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  1. One dose not simply Ride on a horse into Mordor
  2. My Purple Dino http://dragcave.net/lineage/fhfwn Grape Koolade
  3. The event ends at sadly today~ All the dragons were wonder full and I grabbed them all. Thank you to the spriters the dragons look great! Happy birthday Dragon cave
  4. The lag was because of the mass amount if people grabbing
  5. I wish to get a silver wing tipped gold tinsel is possible
  6. Waiting until the second day! I think my code looks well...
  7. Can't wait for this... -Waits and stalks the cave- just gotta sit here...
  8. Mew 100? If I posted to soon let me know I will happily give my prize to another user
  9. Smokeyscandle Huh thatlooksodd You must fuse your a Name with "Pinapple"
  10. That would, be great I only got one relese and tha was the soul peace! Thanks TJ
  11. I have a nice blue parrot an a nice cockatoo. They may smell but I love Jigabov and Rerun there wonderful
  12. The dumbest thing hitting when all the rares go by
  13. Dear Scroll, Oh my i just hacthed and may this cave be cold damp. Dose it stop this Silver shimmer form writing nope! This cave is moist and damp my oil lamp can only create small patterns of light. I haven't eaten anything yet or drink no other shimmers. Being the only shimmer gives me a time to think really. A optimistic hatchling isn't what I should be /heavy sigh /. I will write again later
  14. Dear scroll, Its done nothing but RAIN all day that aside I finally had my first egg. Who no knows? What if its a girl what will I name her what if its a its boy. I must say I am nervous!. That aside Zhozkar may have another egg! If she has another I think I'll lose it. I heard some Shimmerscales may be coming along or Thunder and Ice eggs. If the ice and thunder eggs come along I shall stand along with with them and summon a guardian egg. -Burned out holes here- Sorry my magma got there plus I sneezed. Magmas getting a cold who knew? ~Sinclerly MarkoFlames