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  1. I'm Dreaming Out Loud The song Dreaming Out Loud?
  2. i'll make you an offer And you can't refuse The Godfather?
  3. Gravely Default Bravely Default (I also have ToGF, ToX, ToS, and ToS2 references hidden here and there)
  4. I shake it off I shake it off That Taylor Swift song, Shake it off (I love referencing, video games in particular, but I also use song names by my favorite artists)
  5. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning or Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley I am TRYING to complete both of them, so I can have time to play Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns...
  6. Daylight Spectrums Yea,but since sometimes the scroll name can be different from the forum name, like mine, I can never be sure that it is the right scroll name or if it is somebody completely different
  7. "He sees u when ur sleeping" Santa claus is coming to town
  8. We Got Ears Say Cheers Micky Mouse Clubhouse
  9. I bred my brutes "You can't change Fate" and "But you can change Destiny" and got an egg for once, usually they are not interested. Was sent to the AP :3 My other brute "Purple Polka Dotted Dragon" refused her mate >.>
  10. Warcraft III, destroying my brother's undead army like it was a pack of rabbits... GO NIGHT ELVES
  11. Surely this is the Colors of the Rainbow thread How does one make toast?