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  1. Ah yes! Dino Crisis! I stopped playing after having to go through a door that I know something big was ganna pop out. That game gave me the creeps so much.. But it was funny that Jill was in it..
  2. Hello! New to the forums and when I saw this had a game section, I had to make a post about the most SCARIEST game you've ever played! From childhood up from now. So here how you tell your story: Name of game: what level/part made you scared (don't need to be dead on what the level was): and did you continue playing or did you stop?: I'll start Dead Space 1 & 2 All of the levels made me jump and drop my controller many times because of the necromorph's coming out of vents and getting grab from behind, bursting out of areas that made my heart rush! I even
  3. tihyfrykblab this is how you face roll your keyboard like a boss.
  4. Dwarfs! Gotta love there attitude! Baruk Khazad!