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  1. I signed up to join the contest but if you'd like a donation I haven't breed my CB Holly yet, so its possible. Congrats on the #1 spot @PrincessLucy! Sent my prize response
  2. That is a great offer and I want to thank you @Firefury Amahira for many of my contest dragons
  3. @osean @Irilandra @Zerhai @RAAMIsABeast @The Holly Contest I too would like to know and my group is public. ty. btw @PrincessLucy - you've tipped a lot of cows!
  4. Thanks to all who put this together! So cool! Love that Lich King battle and the opportunity to collect the treats I missed! ((TJ))
  5. If you got the time off, take it and enjoy it. Don't worry about what might happen... but you might want to drive past the voting station just to say you were there. LOL
  6. I feel ya @Classycal I haven't gotten outta my jammies in days... if it weren't for the dog and the processing of H20, I probably wouldn't have gotten outta bed.
  7. Sounds tasty.. I'd probably like them so Yum Grilled Shrimp?
  8. Good morning and good night... and I really didn't get anything accomplished this weekend. Not a darn thing... and I'm ok with that. swoosh... imagone