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  1. The Cars Learning Game on my LeapFrog back in 2003. My first real game was either Toca Race Driver 3 or Ty the Tasmanian Tiger on my XBox.
  2. OOOOHHHHHH I know exactly what they are and what they have to do with! I wish I could tell you guys... But anyway I'm gonna grab my telescope for a special event! I've got my "EYES ON" it!
  3. You're an Autistic Atheist Teenager? So am I! Only because Aspergers Syndrome is now in the Autism Spectrum. Special minds unite! Anyway, once I was playing Kerbal Space Program. I had just finished my observations around Ike and left the system, scheduled a return to Kerbin, and waited. But Billy-Boblock, who has a stupidity rating of 100, forgot to pilot the ship and missed Kerbin by an entire day. So I had to use every ounce of RCS to get back, and ran out of fuel before a landing could be scheduled. So I had to aerobrake in Kerbin's atmosphere, only to pass straight through the entire planet. Good thing Jebediah's game-breaking abilities kept half the rocket intact! His crazy smile made me laugh so hard.
  4. Hello, I was just wondering after playing some KSP and working on a glitchy game of my own, that some people may have found some absolutely hilarious glitches. I'll kick it off with this one: Once I was playing the Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, my best friend and I were on Malefor and getting our butts kicked when we triggered enough damage for a flinch period while he was using his Fury Attack. I don't know what went wrong with the code, but all of a sudden he was vomiting out purple vapor like crazy, not doing any damage. He was "Projectile Vomiting"! Oh, it was just so funny. He did this until I died as Spyro, then a bunch of loops appeared and everything went back to normal. So, yeah, anyone got an insane one?
  5. I was playing KSP, I just escaped an orbit around Ike but SOMEONE (*Cough* Billy-Boblock *Cough*) got distracted and missed Kerbin by an entire DAY. I had to use every single ounce of RCS to get back, and ran out of fuel before I could schedule a return. So I had to schedule an Aerobraking strategy, only to... Pass straight through Kerbin.
  6. OMG I LOVE the females! Also, the hatchling I got (Only 1) has a code of wAGjC, which sounds like "Magic"
  7. I think they look like Candy Corn. Maybe because i didn't get any this Halloween...
  8. Hello, and welcome to the Dragon Cave Animation Series! These episodes are filled with extremely crude and blurry animation combined with horrible voice acting and a storyline that doesn't make any sense! Still interested? Wow! I'm impressed you still want to see! Here they are:
  9. Silverstarslayer, I never have even once played a PS1 Spyro game, and I still know very little about them. I think I have expressed everything from my earlier posts, so I won't bother expressing them again. For difficulty ratings on the LoS games: A New Beginning: Pretty easy. I beat it in less than a week back in 2007, as I had to wait until 2006 Christmas to get it. That Christmas was the best Christmas ever. The quick duration of playing that game was pretty impressive for a 7-year-old, I think. The Eternal Night: I had to wait until last year to get it, as I neglected to purchase it when I saw it at Toys 'R' Us back when it came out. I was just too exited to move! When I did get it I was very experienced with video games and blazed through the start, but spent about a WEEK trying to beat the Ravage Rider. Gaul (I call him Gaul-Bladder ) was pretty hard too, I'm not sure if breaking the flaming green pots did anything, so I didn't bother to try. Great game! Dawn Of The Dragon: SO AMAZING BUT SOOOOO HARD! I think it was either the new-ness and the quality of everything about the game that put me in the same state of Aphasia or that my little brother was a huge handicap to play Co-Op with, but that game took me 5 YEARS to beat! It was nearly impossible, the Siege Towers took most of that time, the Mountain of Malefor was hard to get to, and Malefor himself was really hard. The good stuff started to happen when my BFF Brian came over to visit Maine all the way from Ohio, we even made Malefor "Projectile Vomit" by accident. Malefor glitched out when he was doing his Fury Breath, and when we attacked him the particles wouldn't stop shooting out, doing no damage. So many laughs, and so much enlightenment at the end. Best. Game. Ever.
  10. It looks like TJ09 forgot to freeze the hatchlings! I think I like the Duotones better, they seem really funny. I better grab one for Kahdesti.
  11. Definitely, no difficulty choosing, it HAS to be the Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. The scenery is amazing, Spyro and Cynder are super attractive and tough, the story is phenomenal, there are so many ways to kill enemies, and the MUSIC. The music is the prettiest music that has ever existed, so immersive and emotional, everything combined morphs you into this state of Digital Symbiosis, how you can feel their pain, triumph, dread, grief, love, the whole thing. The ending is by far the best, [spoiler ALERT:] When Spyro finds out that to save their planet, he has to sacrifice his life to energize the core and piece the planet back together, he tells Cynder: "I know what I have to do. Get away, find somewhere to hide!" "No, Spyro! We can just leave. find somewhere else!" "Where?! There will be nothing left!" "Then i'm staying here. I'm never going to leave your side." As Spyro prepares his Fury Blast, the camera pans out as you hear Cynder say: "I love you." The blast kills anything nearby, and reconstructs their shattered planet to a state of peace and harmony. As the Guardians (And Sparx) emerge, a nebula in the shape of a dragon forms in the sky. The credits roll. The most beautiful song ever created plays: Guide You Home (I would die for you). The song makes you collapse and cry while the saddest yet enlightened moment of your life passes by, all the while thinking "They can't be dead, can they? They..." But then, a special after-credits scene opens up. The Chronicler is standing by his books. "A Chronicler is chosen each age to write down the many triumphs and failures of that age. Only the dragon with the greatest honor can accept this duty. This has been my job for many Millennia. Ignitus, you are truly the dragon worthy of such an honor. It is now my job to pass this duty onto you." "But, what about Spyro? Is he...?" "Ah, so that is the question, is it? Well, look here. This book contains the story of every dragon that has ever died. Each time a dragon dies, a new page is written in this book. I have tried my best, Ignitus, but I can't seem to find even a trace of Spyro." The Chronicler vaporizes, his tint now passing onto Ignitus as the old Chronicler dissapears forever. "Now, young dragon, where might you be?" The camera switches to the Valley of Arvalar as Spyro and Cynder, perfectly alive and well, are flying around in an aerial dance as the most enlightening music plays and the camera goes black. Spyro and Cynder are now free to live together forever. SKYLANDERS, WHY YOU RUIN MY LIFE?!?!
  12. I xzb d you, vir cxn tiu vtt ,y? I seem to have invented a new language. (How did I get a face in there?!) Type: I'm CERTAIN this will come out funny!
  14. I'm glad to see i'm not the only one obsessed. (Did I even read this thread?!?!) LoS gave my life it's purpose. I remember getting it for Christmas 2006 after begging my mom to get it several thousand times. Then, in 2007, I saw a commercial for The Eternal Night (The only LoS commercial i've ever seen), and I was just ecstatic! I saw in on a shelf in Toys 'R' Us, and tried to get my mom to get it, but I seemed to suddenly acquire Aphasia from the excitement and just couldn't tell her. (I have learned to bring the true dragon within me to the surface, but haven't done that back then.) In 2008 I managed to get Dawn of the Dragon for my birthday, it took me 5 YEARS to beat but it was sooooo worth it. I beat it on New Year's Eve 2012 with my best friend who moved to Ohio some months ago. Defeating Malefor was so much fun, Brian (My best friend) and I were so focused on finding funny names in the credits that we missed the song. I then went ahead to finally buy The Eternal Night for PS2, and then played Dawn of the Dragon again (This time only taking 8 hours) and heard the song. I was in tears before the song even hit the halfway point, then some serious memory loss kicked in as I forgot the entire final cutscene. Seeing Spyro and Cynder fly happily above the Valley of Arvalar hit me so hard with joy, it lit the wick of Dragon Obsession that had been extinguished ever since 2009 when Sierra was eaten alive by Activision.
  15. It's easy to say i'm absolutely obsessed with dragons due to the Legend of Spyro series. The gameplay is so unique and immersive, and Spyro and Cynder are soooooooo awesome (And attractive). The old Spyro i'm indifferent about, and I just HATE Skylanders. Spyro + Cynder forever! Sorry to reply to an old post, but these conclusions infuriate me: No, they aren't. Spyro and Cynder simply hatched from the same generation of eggs, Ignitus clearly said nothing about them sharing parents. Do you really think ONE mother can give birth to an entire ring of eggs, or if they even give birth to more than one egg at a time? No, Spyro and Cynder are free to stay together. I still play Dawn of the Dragon all the time when I can. P.S.: I made so many spelling mistakes typing this post in, I love them so much my perception is totally scrambled. I'm not even sure if my head is shaking or not, my vision just blanked. Hehheeeeheeeeeeheeeeee... I'm crazy. EDIT: AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! I'm so obsessed... sorry
  16. ghfiasdknb Golly, Herbert Ilquin Fildson ate some doorknobs kicking nothing bad! ( ) saeruzsdg
  17. Well, there could be a rare chance of the virus starting partial genetic activation in rodents/bats/birds, causing them to mob and attack humans/the uninfected of their own kind. Plague Inc. answers a lot of stuff about zombies.
  18. Faetan, I have that, too. I can see every vein my body has. Apparently my blood pressure in them is super low, as they have no pulse or resistance. In fact, the only trace of a pulse I have is in my tonsils... I also have a huge tube-shaped object protruding from my brain and through my skull while still being under the scalp. Not sure if it's a skull deformity, a huge vein or a Neurax Worm. . To others it's not very noticeable, unless you give me a Tick-Check.
  19. I have Autism (Asperger's, to be in fact) and would love to join, but I have my own scroll plans. (One each of the dragons I like, no more than One). Sorry
  20. Orlageddon, you're just like me! But, I also can bend my legs completely backward (So I can do the shoe-phone without taking off my shoe), I can dislocate my thumbs and pop them back at will (No pain, no using the other hand to pull it!), and I can make this weird noise with my throat. It's like a running car with bleach as the motor oil in a blender. Oh, and I can itch the un-itchable spot on your back without a backsratcher, just my arm.
  21. Jeez, some of these are really dark. I'm still in Middle School, good thing, too, and here are some stories I can remember: (Sorry if it's a lot to read) Blue Point Elementary: Kindergarten: It was really stormy. My head just switches to this small kid swinging on two chairs. This kid would later become my Best Friend Forever, who remains so after so many years ago. He now lives all the way in Ohio, but we keep in touch. I liked having a friend for once, as my Asperger's seemed to repel everyone but him, who found it fascinating. It started out with a lot of confusion, him trying to become my friend while I had no idea what he was trying to get at. I thought he was teasing me. But, after a while, it clicked, and I tried the best I could to be his friend too. Once, during lunch, he dropped an animal cracker, and I crouched down to pick it up. It fell out of my hand, but then I started to do it on purpose. It ended up flying out of my hand, soaring across the room, until it fell in the trash bin. Brian (His name) totally bought it! We were laughing and joking about it for the rest of the day. Having a friend was very nice. In 1st grade, he ended up in different classes, but we still were on the same bus together, as his house happened to be only a few houses down the street. We sat in Seat 3 of Bus 23, talking, everyday, until he was forced to move to Ohio. Blue Point Elementary: 2nd Grade: It was a cloudy winter day. I brought an inflatable tube to school, as we were all going tubing down the hill the school was built on for PE. After getting instructions and tubing down a few times, I stopped sliding across the nearly foot-deep snow and began to tug it back up the hill. I was the biggest, so I had enough mass to push myself down there the farthest, so it was the hardest to get back up. The heavy snow gear didn't help either. I heard the Gym teacher for me to move over, all I did was look up and see these couple of kids with connected tubes coming at me full speed. My brain just froze in place as I stood still as the tube hit me in the legs. The sheer force made me do a full 360 and landed flat on my face in the snow, legs sticking straight up. I imagined that it must have looked hilarious. . As I got up, face stinging and cold, I saw everyone else looking at me, shocked. All I did was grin, and shot my arms up in the air as I said "Thats was AWESOME!" Everyone let out a huge cheer as I jumped up and down, very happy. Wentworth Intermediate (For Scarborough it goes Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, High): 3rd Grade: Sometime in either October or April, I was outside at recess, drawing stuff on a pad of sticky notes I had in my backpack. A girl named Maddy (Who always seemed to be mad) ran up to me, and without stopping, snatched the sticky notes, and teased "Are you drawing pictures of GIRLS? Hah!" She knew I had Asperger's, but she failed to realize that doesn't mean I have emotions. In fact, you could almost say I have too much emotion. I ran after her, practically playing super-hardcore Parkour over the monkey bars to try and steal the drawing back (It was a picture of a cat, I love cats). After enough time, running almost blind with rage, I hit something warm, fleshy, bouncy, and stupid-feeling. I looked up to see it was a huge fat kid in 4th grade. His name was Trent, one of the meanest bullies ever. "Are you tryed to steal her drawing?!" He said in his obese voice he has. (I still hate this kid). "No, I drawed it, and, and she stoles it!" I replied with my slight stutter. "Liar!" He shouts. "Gets up and fight, you blig baby!" I stood up to go tell the teacher, but he just knocked me over with his fatness. He was like a living bouncy ball. He proceeded to kick me while I was down. After a few kicks, My dad's voice echoed through my head. "If someone is trying to hurt you, you hurt them right back!" Everything slowed down as I shot straight up. I hit him many times in the head, while he uppercutted me in the chin. Being this out of control, I went in to survival mode. Playing The Legend of Spyro gave me a huge advantage on how to make things bleed. Using my unclipped nails, I slashed him across the arm. He fell backwards, and I got on top of him and continued to hit him while he hit me back. Someone's hands took me off of him, and then everything went blank. Next thing I remember, Mrs. Fleming was filling out the Red Slip as she stared at me. This wasn't the first time. I tried to explain how he started it, but she retaliated by saying "Yes, but you made him BLEED. Hard. He will be given proper discipline, too, but you did what you did." When I got home, Muma just facepalmed as she saw the slip, but Daddy was PROUD of me. I felt proud, too, but maybe that was a bad thing. Wentworth Intermediate: 4th Grade: The first half of 4th grade was just like the last grade, throwing fits all over the place. The 2nd half was very strange for me. Because of my behavior, I was moved into Mrs. Whited's class, who taught SLS (Social Learning Skills). The bad thing was, Trent was there, too. I tried my best not to look at him. The other kids there were Chuck, Charles, Doug, Branden, Richard, Josh, and Stephen. Doug (Who LOVED dragon ball) became another smaller-time friend. With Mrs. Whited's class, my behavior steadily began to ease up, until what I call the "Worst thing that ever happened to me" happened. I became friends with Trent. (Can you believe it?!). Wentworth Intermediate: 5th Grade: Trent moved onto the Middle school, and Josh and Stephen left, too. The new kids were Jack, Lewis, Elliot, and Ethan. I became friends with Elliot, too. He is still a very nice friend. I called Trent almost every week to "Role-Play" (Which is just him figuratively mauling all my made-up characters to death while I still had no idea what I was getting myself into). He told me all sorts of lies, like there being a girl he knows who is really into the Legend of Spyro trilogy (Of which I am a hardcore fan), there being free lunch, all sorts of lies. Going to Social Work with Ms. Lalib ever since 4th grade has really changed me. I only got ONE Red Slip for throwing something at a kid that year, a HUGE milestone. At the end of the year, I felt so proud of myself, Ms. Lalib said I had become not only physically flexible, but mentally flexible. It was great. Now onto 6th grade to forever fix the mess I made... Scarborough Middle School: 6th Grade: The moment I walked into the school, I loved it. There really was an all-you-can-eat lunch (But definitely not free lunch). My new SLS teacher was Mr. Del and Mr. Bogart, the first male teachers I've ever had. Lewis and Elliot followed me to the same class, while the older kids were Olive, Lela, Jack, Alex, Iseyah, Catlyn, Zach, and Nate. Nate and Olive had fallen into the abyss of torture that is Trent, while Jack posed as yet another one of these kinds of people. With both Jack and Trent getting at me, I finally realized what I was getting into. It was like I just wasn't the smart, logical, newly-passive and mentally flexible Me anymore. I was a big, mean, evil beast who has a lust for death. This scared me so much. I completely threw another fit against Trent again (Luckily no physical force, just words) and shattered our friendship. At that moment I felt cured of the load I just realized I was bearing. I felt like Me. Finally seeing myself as Me has kept me out of trouble forever. It was AMAZING. I started to do so well that I made High Honors first quarter, and Honors 2nd and 3rd. At the start of 2nd, Mr. Del found out how much the true Me loved science and everything about it, so he moved me into Mainstream Science class with Mr. Libby. He was seen as a big, mean dinosaur by the other kids, but if you pay attention to what he was saying, you can do very well. Mr. Libby easily makes it into the Top 3 teachers list with possibly First Place. Then I did just so well that Mr. Del then moved me into Mainstream Math, where I still had Mr. Libby. My behavior, my performance, my new social skills, it was almost like I didn't have Asperger's anymore. Well, a bit like keeping the intense interests and high mental capacity, but no longer with the anti-socialism and constant fury. For last quarter, after joining Computer Club and making one of the best video games the kids made (Other kid's projects were just screw-around stuff that made no sense and was probably just to impress their friends), Making the best Rocket in sTEM, and having so much willpower as to pass out in Gym while sprinting a mile (I kept going until my legs and head just died), I sat on the floor while they were announcing Student of the Quarter, the biggest achievement you could get. I already got 2 So-Factors (So- for Sokokis team) and was waiting to get the award. The people were called. I didn't make it. I felt so left out, after I made it further than any kid could have made it. But, it turns out Mr. Del and Mr. Libby had a very special one picked out just for me. I had just won a Student of the Quarter award, a special variant that has never been given before! A 10$ gift card to iTunes. I blame the huge budget cuts. But no gift could have been greater then the gratitude and self-satisfaction given by going so far. One small step for a kid, One giant leap for Autism success stories.
  22. Overcast Winter days! Even prettier is when it's at Dawn/Dusk. I love Maine for it's Everything!
  23. Wow! Only 4 colors off! Looks like my 20/460 vision ain't too bad, eh? EDIT: Try doing the test while listening to Cyriak's Cows & Cows & Cows...