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IfithasafaceIthasaname.gif~ Visit my scroll here~ <3

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    You can call me Akele. I'm new to Dragon Cave, but have quickly become just as addicted as some long-time members.

    I've got a few things I'd love to add to my scroll!

    Looking for:

    CB Silver
    CB Gold
    2nd Gen Heartseeker, with Black Tea parent
    2nd Gen Heartseeker, with Solstice parent
    2nd Gen Sweetling, with Moonstone parent
    2nd Gen Rosebud, with White parent
    2nd Gen White, with Rosebud Parent

    Not interested in: Cheeses, Papers, Dinos, or Chickens.

    Dream Dragon: A 2nd-Gen Sweetling from nepherim's alt Ghost

    Thanks for taking a look at my profile. Feel free to PM me any time; I'm very friendly.

    Oh! Please note: I have an office job. If I don't respond immediately it's because I can't - the boss is looking! C: