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  1. I Want a New Release Egg! Forum Name: sylphoflights (my favorite holiday is halloween!) New Release List: Pyralspite (Almandine) Any Dead Eggs/Hatchies? If so, why? Nope, none! Information: [url=http://dragcave.net/user/sylphoflights]sylphoflights[/url] - [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=4&MID=201439]PM[/url]
  2. Whoa! These new babies look super cool! I was sure shocked by a new release! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  3. Pretty! I'm excited! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  4. Ooh, this is my first Valentine's on DC so I can't wait to have my nab at the little pretties! Valentine dragons have always been so lovely to look at and I'm just dying to get my hands on a few (I already have a Sweetling on IOU, but I'm so pumped for more- especially Val '09s, Arsani, and Rosebuds! They're so cute!) Plus, I'm itching to see this year's new lovely! I'm sure it'll be just as darling as the last several!
  5. My first two babs grew up, so my current total is now 2!
  6. Aw, no win this year! Well, I wasn't expecting much anyway, it's my first year after all and all the people who've been on for years and years deserve it too! Congrats to the winners!
  7. I would love to join! I didn't get a chance to last year but I think to bring my scroll up a notch this year I'd like to collect these lil' guys! They will all be in the same place on my scroll (between The Messiest Of All and Fire Among Violets) and will be on this spredsheet.
  8. I've come a long way in... a couple days?! Sylphie's Snow Mahal
  9. I managed to get at least one of each holiday dragon just under the wire- talk about luck! Although I ended up with more than I wanted due to the occasional finding of a lower time egg or even the odd hatchling! I at first thought I was going to be trading up a storm but here I was slaving over the AP for almost a week straight! It's got me a bit excited for what's in store this Valentine's; it's been quite the first holiday season for me on DC. My favorite part? The event! It was pretty cool and allowed me a lot more room to move around and a bit more of a chance than clicking a random sprite on the home page that may or may not show up when I need or want it to, and in just four days I was able to turn my barren tundra into something I could only consider a snow version of the Taj Mahal. I perfectly mirrored every last snowdrift and it took a lot of time and effort, but I'm quite happy with the results. Great job to everyone, and a happy holiday!
  10. I don't know why but I have the funniest feeling they'll be called something like Sugardeers... they're adorable lil' girlies!
  11. Lag is gone, and finally got my matched set! Yahoo! I'm excited for these pretties! But they also make me hungry which is concerning.
  12. Sugar cookie dragons?! Delicious!
  13. Against all odds I got one pretty amongst the errors! Now to struggle for a second lil' Heartwarmer here
  14. Database errors? Geez, is Christmas always this insane?
  15. Merry Christmas! I'm having trouble getting on the site, though...
  16. Only a few more minutes left! Aaaah, I wish I had more egg space!
  17. S'not so big or strong yet, but I think it looks nice! Just need some more snow and maybe it'll look nice by the end of tomorrow! Sylphie's Stronghold
  18. Gosh, just a few more hours! I can hardly contain myself! It's gonna be my first Holiday season on DC so this is the first time I'm getting Christmas dragons! I can't wait to see this years breed, aaah! I've caught many of the breeds of previous years and am hoping to be able to get some hatchies or eggs of the ones I don't have once I've caught my new ones for this year!
  19. No Rules Christmas is the best Christmas. Thanks TJ! I finally caught a Holly from the AP!
  20. I was able to catch a few; not sure if I should lock up on these cuties or wait...
  21. Aaa, new eggs! Hooray! Thanks TJ, I can't wait to hatch these cute babies uvu
  22. I'm Giving a Gift! Forum Name: sylphoflights Scroll Link: Here! Your Current Total LP: 50 How many eggs/hatchies are you gifting?: 1 What are their individual codes?: oo6PY Do you have available teleports ready?: Yes New Total LP: 70
  23. Lately, I've been re-watching anime more than anything. I've probably gone through the last trial Dangan Ronpa 20 times over, and not even just to get into character for my abridged group (in which I am Junko). And I'm still in denial that Free! is over so I've been going back and watching it. Not to mention that I'm trying to capture every detail of Attack on Titan in order to make an accurate theory about which direction the anime will take in regards to the manga... andmaybeimalsoindenialthatitsovertoo. And I'm always re-watching Madoka and AnoHana when I need a good cry. The two new anime I HAVE been watching for the first time are Meganebu!, which is a new Free!-esque anime from the studio that brought you the newest season of Hetalia (THE ART IS VERY ATTRACTIVE) except this time instead of a swimming club it's a glasses club (Even Nitori's voice actor is in it...), and Fairy Tail, which my friend finally convinced me to watch. I regret every minute I spent putting of watching it because it is beautiful. I've also been trying to get around to watching No. 6, but I wanna finish the manga first because for some reason I feel like I can't trust it... like it's going to make me keel over and cry. Wow yeah, that's a lot of anime. I have too much free time on my hands!