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  1. These are so cute, I love them
  2. Thank you so much to whoever dropped a CB Shadow Walker in the AP! Right now I can't seem to catch a single CB Halloween egg so I just hope that it will cool down after some time.
  3. I actually really like the "new" look of the seasonals and I am quite fine with the Reds. That being said I am still a bit heartbroken over the changes done to the Silver and the Gold dragons. Logically I know they were rather flat and had anatomy problems but I still kinda miss them and prefer the old sprites to the new ones. They just looked different from the rest of the dragons and therefore were even more special. To clarify I am not generally against changing a sprite per se as I said before here; I just don't think it's worth the fuss seeing how changes to sprites were received in the past (including myself).
  4. I'd be totally on board with giving Dorsals a new fresh look, they do look a bit flat. On the topic of re-spriting certain dragon breeds I'd vote for Olives. Their legs just look like they are ending in stumps and they are overall.. not really appealing. I actually rather like Guardians and how they look but that might be just nostalgia speaking.
  5. Broccoli in every way ever since I was a child. I was a weird child. Thank you very much and good luck to everone!
  6. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! ...being stupid and not checking before influencing. Done, thanks!
  7. If it is still possible I'd like to sign up for Platinum. Not sure how active I can be, though.
  8. Meh, not really looking forward to raising two-headeds if they ever become a requirement. Not one has ever really caught my interest but I suppose it would force me to get out of my comfort zone.
  9. Just finished "City of Miracles" by Robert J. Bennet and it was even better than the first two books in the trilogy. I highly recommend it. Now to answer the question what to read next... so many possibilities Also I still haven't gotten over the book hangover caused by The Broken Earth trilogy.
  10. @Fuzzbucket Thanks for still answering, though. 😅
  11. I feel extremely silly asking but I suppose it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Would a link linking to this very forum considered as an off-site link since it is not the main site of DragonCave or not?
  12. I don't mind requirements that involve breedable dragons but I also hope there won't be a month with the requirement of having to raise unbreedables. That would be just unfair.
  13. Good thing I've come here because I promptly read " Raise 3 adult dragons" instead of wyrms. That saves me from being confused about not meeting the requirement at the end of the month even though I know I've raised "enough" dragons. That being said I already have a Xenowyrm lineage in the planning so it shouldn't be too difficult to meet the requirement. Also I'll gladly take one of these delicious cookies. @Sazandora Same. I've seen and often caught every other type of Xenowyrm and also traded for some of them but Gaias continue to be rather elusive for me. So I bought one the other day. No regrets.
  14. @Predat0rs Thank you for this gorgeous GW!
  15. You're very welcome! If you'd want it I could breed a mate for him. That's awesome. I am glad it found a good home. @Terces Picked up these two horsies from the AP. They have such lovely lineages, thank you!
  16. Accidentally declined an offer. I don't even know what I was thinking when I clicked on decline.😒
  17. Got shot in the head by someone who obviously can't handle his daddy issues. And I just wanted to see what happens if I miss the deadline of a Palace. Poor Joker.
  18. How about realizing that a lineage of mine is inbred, then breeding a replacement and then realizing months later that the replacement is also inbred? And that's just because someone named an offspring Lil Inbred Pinkie. Where is the facepalm emoji when you need it?
  19. I'd love it if a Nebula/Stripe pairing could produce all colour variations of the Striped Dragon, depending on the colour of the Nebula, of course. The lineage possibilities would be just so cool.
  20. @Nerruse Ah, you just got to love Nebula, They're so tricky but nearly every lineage with them is just so pretty. And I also just remember fertility when I have new pairs (and even then I sometimes just use it when I absolutely can't have them refuse each other). I also wouldn't have thought that Sunset x Nocturne would look quite so nice together! Thanks to someone really generous I was finally able to breed this beauty. Additionally I finished this lineage. It is nothing special but I still like the result :).
  21. I finally finished one of my lineages. Nothing too fancy but I still like the outcome. To think that I started this lineage when it was still near impossible to get a Sunrise from that pairing XD.
  22. Gifting away a 3rd gen Shimmer, checking on it after a week and seeing a dead egg. Unfortunately their scroll name is hidden or I would put them on my hidden black list.
  23. Alright, when I said I wanted CB dragons I didn't mean go through your entire scroll, take the messiest dragon you can find and breed it to your second-messiest so you can offer me a 7day egg for my hatchling. Even a Zyumorph isn't worth much once it hits the 30th gen. Just got 3 messy offers in a row and not one got even the breed I wanted right.
  24. That one constantly comes back as another one of four colours once it hatches or dies. So even though it was "released" years ago it has been reborn today for another time. The circle is endless
  25. A joke egg owned by TJ that doesn't actually exist. It is unobtainable for the rest of us