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  1. Ahhhh!! this is perfect!! Thank you so much! I am long over due to add my dragons to my list and sort them, but I always put it off because I have so many to add >_< This will make it so much better for me!! -terminallypisces
  2. Finally Cleared out my IOUs to where I only have a holiday trade and a small batch of Embers to sent to someone! I would love to join this Prism Project ^^ I just need to stock up on CB Albinos and some other colors
  3. csedrfoijk Crawfish swam, entered deep rivers following otters in jumping krill. (idk what im doing ) vnoendlgjus
  4. Can I have some ice? -casually stuffs your Ice hatchling into cooler-
  5. Oops! What happened: Got another Royal Crimson that was supposed to be a Tea. The real problem is that it got auto-ap'd by my mistake. And apparent lack of counting skills. Fix: Will be breeding again in 7 days, whoever takes the egg can have it as a nice little gift ^^ its a pretty match regardless, so maybe someone will appreciate it too~
  6. Its perfect! Thank you! I really like the first on, its so cute <3 Now to get it in my sig. Once im off mobile X3
  7. Ah, thank you for the clarification, I will pm TJ if I have more questions :3
  8. What consititutes 'inactivity'? I am online practically everyday but I know my friends aren't always on. I would love a better explaination for myself as well. Name stealing soulds fun but at the same time I love my names. I donct wantcto lose the over a vacation or something of the sort.
  9. My precious Baby Chick hatched and gendered <33333
  10. yay my first set hatched/is hatching! I will soon have 2 of each gender for both dragons!!
  11. South Korean! but I live with my adopted family (who can be crazy, but I love) in the good ol' USA \(0u0)/
  12. Thank you! Let me know if it gets to be too much, I can always revise
  13. Alrighty! *runs to get all art supplies in house, also plans to breed another 5 females* Another note: I was planning to start another Ruthless family and then a branch for each. Should I wait until all confusion (in terms of the Google Doc) is cleared before I start?
  14. I want to request(Gif): Size: 200X100 Idea: I would love a Radiant Angel and Rosebud together, moving their heads, tails and wings together <3. I dont want it to be too overly difficult, but if possible could you make the rosebud's ribbons move as well? (im not good with coding thus sadly no pictures T-T ) Text: Terminallypisces::Scroll (can be two lines if it due to space restrictions) Background:Yes, Scroll color? or close to it Thank you! let me know if a revision or explaination is needed! edit------- Can you reverse the Radiant Angel so it is facing the Rose bud from the left? forgot to mention this when i first posted
  15. So from the Founding Male dragon you would need 2 females and 1 male for the main family, and then another 3 females per branch? (I like visuals so I thought that I would clarify before making a drawing of how the family layout would go. Once the layout map is done (and will not be dragon specific) anyone is free to use. Its purpose is to give show who would be bred to what.)
  16. A wedding has occured Male:CB Garnet The Ruthless TP Female:CB Ocha The Priestess TP A new little one is born Link to egg:Lineage Inbred percentage: 0% Oops! What happened: The egg just bred for today turned out to be another Royal Crimson. I don't want to lessen the chance for different dragons in the lineage (I personally like variation) DX Fix: Will be freezing this hatchling and breeding for a Tea egg once the parents are off cool down.
  17. Yeah, i realized this yesterday that the names were a bit incorrect DX I will be fixing them soon. I believe Priestess would be Priest for males, assuming that the name would pass differently in the lineage. Unless the name itself 8s the problem Please let me know exactly what you meant, I am still slightly confused. Thanks again for the notice!
  18. A wedding has occured Male:CB Garnet The Ruthless TP Female:CB Pristine The Enchantress TP Also! A new little one is born Link to egg:Little Royal Crimson Inbred percentage: 0%
  19. brairtrainer! You spelled 'Scroll' wrong in the form for new Breeder. My computer auto-corrected it for me, but I thought I would let you know ^^
  20. I'm Ruthless forum name: terminallypisces scroll: terminallypisces Founder: CB Garnet The Ruthless TP His Mates: CB Pristine The Enchantress TP CB Ocha The Priestess TP CB Mystic The Majestic TP Note, "TP" is on everyone one of my dragons. It is a scroll name ^^
  21. Overall, I feel that minus the lack of communication and poor timing, the new drop time was not as bad as i thought it would be. Sure i had my fair share of mass clicking, but its not like we don't click with wild abandon during the midnight drops to try and secure our new eggs. TJ, thank you for making the effort to experiment and try to find another good drop time. My suggestion is more communication and notifications to players. Overall I believe it was handled very well despite the notable set back (that being primarily communication). The drop ran smoothly for me and my friends as to us was a nice break from a expected cycle.The new dragons are lovely as well. Thank you for taking your time to create and implement the drop, i'm sure it is not easy to change the drop hour (especially with the negative feedback :I). And to everyone being (in my opinion) too harsh to TJ, remember he is only as human as you are. Words can be more hurtful than you think. And harsh criticisms that attack the person rather than the idea don't make anyone's day and better :\ TJ (if you see this) I want to thank you. This is not an excuse for the poor communication. Rather, I am accepting that there was a weaker link, but it is a learning experience. Now that we, DC users as a whole, understand that communication was and is an important role , we can work to fix it. The thank you is for trying something new. It can be a challenge, to change something that affects a vast majority of people. But you took the initiative, and tried anyway. thank you, -terminallypisces I also want to thank the mods, who spend a majority of their time keeping everything on the forums civil and well maintained. You guys are an important piece to the forums as well. You have everything else in life to deal with (im just a high school student ), and yet you are also here to monitor the forums. That takes work to balance. And I want to say thank you for it.