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  1. what are their names????
  2. Marriage is not a natural thing I think...it's a law thing...a money thing...a tradition thing... as pointless as I think it is it should be the option for everybody
  3. I love both cats and dogs-although my fav animal is my cute little dog and before he came into my life I was truly a cat person 100% now it's like...as long as it's fluffy and nice I love it
  4. yay!! my new red eggs need only a few days more and than they will hatch!! If they are both the same gender I'll trade for the opposite gender dragon!!
  5. Oops-I almost overfed my baby egg today too much love can also be bad,right?
  6. they are amazing aren't they! I really hope to get them as soon as possible
  7. I caught my first red egg two days ago but it was so hard to catch it-there were more than 140 egg collectors on volcano site at that time fingers crossed-I need another one to start breeding best wishes to all!!!
  8. these dragons are too cute!!!