red/green/gold one, I breed that one and I hatch and egg the hatchling will still grow up into a white/gold snow angel because that is what is locked on my scroll. So yeah even if dragon trading can't work all over the board least allow us to trade adult dragons with scroll locked versions
  11. The creator of the frill dragons said they would never ever come back and yet they came back, If thsoe can come back i'm certain it is possible for sweetlings and snow angels can be "unlocked" too
  12. I missed the new dragon :c really wish there was a special breeding week for new holiday releases so that way those who missed out the first round could still grab them without having to wait till next year
  13. I don't see any harm in adding a rooster, mean why not? also like the "it was delicious" thingy or little idea i had on my own, what if they can breed but only one time, and the chick never grows up. So you'd have a chicken, rooster and a chick on your scroll. I'd love that even if i don't got a chicken of my own and never probably will. Also would help prevent people asking for the two to breed
  14. I've done that for a few dragons I got, though a few are my own ( won't show off those lol) http://dragcave.net/view/b0icj mother sadly has no name so I went with the dad http://dragcave.net/view/eThqc named after both parents http://dragcave.net/view/VjD7B named after both parents http://dragcave.net/view/jFZhS recent addition, named after both parents http://dragcave.net/view/2kDYw took the surname of both parents http://dragcave.net/view/xuwiy went with the name scheme of the parents http://dragcave.net/view/dLsqY named after the parents http://dragcave.net/view/ddkdt parents are called King ||| and Queen ||| http://dragcave.net/view/CKFMX http://dragcave.net/view/23p3c http://dragcave.net/view/tOlao a 5th gen thuwed, was tempted to name him Epic Thuwed but pretty sure that name was taken plus I like the code on this one http://dragcave.net/view/vhOJ8 http://dragcave.net/view/pX205 do vampires count? http://dragcave.net/view/ARzMa http://dragcave.net/view/IgDG4 http://dragcave.net/view/JBme7 well the parents USED to be named both Tartarus but alas the user went inactive http://dragcave.net/view/S6AuT also a recent addition
  15. can someone please post the ice puzzle solution? I HATE ice puzzles =n= I really do
  16. I was trying to obtain female lunarheralds course the one time I don't influence I'm getting males (do got 4 now but yeah influnced ) and it's always whenever I'm egg locked I spot rare stuff -wheeps over missed paper egg in the AP-
  17. I personally like the update, the silvers fit in more now and at;east LOOK silver, before they just looked a dull grey to me, and I fell a few times for the "Oh look a silver egg! oh wait it's a white one" thing, least I will be able to tell now I grabbed a silver instead of a white, and the weird kneecap on the female is gone hallelujah! My eye was instantly drawn to that each time I looked my my silver ladies >> the males least look more comfortable now rather then being squeezed oddly with a broken neck. I'm sad I missed out on the frills and I'm also sad I'll never be able to get a black sweetling, they looks so cool imo if it was possible I'd hoard them as much as I could. But alas I doubt I'll ever see frills or black sweetlings on my scroll :c admittingly don't care about the old pinks they look pretty ugly -shrug- I can understand where some are coming from, if anyone is familiar with Dragon City, there was this dragon called the pure dragon, and its concept fitted the name very well, it looked like a unicorn dragon and very awesome. Then at some point they changed the dragon to look well....aweful, and well continues to look like that to this day I still miss the old pure dragon design but can't be helped I suppose Though I'd be on board with this suggestion if it was like a toggeble option so people who want to see the old sprites will only see it on their account and those who want the new sprites can leave it off
  18. I support, i really realy reaaaaally want to get the other versions of the snowwings, I really love the tricolored one specially but I'm stuck with white tipped wings I really dislike the scroll lock version thing >> and a darkling...man i want a darkling so badly :c
  19. I guess it would be nice for those who want to prevent inbreeding, messy lineages etc me? Well I don't care I'll breed my dragons whenever I tend to inbreed my own dragons as well but only if I can;t be bothered to get another one, a few of my pinks are inbred due to this
  20. where do tinsels get their tinsel from? do we wrap it around them uppon hatching?
  21. double headed dragons look like they want to pick up something tiny very gently with 2 fingers. Male golds look a bit like the dragons you see on the new chapter pages of the book his majesty's dragon ( or Temeraire for those in the UK and others) balloon dragons look more like they're very startled they're floating male blacks look like they're either going to give someone a highfive or a faceslap Stego's seem to stare at the ground like there's something infront of it
  22. maybe add a little something to the page like under the spot where the last bred bit goes "mated to: *insertdragonnamehere* " and under children "adoped children" it'd link to a different page with a list else it'd get quite cluttered and users can add names to that list. just to give it a bit more of an offcial feel instead of putting it in a description which is a great option yes but it still has a limited about how many characters you put in and some will probaly reject a discription if it only says something like "Lily is mated to Mayday and together they adopted 4 children" if the one who wrote the discirption doesn't feel on expanding info on the dragon just my 2 cents here
  23. cought one a few hours ago, my christmas holiday collection is complete x3 now just valentine and halloween oh and the new christmas release
  24. a male deep sea dragon, a female ember, a male hellfire and a male vampire