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  1. Taichi Panda on mobile, playing as Exos on the US server Wrath. It is a surprisingly fun game
  2. Do you think I was going to just let you get away with that?!
  3. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_14 In 1912, The Titanic hits the iceberg 2 severe Hailstorms, 1999 in Sydney, Australia and 1986 in Bangladesh But nothing else really that interesting
  4. 1. How about an introduction; what's your forum name? Hi, I am Happy_Mask_Saleswoman, the future world dominator 2. What's your favorite number? 24 3. How many 2nd gen Prizes do you have? Just checked, I actually have nothing below 6th gen, weird 4. What do you plan on doing with the egg, should you win? Name it, once it grows up, probably going to drop the children at the Departures thread 5. Name a word that's really fun to say out loud. Moogle, with an accent
  5. Happy_Pudding_Saleswoman Fuse with Crazy
  6. How am I supposed to play this game if it crashes everytime I select my YeagerRegaey character
  7. Lost Phone (Named after a song, but still...) Blade an' Soul (Totally thought this was going to be taken, due to being the name of a game) She's the One Named Sailor Moon And quite a few others.
  8. These songs are seriously going to give me nightmares
  9. I am listening to my arai tasuku playlist, it is currently playing "C is for Colleen who Wasted Away"
  10. Do It for the Brine "Do it for the vine"
  11. "Re: Ed Flips The Pillow / エドワードは枕をひっくり返す" by arai tasuku
  12. I definately remembered to turned off the oven at home
  13. Finally got around to making a game via RPG Maker VX Ace, it is going yo have sooo many maps and dungeons....