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  1. Glad it found a good home @walkinslow: I can always breed a sibling if you want^^.
  2. @Shamiir: Don't feel greedy or guilty; they are, are after, all your dragons . And I suppose nearly everyone wants to hold on to at last the first shiny a pair produces, it is only natural <3. Thanks a lot for trying for a Brine and congrats on getting some Silvers! @daba555: Thanks! I wrote back @Ruby Eyes: *too much kindness from everyone Nah, I've already received so many gifts and it is not even Christmas yet.
  3. Voted ! The orange and pink ones really look good with Albinos whereas Albinos and the brown variant is rather plain., me thinks.
  4. You do realize that you are simply too good to me, do you? I would love to have a Brine egg from you (really, anytime) and if you are having troubles getting a Silver I can always try to coax my Silver into giving me another Silver egg. Maybe he'll be nice
  5. Just taking a few seconds here to say that now that everything just works fine I don't mind the changes and that I'll also get used to the two columns on the action page. So I am alright with the change one way or another .
  6. I am quite loving how this one looks. I was kind of afraid that the blacks wouldn't be enough balance for the Marrows but I think it looks rather nice. However, I am all open for better mate suggestions . Also, is someone working on a Silver/Brine checker? Amazingly his first offspring ever is a Silver and now I am looking for someone who might want to do a lineage swap in the future. @dragonpuck: I personally would go with an Imp/green Undine checker since I think you are right; it would be too much yellow with a yellow Undine. @Ruby Eyes: Well, I really like Undines with Brines, Imps and Brutes. Imps and Brutes wouldn't go well with F Hellfire though and Brines would be even harder to breed than Hellfires. You could try it with Trihorns since I think they would go well with both Undines and Hellfires but I don't know if it would have still enough of the fringed look you want to keep. And then, of course, it might be still as hard to get a Trihorn from Undines as getting a Hellfire.
  7. You're welcome! Thanks for the lovely name you gave her .
  8. She ignored the blue vibes completely. Oh well, I'll keep her anyway; I might be doing a regular RW/Neb checker if I collect enough colourfails . @irercha: I simply want to alternate the RW colours and the Nebula colours... they won't let me. On the subject of Tinsel colours: I think lilysally is right. I can vaguely remember reading the same a few months ago.
  9. @deblogan: Hehe, thanks! Also, somehow I overlooked your Pink Prism Prince who looks absolutely lovely. <3 I am surprised how much I love Terraes with Albinos; I planned to do my second prism with Fevers but the Terraes look so lovely that I am seriously thinking of including them instead of the Fevers. Would also be a little bit less frustrating
  10. @irercha: Such a beauty; it must have taken ages to get to this point I am rather happy right now since I just need to breed him a mate and the second part of this lineage will be complete . Also I need some blue vibes for this baby; my Nebulas were quite a stubborn bunch in the last weeks with too many wrong colours to count.
  11. Someone else can influence and hatch it for you and then send it back to you . I think there is even a thread somewhere... This beautiful Moonstone, thanks Siliskor.
  12. I hope there was no refusal between your two dragons, it looks really nice. Since I wanted to wrap up some personal lineages first (and they are all giving me a major headache) I just picked up the occasional CB Albino; right now I just have a measly 5 I can use but now I have decided to catch at least one Albino a day and I want to start breeding next week no matter what.
  13. Angel Beats! ... although I really don't want to continue it because I am already rather depressed after the first 5-6 episodes Tokyo Ghoul .. I am kinda disappointed that the changed the pace and the order of events so much compared to the manga and for now I don't know exactly where they want to go but it is still enjoyable. Also, I love this freaking OP, can't get enough of it.
  14. The hard refresh worked for me too, fortunately. The alternate custom sort works just fine now. Thanks!
  15. I also use FF and the alternate custom sort doesn't work for me either. I just tried it with Opera and there it works perfectly.
  16. Well, yes, of course you could get instantly a CB Trio or unbreedable because that would actually be rather underpriced . You would be better off to request at least 2-3 Trios and unbreedables since CB Coppers are rather rare right now and the demand is generally high. I am not sure about the value of CB Lindwurms but I see them fairly often in the cave so I think you could get quite a lot for a CB Copper. Others are free to correct me though
  17. De eerste van de twee Because Dutch generally sounds funny
  18. @Esmeia: I've been thinking of doing this exact pairing and man, they really do look gorgeous together! I hope you don't mind if I "copy" your lineage in the near future @Xythus: Lovely combination and I really like the names.
  19. Support from me for the first GoN but not for the second and third. This way everyone should be satisfied. I also think that people who tried to summon a GoN for two years worth should be rewarded for their efforts. These efforts namely being to collect at least 3 rare dragons and using a BSA for two years and no, I don't think it would defeat the purpose of the GoN being a super rare dragon. Waiting for (at least) two years for a guaranteed summon is in my opinion enough requirement for a very rare dragon. Furthermore it wouldn't affect the trade market the least bit since GoNs can't be traded anyway and people still would want to obtain Trios to increase their summoning chance. Also, me being a neat lineage freak, I don't think that not wanting to breed a messy legendary is a pathetic excuse for not breeding/getting more Trios. Just saying.
  20. Just saying that I mainly use the St. Patrick's Day skin since the colours of it are easy on the eye and display lineages quite nicely and therefore I would really miss it. I really don't care about the other skins since most of them make my eyes water but I agree that at least one dark skin should stay for those who have problems with lighter skins.
  21. @Tehya Faye: Just wanted to add that the CB Silver I have currently on my scroll was traded for a CB green Copper and 3 CB Trios (which I seem to catch quite easily) so 2 CB Coppers should be quite enough for a CB Silver.