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  1. Colorfulwind Warrior style of Colors of the Wind?
  2. Not exactly what I expected to see at the bottom of the page, to admit it, I jumped a little when I scrolled over it the first time, but it is 3am
  3. Terra Battle and Implosion on my phone
  4. Nox Harvest Festival CB (my scroll is the crystal dragon, referencing to my scroll name, TheCrystalDragon24)
  5. Mwahahaha, my anagallis dragons can't escape my 'amazing' naming skills
  6. Hummingbirds makes the most adorable buzzing sound
  7. Yay! A social anxiety panic attack, what else could possibly go wrong!
  8. (that reminded me of this)
  9. Sketchbook Express won't let me save Anything. I have to screencapture it to save I need new watercolors, I am out of 4 colors
  10. linked because of size Baby Dino! Not drawn in paint but in Sketchbook Expess! Not a charmander
  11. TotA Turbulence Shyabangard Turbulence is one of Jade's spells in TotA, right?
  12. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, I have been trying to complete this game with my brother for years now, after putting it off a lot and losing saves, we have reached the 6th year finally
  13. *shooing motions* Shoo, no more troy or timman or craig digsby, go on, do something else ---- It is past midnight, I need to sleep....
  14. It's late and I want to draw, even though I have been doing watercolors all day. I want to sleep too D: