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  1. Thanks, tjenni, for these two wonderful dragons!
  2. One of my first four was also a Frill
  3. If it is necessary: full support since I'd hate to see lineages which use Arias only in the base and the work people put into these lineages go to waste.
  4. It is a stair. This lineage, for example, is a checker where every male is the same breed and every female is the same breed. Also quite a lovely lineage you caught there.
  5. I own the grandparents on the father's side Thank your breeding him, stardust13! I wasn't that often in the AP these last days but I still found some lovely lineages. 2nd gen Pyralspite, thank you, Hakumei! A lovely Rainbow Canopy, thank you, Saikachan! A stunning deadline Mageia, thanks! 2nd gen Frostbite, thanks! A lovely Sunstone, thanks, Ramani! Definitely trying to breed mates for all of them
  6. Oh, well, he was born July 2014 so more like a year and ten months I can't because he was a gift but otherwise I'd consider it.
  7. I forgot I had already seven eggs so this one went straight to the AP. I just hope it won't be another two years before they give me another egg
  8. Batman: Arkham Asylum because Dragon's Dogma decided to have lots and lots of loading time since the last PS3 update; as in, walk out of a room and wait 10 minutes before you can continue
  9. Flaviel


    Dunno, I ship a seagull with a shark so you're not alone
  10. *hugs* Yeah, I got that mate from you <3. If I remember correctly it was Bouken who also caught one of my eggs and said they could never get a mate for their dragon. To stay on topic: Found this little Water Horse, thanks Confused Cat; I'll try to find an (in)appropriate name for him
  11. So, I've shuffled around the pairs of my lineage project again because they rejected each other a week ago. And what do you know? One of them refused again and I am running out of potential mates for her. At least I can rebreed her but it is still so frustrating. On the note of refusals: I tried 8 new pairs today and 5 of them refused each other . That's not normal.
  12. Update for April: Here will be lineages Added two new lineages, two others should be soon finished.
  13. You're welcome and I am glad you like them! @quinney: If you want I can breed a mate for him/her
  14. Gemshards and Nebula really do go well together and I am half-tempted to do my own checkers but I already have so many projects involving Nebula. They can be so frustrating at times. And Gemshards aren't any better when it comes to getting the right colour but I'll definitely think about it because all three combinations look lovely. After I finish the other dozen projects I have going on at the moment, of course. And now I kind of wish we had purple Gemshards to go with purple Nebula ... @Felischia: Those are quite a lot of Hellfires, I don't think I'd have the patience
  15. This looks like it could be a very frustrating lineage to work on... but it looks so pretty <3.
  16. Beautiful lineage with WW , thank you, Undomiel! Such a great lineage, thank you, Vhale! I hust hope that someday I'll find him a mate, however impossible that may be
  17. God, I thought I was done with this lineage because I finally had all 2nd gen I needed. Then two of the three breeding pairs outright refused. At least I can rebreed them but still... Why do we even have that function? *sighs*
  18. I am always glad when people like my lineages and give them a good home <3.
  19. Always happy to see a baby of mine here
  20. Oh, and I just wondered what these new shiny eggs are. I better go and catch some of them
  21. Crowley88 ..because I couldn't help but imagine Crowley from Supernatural being stuck in the body of a Misfit Pygmy hatchling
  22. Dragon Age 2, aiming for Platin this time. Edit: And done . Now on to Mass Effect, I guess. Or Dragon's Dogma.
  23. I've been gone for a while and now I have no idea how much certain dragons are worth. What do CB Coppers currently go for and is one colour more sought after than the others? And what are Gemshards worth? So many new breeds after my break confuse me Edit: Thank you, Eos!
  24. I, Flaviel, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring. Violent Spirit of Christmas will stay enraged. Benign Spirit of Christmas Eve will stay pacified.
  25. I even procrastinate on procrastination . Read that book? Nope, do it tomorrow. Watch this series? No, I can also do it next week. It was really bad in school, though, where I used to do every single thing in the last second (and sometimes not at all) because I knew I would somehow manage to complete every class. And I did, never had to study much in school. I didn't even need the Internet to do it, a book, a game or simple a sheet of paper and a pencil were enough to protect me from the dangers of studying. Sometimes, when I managed to open a school book I read a completely random and unrelated chapter because in my opinion it was that much more interesting then what I actually had to learn. I changed my ways a little in university where I actually have to study around a week in advance to get a good grade and most of the time I do. Generally I have a rule of thumb: when others have to rely on me because of a group work or in work I'll do it because I don't want to let anyone down; if not I procrastinate.