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  1. I can't wait to see what the adults look like and sadly, I haven't caught neither of the two due to really slow internet, but oh well
  2. Such adorable artwork you do! I want one... I want to make a request! Species: Crystal Dragon (A slender Western Dragon with their scales and wings made of crystal, the scales and wings are light blue) Emotion shown in image: Up to you What is it doing?: Acting adorable Completed image should be a: Signature and Avatar, please I have a CB Turpentine to offer (It is still on its 5 hour cooldown thing though) This one grew up, then I caught another, and that grew up
  3. I would like some Art! Forum Name: Happy_Mask_Saleswoman Name of the Dragon: Name is Chaos and the Species is Crystal Dragon Dragon Description A slender western Dragon with the wings and scales made of Crystal, Scales are a bright blue (Ice Blue to be more exact on the type of blue) Wings are a powder blue. Dragon Color Stage: Whichever works Have Fun!
  4. PeanutButterGamer (PBG) is my favorite, He is funny and I love his Top Tens.
  5. Oh, your work is beautiful! Request Species : Crystal Dragon (A OC) Gender : Female Other : It is a western dragon with wings made of Crystal, is slender, Scale color is a Bright Blue, and Eye Color is Red. If it seems confusing, tell me.... Have Fun!
  6. Oh, I want one... I will request an pony... Username: Happy_Mask_Saleswoman Image size: What ever works for you Foal or adult: Adult Gender: Girl Race: Pegasus Body colour: Black Mane style: Long Mane colour: White Tail style: Long Tail colour:White Eye colour: White Cutie Mark: Yin Yang Anything else: Have Fun and Feel Free to try something New! And How well are you at drawing eastern dragons?
  7. Northern Italy, only an hour away from boring Venice (Been there so many times...)
  8. I had a dream I was in the middle of a jungle with my best friend and she kept calling her cats, Badgers
  9. 60% - Extreme Geek Maybe my obsession with old game consoles and RPGs started it
  10. My most scariest games were Legend of Zelda; The Ocarina of Time or Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask Scariest parts: For Ocarina of time, there is a level where hands were sticking out of the floor and when you go near them, they grab your head and this freaky monster attacks you For Majora's Mask, Happy Mask Salesman (I thought he was going to kill me at some points of the game, and I didn't even fight him) I continued playing both (Great Storyline for both of them)