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  1. While this event was fun, I have to say I'm disappointed with my outcome. Late last night, I thought I was set to have a Golden Wyvern in my cave. I come home from work, and find a Deep Sea Dragon in its stead. I didn't even have the time to finish decorating my cave with the last day's objects. Definitely feeling super-confused...since I thought Deep Sea Dragons liked Shinies and Meat? But I don't have a single meat item in my cave. Ah well! It was still a fun event, and I thank everyone who worked so hard on the items and the coding, and the entire event for us. It's appreciated!
  2. Oh, how exciting! C: Two breeding attempts, two successes! GoN x Silver = blue egg GoN x Radiant Angel = golden egg
  3. I wish the site was back up. Just got an ER Tinsel, and I'm super-worried about it not getting enough views to hatch. AoND was one of the places I could count on to make sure my ER's hatched. I've put it in as many other sites as I could find, but I still hope AoND is back up and running soon!
  4. *_* I just got my second GoN egg today! Summoned with the same CB Female Magma as last time. I feel like I must be stupid lucky. This is only my third time attempting to summon. First time: CB Male Ice - Fail Second time: CB Female Magma - Success! 1st Egg Third time: CB Female Magma - Success! 2nd Egg I honestly didn't expect the summon attempt to work...
  5. Beautiful! I love all the outcomes, and can't wait to try breeding them. <3 Thanks for this gorgeous new species!
  6. Whatever it was, I don't see it. So I think someone must have fixed it already!
  7. Yeah...it would be nice if tomorrow's release was another hybrid. Maybe that way, everyone can catch up on getting these eggs. I'm egg-locked, but even so, it was a little difficult to get one of each color, much less doubles.
  8. Well, finally managed to get one of each color. I've got a (possibly) stupid question though. What does it mean by 'three alts'? Does that just mean there are 3 different colors? With one male outcome, and one female outcome, of each color? Or will each color have an alt female and alt male version? Sorry if that's a silly question, and thanks to anyone who can help! <3
  9. Awesome! Can't wait to see all the different versions! <3
  10. These are gorgeous! Now I need to get some more Hellfires and Horses so I can breed some of these beauties. And I'm really glad DC's introducing another hybrid. Those are always fun. C:
  11. I think this may be my new favorite breed on DC! Love them. <3 Thanks Angziety and Mysfytt for this great new breed!
  12. I can't wait to see if there will be dimorphism in the mature hatching sprites!
  13. *_* Th-they're so cute! Uwah, I can't wait to grab a couple. <3 And I can't wait to see their mature and adult sprites!
  14. I snagged an extra which I'd be glad to gift to someone, once it comes off of cooldown~
  15. I'm really liking the gold on the hatchlings! Makes me think they might look good with Golds and Golden Wyverns. The seafoam green also reminds me of female swallowtails. Can't wait to see what these little beauties look all grown up! I bet they'll make great mates for some already existing breeds. C:
  16. Sweet! Got a second one. <3 That's enough for me - I just wanted a mated pair. Good luck to everyone!
  17. Sweet! Managed to snag one. Now I just need to get him a mate. Here we go...!
  18. Whoo! Now to find some eggs!
  19. Happy Birthday DC! So excited about the celebration dragon release! And thanks for the avatars - they're fantastic! <3
  20. I, Akele, agree that if it has a face, it has a name
  21. Lol! Nope, I see what you see.
  22. Just got my first one a few days ago. It was my second attempt at summoning. I'm seriously in shock! I wasn't expecting it to work. I'm guessing summoning a second one is gonna take me a long time, judging by what I see here? That's a pity - the GoN's are so pretty!
  23. Found this awesome food-related CB White about an hour ago: http://dragcave.net/lineage/BEANs Whoo! Now I just need a mate for it.