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  1. Still here... The lineage is really quite cool, imho.
  2. My first shimmer grew up today~ I was so worried she would reject the male I'd chosen, but they produced an egg! Though I have no need for moonstones, so here you go! Please take good care of the baby <3
  3. Personally, I want to support the death penalty, but only in some very severe cases, such as serial murders/rapes, or school shootings or bombings. Although, if you have the death penalty for them, where do you draw the line? If there's somebody that can still contribute to society, and regrets their crimes, then let them! Don't kill them, kill the guy that brought a gun to a preschool, and would do again if he could! And even then, only in cases where there's absolutely no doubt that somebody's guilty.
  4. Clicked on a silver in the cave, and by the way my browser was loading I could tell I was going to get it. (Not sure how to explain, but it loads differently when I grab one than when I don't.) No wait! That's a moonstone! *Hits escape. Somebody else grabs it.* Nope, it was a silver >.< Another one when the coppers came out, I grabbed two orange ones and locked myself, and when another egg hatched later, I went into a different biome to get a different color. In a rush I didn't check what biome produced what, because I would have missed all the eggs. I grabbed an orange. Another time I locked myself without realizing it, and tried to grab a cheese from the cave. "You are overburdened and blah blah blah" Oh
  5. I've had four bites. Two successful, and two deaths. I just get vamps from the ap usually, O-O"
  6. ... Yeah feel free to use the thread for all your advertising needs, not like we have a topic and a discussion going on >_> Anyway IMO snaplinks for fogging should be fine. It's not providing an unfair advantage to the player, and, if anything, viewbombing is providing an unfair advantage to the viewbomber. Some people could have been nicer, but if you look at say, my original post, heck, the subtitle; "On hatcheries I wasn't before, why?", wouldn't you think that some of the victims know the difference between traffic and viewbombing? This thread's original purpose, when it was a help thread for me when I was viewbombed, was "what do I do?", not, "what's happening?", it's never been a question of is it viewbombing, bt a question of how to stop it.
  7. @cutiesonic: Horse bites are awful, a friend of mine was bitten by a horse and the next day the wound was bruised all over and green :E I haven't broken any bones (yet) but... I got a concussion playing handball, and another time my father kicked a kickball from across the yard while I was on the swing, and I could only watch as it came towards my face (there wasn't time to get off, and if I tried to block it with an arm, it would knock me off the swing,) if I hadn't turned my head so it hit my cheek, I would've broken my nose. But the worst injury would have to be when I was at a friend's house, (the one that got bitten by a horse actually,) and we were on her trampoline. I bounced juuust right to lose control, fly forwards, and twist and scrape my arm bloody, and land face first on the springs. Right above my left eye. I had to go to the doctor, and it hurt so bad I didn't even realize how much my arm hurt until juice from the bag of frozen strawberries we had used for ice leaked into the wounds. I got a shiner so bad, I couldn't open my eye; it was purple, blue, green and orange, so I hear. If I had hit the springs just a smidge differently, I would've lost my left eye.
  8. 0/4 so far. Since then, my trio dragons have nearly doubled in ranks, from four to seven. My next summon is on the second of June. Failure number five, coming right up! :'D
  9. Banned for swearing (...to name all your dragons))
  10. Delira

    Post Ctrl+V

    And no one saw and no one heard They just followed lead The pictures in his mind awoke And began to breed They started off beneath the knowledge tree Then they chopped it down to make white picket fences They marched along the railroad tracks And smiled real!-wide for the camera lenses They made it past the enemy lines Just to become enslaved in the assembly lines Blue lips Blue veins Blue, the color of the planet from far, far away
  11. I myself would probably never had an abortion, or get pregnant, for that matter. That's a personal choice. Pregnancy and childbirth scare the out of me, and I'd be an awful parent. Therefore, abortion would be an option for me, if I was okay with having a abortion. Some people are, I know I'd feel too bad it. I would only have an abortion if my life was in danger from the pregnancy, or if the baby was going to be born with awful defects (to the point where you would put it down if it wasn't human). If I just plain didn't want the baby, I'd stick it out and wait nine months; there's so many families that can't have a child, but would love mine and give it a better life than I ever could. That being said, that's my decision, about me. I've never understood why people, especially why other women in this case, have to stick their noses in others' business. If it isn't living inside of you, it's not your dna, and you'd have no custodial rights, you should mind your own business. Even then, the one with final say is the one carrying the fetus. What's awful is when a women gets pregnant and her boyfriend/husband/lover tries to force her into an abortion. (Or to keep it I guess but I've never actually heard of that happening.) If you don't want a kid, use protection.
  12. I have just two inbred dragons so far. Coincidentally, both Pink. Io Tocahu, a gift from one of the trading threads, and my only female pink. (Where would I be without her?) And Buff Dorkface Tocahu, from a trade with my sister. I gave her her first vampire, and she gave me my first pink and first (and only) dorkface. All her dorkfaces are inbred, so when she was looking for a mate for her dorkface pink, I told her to breed him with her hilariously inbred skywing, IDEK lineage. I don't purposefully inbreed, but I love my inbred babies just the same <3
  13. Originally, I made in a panic when I got viewbombed, but when people kept posting and discussing the matter, it turned into a viewbomb discussion thread of sorts. Though people seemed to come in pages later asking me if I was sure it wasn't just traffic >.> My suggestion would be to hide scrolls when you're not around, and fog things that you're nervous about/are delicate if you're worried. I'm just keeping a close eye on everything for now, since I have no life I can be here in case of emergency EDIT: Just because you think things doesn't mean that they appear on the screen.
  14. "We got a murder! A murder in the fifth floor ladies room!" (If you're reading it the right way. It's a manga.)
  15. Yuck I guess. Don't hate it, but definitely not a fan. Strawberry tart?
  16. Well, here's the thing; I can't keep that close an eye on my dragons. I have other things to do, life goes on and all that bluh. So... how am I supposed to keep my eggs fogged for days, if I can't guarantee I'll have the chance to unfog them before it's too late?
  17. I added a poll here. Hopefully that's okay. Sorry about your crimson, poor baby
  18. *Groans* I got myself three orange, and I'm locked for the day. Once they get off cooldown, I'm gonna swap for the other two, hopefully. Blaarrghahahahaaa, I wanna be upset but I'm still just spazzing over how adorbs they are, and the fact that I can use them for my lineage.
  19. :? In March when I had a nervous breakdown, I told my classmates why hadn't been in school that much and had missed all of January, after I found out that I couldn't go on a field trip that was the only reason I had tried to stop self harming. sounds silly, I know, but i'd been working a year for that trip, I was going to sing in front of some important people, get some good feedback on that trip. I'd sat in class through panic attacks, considered taking a break and then coming back, as my 504 said I could, and then get more upset when I realized that they would just send me home, for that trip. I wasn't allowed to go. The school counselor told me "it wouldn't matter anymore on friday [the day after the trip]" and I replied that it wouldn't matter because I'd be dead. That was inpatient visit #3 I don't know if you'd call that a cry for help, but I was thinking that. The doctors called it my cry for help, so that's why I used it as an example. I haven't "done this before", no. That situation was a first. I never said I was the only one or anything like that, I know I'm not special. I'm a sad kid who can't handle school, and is closer to the nurse than the other students at this point. I go online to pretend I'm not a screw up, as in, ignore the fact that everybody else is in school, and that I can't go because I'm a liabilty and the school doesn't want to be responsible, and try and focus my mind on something besides my depression/anxiety. I'm a sad kid, who can't handle the world because it makes her cry. Is that you want to here? I didn't say it like a bad thing. "I'd be dead." That's flat; neutral. "It's hot outside. Monday is Memorial Day." I meant: Thank you hypothetical parent, for letting me do what I want with my life. I don't know what you want to achieve here. I said my family situation is bad, and I got kinda upset. I was only replying to the OP, it's not like I made a whole flipping thread about my problems asking for hugs and blankets attention. From the looks of things, you don't really know much about suicide/self harm, do you? I'd suggest you lay off then. It's not a matter of "don't do it," this world isn't black and white. For me, cutting is the only way feel better and calm down. For others, it's like an addiction. You shouldn't smoke a cigarette, but if you're addicted, it's hard to quit. Same with self harm. And depression, well-that's usually a chemical imbalance in your hormones. How are you supposed to just ignore something that is literally constantly there? @: CleanMyWounds: I know the butterfly project worked for a friend of mine.
  20. I wasn't trying to manipulate him, or anybody. Originally, I was just going to grab the knife, and my dad or my stepmom would have probably come in afterwards and it'd be too late. My cry for attention was in March, when I had a nervous breakdown at school, and said I'd be be dead by the end of the week because I couldn't go to the teen arts festival. A cry for attention is saying something, saying "I'm suicidal", not trying to end it. The barking dog doesn't bite. I didn't say a word to my dad until my stepmom brought him in. I figured I would pass out from the pain/blood loss, and frankly, I didn't care about the pain anymore. "The last place I'd be is on DC." The internet is where I go to pretend I'm not a screw up. I'm on home instruction and barely see any of my classmates, and my mom didn't want to send me to inpatient because she thought I'd been doing better. I spend the day on my computer as my life wastes away. For the record, I'm not visiting him, or talking to him. If kind of wish you were my parent, because then I'd be dead, thanks.
  21. I have tinsels of my own, I was just going to gift that one if it gendered right, and freeze it if it didn't, thanks though. The shimmer list was a thread though, and it seemed strict. I posted about it, but I don't think I can stay on the list.