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  1. (I haven't read all posts, but here's my opinion) If it's something the female can do on purpose, I'm fine with it. But I wouldn't want it to happen to normal breeding, that would be WAY too frustrating if you ask me. That aside, I don't like the idea of having these but not being able to control them. We can control freezing, so why not control infertile eggs as well? (I know it's different, but both would serve the purpose of collecting dragons in their pre-adult stages) Another thing that would be bothering me is that I generally like to keep the eggs I bred, but I wouldn't want to toss a dead shell while not wanting to keep it either. EDIT: ^ This would seem like a good idea to me
  2. I doubt TJ has egglimits And I see 4 of each o.O
  3. I currently have 3 CB Teimarr Hatchis. I want to collect 50 CB Teimarr adult dragons. That's gonna be a lot of work
  4. *w* Beautiful, I hereby declare this to be my favourite dragon breed <3
  5. Seriously? My Internet is dying
  6. Yesterday, my WLAN was fast enough so I could catch some new dragons without a problem. Today 4:40 AM (new dragons are released at 6 AM in my time) my Internet worked without a single problem. Today, a few minutes before 6 AM my WLAN is gone (means I'm not able to catch dragons with my laptop) and even though on the other Computer the Internet works, it's so slow, it took M-i-n-u-t-e-s to load - I didn't even see the eggs -.- WHY DOES MY INTERNET HATE ME SO MUCH?!
  7. I. love. Cheese. dragons. -> I frickin' love the cheese dragon avatar, thank you~ <3 I just hope the DC server will survive such a big release and I hope I'll be able to grab some eggs from every new breed :3
  8. "Having so many suicidal people around really gets on my nerves" -Jade; Tales of the Abyss (When they were complaining about Natalia's cooking skills) "But the ingredients simply refuse to be cooked well!" -Nathalia; Tales of the Abyss
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    Tales of...

    I was actually searching for some good N3DS games on Amazon and looking at some when I found Tales of the Abyss. Seeing how it was out of stock and I couldn't be sure I'd ever get it again I bought it after I read a very good critique for the game. I originally bought my 3DS for New Art Academy. Though I haven't played anything different than TotA since the day I bought my 3DS. While playing this game I forgot almost everything around me; When I had to go to the toilet I suddenly realized that I was starving I can't just define one or even a few favourite character, they are all so awesome! Except of Dist. He's creepy. Though later I changed my opinion and after playing the game 2 times and reading some extras of the Manga (not the main story though). He's now one of my favourite characters alongside with all other character; He's still creepy though. But in a good way. The only thing I didn't like, really disliked, almost hated about the game is that it has an end. I seriously had to cry when it was over and suddenly realized that this game became my life. ;A; But playing it again helped a lot. Actually when playing the game the first time I didn't really realize how nasty and mean Luke was at the beginning. I mean I knew only what he knew and could therefore understand what he was doing. Later I realized that he - maybe - should have thought a bit more on his own. But I can still understand him. After this awesome experience of Tales of the Abyss (I didn't really play any videogames before) I decided to buy a used PS2 and Tales of Legendia without informing myself about the game just saying "It's a Tales of game so it has to be awesome". I just didn't knew I had a PAL console and I couldn't play the game. So after I spent a lot of more money for it, I paid 230€ to play one. single. game. And right now I'm happy I didn't knew about PAL or NTSC because if I knew it right from the beginning I probably never would have bought that game. I'm still playing it (currently on Norma's Character quest) and I bet I'd be a lot more faster if I wanted to. But I don't want to be fast. I want to stand there and stare at the cats of the hospital at night. For a looong time. Or watch the fireflies. The fish in the water. To see how the clouds on the map move. Just to stare at all those beautiful details for a long time. ... I just wanted to say something X3 EDIT: Ah, that's right, I forgot something; I bought Tales of Graces future as well but since I have no PS3 I can't play it right now Though I already love it *A*
  10. You know you've been playing Tales of the Abyss for too long when you close your 3DS to go to the toilet and suddenly notice that you are starving. You know you've been playing Tales of Legendia for too long when you can dance the 'Moses Happy Dance' on your own.