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My Dragons, Hatchlings, and Eggs. View them on my scroll by clicking my Incubator and help my Hatclings grow and my Eggs hatch!XalitharsIncubator2.png

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    Welcome to my profile, there isn't much here at the moment, but I hope I will come up with some more ideas on what to add into here.

    Much like a lot of people, I really love Dragons. They are very facinating mythical creatures, though I would love it if they were real.


    My Dragon Scroll:
    Thin Shelled Egg
    Royal Blue Egg
    Nebula Hatchling, Name: Galixus Traverte
    Magi Hatchling, Name: Travui Archados
    Purple Hatchling, Name: Uthrudiel
    Sunrise Hatchling, Name: Raylight Kurudurim
    -Mature Hatchlings
    White Hatchling, Name: Eversing, Gender: Female
    Noctune Dragon, Name: Lunafridas, Gender: Female
    Sunstone Dragon, Name: Glissys, Gender: Female
    Gray Hatchling, Name: Svalin, Gender: Male