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  1. Gonna have to say no support. I'd like to start by saying that this is not "extraordinarily strange" for people to do, nor are their demands "weird." People spend a lot of time trading for and working on lineages, sometimes even years, and when they give away the offspring of their labors they want to see their legacy continued. A lot of people put these lineages eggs out into circulation with the sole intention of getting people to continue their lines, so you can imagine why they don't want that being muddied up. As for the suggestion, it is, put bluntly, completely pointless. If you want to keep track of preferred mates, simply make a google doc listing your dragons and what you should breed with them. This suggestion adds nothing beneficial to the game that cannot otherwise be done, and just takes up unnecessary space. If this really bothers you and you don't want to make a google doc, just don't take eggs with preferred mates. If someone offers a Gold but they only want you to breed it with Whites, and you don't want to, just find another Gold.
  2. Gonna have to get a no from me as well. Really, not only is this not worth the effort as the others have pointed out, but it's not even really a logical error. It says "This egg is in front of the others" but doesn't actually specifically state that it's in front of every egg in the cave. The three guardian eggs could very well just be next to each other and the description would make perfect sense.
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    They need more NPCs like the homeless man and the little girl so we have something to do while we wait. That said, if anyone has Vicosu parts, PLEASE talk to me. I don't have much, but I will do just about anything for Vicosu parts, particularly the body, wings, and front legs. If you have any of the parts contact me on either Corepets or here, and I can trade you Lamirian front legs, 2 0950BA LED strips, a Picus Wing, a Lamirian Head, Selmancne front and hind legs, a Picus body, and a Lamirian tail, all at once if you want all of it. Or, if you don't want any of that *coughcough*trashidontwantorneed*cough* then I'll breed eggs off my scroll for you. You can request anything that doesn't refuse. I just really, really want those three Vicosu parts.
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    Yeah I beat that. I kinda hate how unnecessarily huge the map is. I've gotten lost so many times in huge fields.
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    Is there anything to do after you get the feathers for Trizza? I've been wandering the map slaying birds and cheetahs forever now and I can't figure out what to do.
  6. So, what exactly is the plan for all of these creatures once we post them. Do they get put on the OP or something? Because if TJ plans on making any of these canon, it'd be nice of him to have a big page to scroll through or something rather than look through pages upon pages of creations. I could make a Google doc if they don't get put on the OP, but I personally would like a list of these things.
  7. Well, it's never that big of a problem for me, but it wouldn't hurt me for this to be an option, so yeah, I support it.
  8. I'd like it, but more as a collection thing. You'd randomly find them around the site like Halloween stuff or Easter eggs, and like so, you'd have a page showing all your rocks. I don't, however, think every rock would need its own page. Just one huge page showing all your rocks. No naming or describing or anything, just little collectible tokens.
  9. Probably between 20 feet/6 meters and 35 feet/10.5 meters, if you really want it to be big. That's still big enough to be fierce while still allowing it to exist without destroying the ecosystem.
  10. I honestly can't see much of a difference tbh. the only difference is that they can't fly, which is not much help given their gargantuan size. 19 meters is about 62 feet, which is bigger than Terraes, the biggest dragon in DC, which means unless we get a land whale in the DC universe these creatures are basically unrivaled. Not to mention magic resistance, 7 foot long claws, and the ability to literally crush bones. Also why would they eat things alive or kill them by bleeding them to death. All that adds to the concept is the horror factor. Otherwise, anything still alive is going to put up a fight, even possibly killing a chick because, again, they are still alive.
  11. I feel like making a literal interpretation of salamanders and their mythological ties to fire. Because salamanders are cute. (Also I don't care much for the sheer overpoweredness of the Tyrantrex. It has like, no limits) I want to suggest a creature! Species Name: Obsidian Salamander Type: Amphibian Diet: Mostly minerals, but they occasionally prey on Crimson Flare Pygmies and dragon eggs if the chance arises. Habitat: Active volcanoes and hot springs. Appearance: A fully mature Obsidian Salamander is about 6-7 feet long, from snout to tail end. They are rather hefty and have smooth, slippery skin like most salamanders. Unlike normal salamanders, however, they have claws used for gripping onto volcanic surfaces. They have big, long, sticky tongues used to like minerals off the ground. They also have a row of small, serrated teeth used for the lucky occasion when a live meal passes by. As the name suggests, they are mostly black and have semi-transparent skin. In striking contrast, though, are two long orange stripes similar in color to lava the run from the base of their neck and then meet and end at the base of the tail. They have two small, fleshy appendages at the top of their head that resemble horns or ears. Their eyes are protruding and are dark blur in color. Adolescents and babies are similar, but are white and have no stripes, instead gaining their black pigment as they age. Eggs are milky white and very translucent, allowing one to see the young salamander mature. Description: Obsidian Salamanders are volcanic dwelling creatures who often make their homes in the acidic hot springs near active volcanoes. While they will sometimes prey on smaller creatures that make their homes alongside them, they mostly use their powerful guts to get as many essential minerals out of the soil and rocks as possible. To do so they use their long tongues to lick large areas and scoop up as much dirt and grit as possible. Because they are so adaptable in their environment, are mostly unaffected by food shortages, and are much smaller than most dragons, bar Crimson Flares, they serve as a major food source for carnivorous dragons that also live near and in active volcanoes. Because Obsidian Salamanders need small amounts of fire and earth mana to withstand the extreme conditions, they are also good sources of said mana types. Because of this, the salamanders are also sought after by humans for their flexible yet fire resistant skin, which makes great protective wear for blacksmiths. While as of late their population has seen a slight decline due to human hunting, they are still one of the more common animals seen in the harsh conditions of volcanic areas. I want to suggest a creature! Species Name: Ascentis Type: Mammal Diet: Anything living that they can carry off. Habitat: Warm forests, captive ones are of course found with humans though Appearance: The Ascentis is similar to bats, but with characteristics from foxes and raptors, as well. The often get to be about the size of a small dog, ranging from 1-2 feet from snout to tail base, and a long tail the gets to be about 8 inches. The have a wing span that is proportionately medium, and a full adult may have a wing span of three feet, give or take some inches. The have a face with a long pointed snout, and almond shaped eyes. Their ears are skinny and pointed, though can be tucked forward for less wind resistance. They have several long, white whiskers used for detecting things like wind speed, temperature, and humidity. In their mouths are sharp teeth similar to a dog's. They have an over all lithe, skinny build that is very graceful in the air but clumsy on land. Ascentises have long, somewhat skinny necks. Like bats, they lack arms and have only their wings. However, their legs are very long and powerful, tipped with sharp curled talons used for swooping down and carrying off prey. Their tails are used like rudders, and have two "fingers" and flaps of skin stretched between them. This helps steer them through the air at high speeds, especially when they dive bomb, and allow for great precision when performing aerial maneuvers. They are coated with slick, dark brown fur. Their underbellies and lower jaws are a lighter tan color, and their wing fingers are black. Like birds, their bones are hollow and thus they are very light. Young Ascentises are fluffy and completely tan, and are the most adorbz things to ever grace humanity. This is probably why the captive Ascentis was born. This variant is smaller, has longer fur, and is more suited to land. Description: Because of their fierce appetite and appearance, the Ascentis has earned the nickname "dragon bat." While they use little to no magic, they are very intelligent and are close to humans when it comes to sentience. They live in small family groups of 6-7, with an alpha male who leads them. Females are expected to tend to the young while males bring back food. They are extremely territorial, and anything that intrudes on an Ascentis family can look forward to a swarm of claws and wings bearing down on them. Unlike their bat cousins, they are diurnal and are most active during the day, particularly during late afternoon. Aside from dragons, they are often the top of the food chain in their ecosystems. Over the years, humans have grown a sort of affection for these angry little dragon bats. Like wolves and cats, there exists a domestic variant which is bred to be more docile and less dangerous. Because of their high intelligence and pack mentality, domestic Ascentises make very good companions. They are also often used as guard dogs because of their territorial behavior. I might draw these later. Or not. We'll see. EDIT: Totally forgot to talk about captive Ascentises. Derp :I
  12. ((Sorry for being inactive! I totally didn't notice it was my turn here. Anyways, if you still have interest in doing this Tiga, I have to ask a question first: can you use an item and a move during the same turn? Or can you only use one or the other?))
  13. I'll do an egg. I'll have to finish it up but I have a nice start. I'll post it later.
  14. Eh, I never liked how you could find dragons via name. It's the main argument against duplicate names, along with the whole creativity argument. Personally though, seeing as how I doubt that feature will just poof away anytime soon, I have a solution. When you search the name, if it detects that two dragons have the name, it will take you to a disambiguation page. It will ask you something like, "There are two dragons with this name. Would you like to see the live or dead one?" and then give you a link to the two dragons. Now I'm no coder, but I can guess that this wouldn't really be that hard for TJ to do, especially since it's two dragons every time, never any more. I'd be cool with a remove name option, but then of course it'd be up to the dragon owner to free up the name, and if said member hasn't been on for a few years getting them to give you that name, whether that's through bargaining or just the kindness of their heart, would be a little hard. Edit: I can grammar so gud.
  15. I don't think you should rename dead dragons, because they're, you know, dead. I also don't think they should lose their names because then some lineages would go really sour. I think it'd be best if live dragons and dead dragons could share a name. There's not even the threat of abuse because then only two dragons could have that name, and one would have to be dead in the first place.
  16. I'm sorry I haven't posted at all lately. Last time I was in the RP section things got a little crazy and butthurt did occur. So, that's why I'm taking a break for a little while. I will come back, but until said point I'm declaring my characters NPCs and are even up for claim, if someone is willing enough to take that burden upon them for an unknown amount of time. I do not care what happens as long as my characters do not: kill someone; or be killed themselves. Hopefully this RP can run a little smoother with two inactive characters out of the way. Thanks guys. See you again someday.
  17. Eeeee! First successful Summon! Got him on the fourth try. I can't believe it!
  18. I suport this. Not having the descriptions there is silly and annoying.
  19. Sorry for disappearing, but I don't think I'll be a part of this anymore. It's just not my thing. Sorry.
  20. I might join. Could you save me a spot for some kind of mage?
  21. "Ack, it's too... it's too bright... I can't... see... Someone... dim it down a little..." A large fuchsia dragon, dazed and half asleep, rolled around on an unwelcoming cold floor as he squeezed his eyes tight. An angry light assaulted him as he struggled to avoid it. He felt like the light, even as it tried with all its might to penetrate his eyelids, might've been a good thing. Like he should accept it. But the fuchsia dragon, barely conscious, would not. Wherever he had been before, he wanted to return. He didn't know how one could get to a place they didn't remember—which he unfortunately did not—but if he had been there at one point surely there was a way to get back? He had been so comfortable, as if he was drifting in an endless sea of warmth and darkness, and now all he had was frigid stone and this damn light that kept grabbing at him with claws like razors! Who had done this, why was he here? He hated it and he wanted no more than to get away. "G-go away..." He muttered. He struggled to get his paws over his face, to conceal himself from the harsh and unwelcoming world, but to no avail. He could hardly budge himself an inch. You need to wake up, a tiny voice within him said. He didn't want to wake up. He couldn't. No... he was drifting back to sleep. Back to the peace that had enveloped him before like a thick, cottony blanket. No, Apollo! You must awaken! Apollo? Was that... him? He couldn't tell. His mind was still so mixed up. But it must've been him, because no one else was talking to him. It was a good name, he thought. His mind wandered to the topic of the quality of his newfound, two syllable name and lingered there for a moment. Apollo. What a nice name. Who had given him that name, anyways? He couldn't... remember... quite exactly. He couldn't remember much at all. Why. Was it because he was asleep? Asleep! He was still asleep! A sudden urgency filled him as he forget entirely his reluctance to wake up. Whoever's voice had warned him to get up, their grave tone persuaded him a little more than irritating light that he needed to move. Move... he needed to... get up... and face the light... even if it hurt... A large dragon shifted. A low, long moan escaped his throat. He ached in places he didn't know could ache, and he could barely move. Beneath him was cold, hard stone that, smooth as it was, was unwelcoming and harsh. It was not nearly as bright as he had perceived in the dream he only vaguely recalled, and was in fact fairly dim. Compared to how long he had been asleep, though, it was... wait. How long had he slept? Well, surely he hadn't been too long. Or had he? He couldn't remember. Odd that he couldn't recall how long or when he had gone to sleep. It seemed like something he would just know. But he didn't. Was it because he was still too groggy to recall, or was some other force at work, snatching his memories from right beneath his nose? He tested his other memories. His name was Apollo, that he already knew, and... that was it. His eyes, now open, swept the area around him. He felt unaccustomed and unwelcome in the darkness, but as he could barely move, would have to put up with it for now. He first noticed the plethory of bodies around him. He wondered if they were dead, and if so, was he next? What a dreadful thought. But, no, it would appear not, because they were all breathing. Slowly, however, as if in a deep sleep. Like him, but he was awake now. Gradually the effects of awakening were showing as well, because he senses were finally beginning to clear up and he could start to think of things other than the mysterious bodies piled around him. For example, he was now much more focused on why he could not move. A good question, Apollo thought. It mostly felt like he was just too tired to move, but it was more than that. Something on him. Something weighing him down. On his arm, it seemed to be. He looked down. There it was, as predicted: some sort of big, silver brace on his right arm. If he was too feeble to move on his own surely this thing wasn't helping. He wanted to take it off, seeing as its removal would help getting up—something he guessed would be a good thing to do—but unfortunately he wasn't strong enough to hardly budge the arm it was on. He needed help. But how, when everyone was... asleep? No, that wasn't true. He had been so oblivious that he had missed the few dragons that were awake! It was more than a few, actually. In fact, it was a lot. Surely one could help? He didn't feel like he should need help, and was even slightly ashamed to be degraded to asking, but he saw no other option unless he just wanted to lay on the smooth, slightly damp floor the rest of his life. "H-hello?" Apollo called out, uncertain at first. "I need a bit of, um, hel- uh... assistance. Yes, that is it. Assistance. Someone? Preferably a larger fellow? My arm is practically stuck to the floor."
  22. http://dragcave.net/lineage/osjNh I was browsing the AP in search of a Shadow Walker, a breed I sadly missed, when I caught this guy! I pretty much died when I got him.
  23. ((Long due post approaching, delivered by your trusty half-asleep user.)) Enid was slightly surprised by Kalu's burst of touchiness about the crystal on his tail. Sure, Kalana was annoying like no other, and sure, whatever it was it wasn't likely something to be toyed with, but the flick of a claw had seemed to over irritate him. Maybe it was more than what it appeared? Like, some sort of secret magic well or something? Something valuable at least. It was apparently pretty important to the wielder, which in itself gave it automatic sentimental factors. It still struck her as odd how protective he seemed of it, however. Or, perhaps, she had simply underestimated it. After all, it wasn't like she had even noticed it until now. No attention had been brought to it, so she hadn't had a reason to care. So inspected herself, wondering if she herself had anything similar that she hadn't noticed in the original bust;e of the cave. Getting up and turning in a circle not unlike a curious dog she tried to get a full view of her body. "Nope," she said, "not a thing. My, that's a little disappointing. I mean, I've got my throat, but... that's about it." Enid furrowed her brows for what felt like the hundredth time, sitting back down in defeat. Then, something dawned on her. "Oh wow," she thought, "I must sound crazy. I need to stop talking to myself like that. They probably think I have some sort of mental disorder! Let's see, I need to sound like I was talking to them. That's the only way out of this stupid grave a dig a little deeper every time I utter a word to myself and myself alone." She looked around, clearing her throat awkwardly. This was going to be hard. "I mean, um, compared to you Kalu!" Enid yipped unsteadily. "You're so, um, well, unique compared to me. I'm shiny and all but you've got that tail, plus you're... blue...? Oh dear, that wasn't the right thing to say... I mean... oh, I'm sorry about this. I'm not so good with others when under pressure." Whose pressure was it again? Everyone was pretty casual. Was it her own pressure? And if so, pressure for what? To be normal? She hated all of this. She wished no one was here so she could just keep talking to herself. Whether or not it was the social norm around here, that was all she wanted to do: curl up into a ball and talk and talk and talk to herself. She and herself had a lot in common. They could have a lot of good discussions, and they would agree about everything. If she could just grow another head, then she would be okay. But it felt like she only had one head with two people crammed into it. The thought confused, annoyed, and scared her at the same time, and all she could do was look down in shame while her face flushed bright red in embarrassment. "Sorry," she said quietly. "I shouldn't have said anything in the first place. You just... keep talking. I didn't mean to interrupt you just to sound stupid."
  24. ((I decided since Rawr had big, attention grabbing font I'd give Enid delicate, small font. Don't know what I'll do with Apollo later but I'll cross that bridge when it comes.)) Enid was glad Eve insisted that they were welcome, the shimmery salmon dragon looking for a place to belong in the confusing and vexing hassle of the cave. She wanted to be in a group, at least for now. Who knew when one of her mood swings would dictate otherwise, but for the moment it felt good to be with some new friends. She even found herself forgiving Kalana a little, even after trying to ditch her and Kalu. She did seem to be the squirmy skittish kind, after. Could someone be blamed for their personality? Actually, that was a good question. Could someone be blamed for their personality? Seemed like something that would make for a nice, long discussion. A good discussion sounded rather nice to Enid. "Kalu, Enid, come out here! Everything is so magical! Surely you'll never want to go back inside after experiencing these wonders!" She turned to Eve, who had followed Kalana out of the cave. The blue dragon seemed quite excited, and, by the tone of her awe inspired voice, her emotion was quite sincere (not just falsely conjured in order to speed up the process of exiting the cave, which she herself might have actually done. Or not. She didn't really know anymore). Drawn by curiosity, Enid followed. This had to be good to get a dragon who had just been assaulted by a tiny green blur so ecstatic. She walked out of the wide, gaping mouth of the cave, welcoming her to the world that awaited her. The first thing she noticed was not the scenery. It was not the smells or feelings. No, none of that. What dazzled her was the light. The light, it was so... pure. It enveloped her with arms of cleansing beauty. Enid closed her eyes, sighing deeply, before she reopened them and drank it in. There was no way she could have noticed how wonderful it was in the dark confines of that filthy cave, no matter how smooth and perfect it was, so the feeling was entirely new. An alien feeling of elation and, to some extent, ascension. She felt as if her whole body was sparkling in the bright anomaly surrounding her. She felt as if the light were her friend. It would do anything for her. Probably simple nonsense created by her seemingly dysfunctional mind, but she tried to believe. She wanted to believe. But she just wasn't ready to trust herself. The next minute, would she hate the light? She didn't want to. She wanted this feeling of rapture forever. But she couldn't have it. As she had rejected Kalu, taken on the behemoth monster, and begrudged Kalana, her emotions would not stabilize. It was kind of pitiful, actually. Self pity would be an accurate description. This in mind, other features began to come into focus. Instead of the light she fixated on, it was the things it illuminated. Trees, grass, clouds. It was as grand as Eve had described. A cool, crisp breeze tickled Enid's noze. The sky was an endless blue she could practically drown in. Compared to the dank, grey cave, magical was a fitting word to describe the scenery, even for the disheartened pink dragon. Whoever had put all those dragons there sure knew what to do to make them feel good. It was like a giant, sceneric welcome mat. She inhaled sharply. "This is amazing," she said. "Almost as amazing as the light that shrouds it."