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  1. I love dinosaurs! Provided that they don't eat me of course.
  2. Altair

    Swipe A Dragon!

    Those Christmas dragon eggs look lovely. THEY WILL BE MINE!
  3. I just started Lunatic mode a few days ago and I'm currently on chapter 5, and let me tell you, it's not easy. Those first few chapters are called "Frederick Emblem" for a reason.
  4. Yeah, I already replied to you for my mistake in the "What would the above avatar say?" game. Sorry again! Won't make the same blunder twice. By the way, in regards to this thread, sure.
  5. Whoops, sorry! I knew there was something off with me today. I think I need more sleep or else my eyesight will just deteriorate further.
  6. Look how colorful and pretty I am! You all wish you got lips like me.
  7. Redeads from the Legend of Zelda series. *shudders I know most people find the Oot/MM rendition of Redeads the scariest due to nostalgic connections, but I personally think the TP versions are more unnerving. I just hate the way they scream and end up paralyzing you as they slowly trudge up to you while you're screaming at your controller to start working again. I always hating replaying the Arbiter's Grounds dungeon because of the Redeads.
  8. I happen to like caviar and roe eggs more than most people I know. Sure, it looks gross and slimy, but hey, we all have our unique preferences right?
  9. My rarest would have to be my Cheese I caught at the AP, Paper I snatched from the caves, or the Leetle Tree I've luckily grabbed before anyone else can.
  10. Uhh Vampire dragon... *Ahem Well, as long as you don't suck my blood I wouldn't be too against it.
  11. Well, it's a person, so I guess hugging wouldn't be so bad.
  12. Hmm, I'd assume it's something like this: "[Japanese lyrics, Japanese lyrics, Japanese lyrics, Japanese lyrics]!" I would've wrote English lyrics, but the character above looks like she's from an anime. Amiright?
  13. Sincerest apologies dear ice cream for eating you while making the most disgusting noises just to unnerve my friend.
  14. Ahh, sorry, the idea of kissing strangers is frightens me. So no.
  15. You KNOW you've played a game for far too long when you start looking up fanart and fanfictions of said game you've played. For my case, it's Fire Emblem: Awakening. Got it a month ago on a 3 day school trip, cannot stop playing and/or obsessing. Oh god someone help me...
  16. Nah, I don't know who that person is.
  17. Altair

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *Swipes Alt. Vine* About time I got on too
  18. No, my interest in wolves hasn't faded because of popularity. I'd say it vanished at a certain point in time of my life probably even before I was a teenager (2nd grade maybe?), most likely when my interest in dragons sparked even higher. As a kid, sure I loved wolves, but I loved dragons even more. Heh, I think I still have my early scribbles of dragons I drew in school. As for your question in the second paragraph, I mentioned that wolves are overrated because, as stated earlier there are a lot of other animals that need saving too. I also don't understand what exactly makes wolves more "divine, special, unique, etc." than other animals of it caliber. They aren't lacking anything I can assure you. But that's my point, why are wolves always put on a golden pedestal for doing things all animals do? Even to this day, I still hold plenty of fondness towards wolves, just not as much. I wouldn't call my younger self's opinion as a passion though. More like a stage passing by.
  19. I really am kind of sick of the many obscure "Save the wolves" group. I'm not saying that I don't appreciate their efforts though. I just think that there are many other species of animals that face far greater threats of extinction than wolves do. But it seems no one really cares about them. Yeah, I guess wolves are severely overrated, used to love them in my child years though.