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  1. "You do not need to get me anything." Saren said, a little cross. He thought he had made it clear to the inn lady that he had "bought" her. Oh well, then he'd just have to clarify that. "Wait here." He said as he left the room, stomping down the stairs as he did so. "You do realize that a few of those coins were to set that woman free, do you not?" He said furiously to the innkeeper. "That means that she no longer answers to you! She is not a slave! And did I not make it clear that you were to treat her as a good customer?!" Clapping his hands, Saren then pressed them to her shoulde
  2. ((The money was also to "buy" Belita, so technically her mother cannot order her around.))
  3. Saren's eyes grew wide as he saw her ears. He had heard tails of her kind before, and they terrified him, but the young woman standing there with scars lining her arms was not the face of a monster. The only monster here was the inn lady. "Here, take this." He spat at the older woman, practically throwing a few pieces of gold at her. "Leave that poor girl alone. She's done nothing to deserve this treatment! Yes, she may be a were, but that does not mean she is some force of evil. That money should be enough for a room for each of us, and if you tend to my horses and wagon outside without di
  4. "Oh. Thank you." Saren said, somewhat surprised by the young girl that had appeared out of nowhere. He gave the young lady a warm smile and walked in behind her, wondering why she wouldn't look up. His question soon had a likely answer as they entered however, as who he assumed her mother began shouting at her as if she was the plague. "I beg your pardon miss, but what kind of way is that to address a young lady such as this?" He asked angrily. "She may be late, but that is no way to treat someone! Especially not with a potential customer around!" The alchemist was steaming at what wa
  5. I'm sorry for my inactivity (Stupid job hunting). I'm not really sure what to post as Jake as it would just be one or two sentences and I don't really like doing that. The way he is being taken out right now was not exactly as I was expecting it, as I thought that it would go well with his character to have some struggle with the mystery people before being drugged.
  6. ((Seems like a few hours would suffice)) Saren stretched as the wagon rolled along the countryside. The ride had been longer than he had planned, mostly because he didn't think of how much stress the added weight from the jewels in the wagon would put on the horses. Looking behind him, the alchemist ensured that the tarp that he had used to cover the gems was in place. He didn't want anyone trying to rob from him after all. After he was sure the tarp was still secure, Saren's eyes wandered back to the road. He was exhausted. Thankfully, it seemed like there was an inn not too far away.
  7. "I'll be back in half a minute guys." Jake said, rubbing his temples. "Just gonna try and see what I can do to wake up a bit." Yea, that's why he was losing. He was just too tired to concentrate. Of course. The weapons expert slowly made his way to the bathroom, making a b-line for the sinks once he entered. When he got in front of the basins, he turned on the cold water, cupping some in his hands before splashing some in his face.
  8. Jake could maybe go to the bathroom to try and splash water on his face to try wake himself up. But, since it is Jake we are talking about here, Jack and Jill may get a bit roughed up when they try to take him hostage.
  9. Jake - Rather put off "Riiiiiiiight." Jake said sarcastically. "And I'm the worst looking guy in the verse." Stepping up to the table, Jake tried to line up a shot, but the blue ball was closer to the que ball than he thought, and sent the white orb rolling off into a pocket. "Wou Duh Tian Ah!" he half shouted in frustration, kicking a nearby table leg and stubbing his toe in the process. "Gorram it!" After hopping about on his uninjured foot for a few seconds, the muscular man attempted to regain his usual calm composure and cast a grin at the group. "Sorry 'bout that." He said
  10. "Yes ma'am." Tennat replied, respectfully bowing his head. "I'd have to admit though, m'lady, that I would have most likely acted fearfully of you if you came walking through the street before we met." He laughed nervously. ------------------------------------- With a curt nod towards the dragon in thanks, Saren whipped the reins and took off with the horses, setting a brisk pace towards the mine. Though he was impatient to be rewarded with the dragon's scales, he did not push the horses to run. He knew that they still had to last the return trip, and he didn't want them to be exh
  11. Jake - Feeling undignified and happy "If all my money goes to your drinks, I'll have to go dry." Jake joked after Athena made yet another great shot. "I won't have enough money left for myself!" After the lovely companion took her seat, which he pulled out for her since he was nearby, he kept an eye out for the other female of the group as she made her way to the man she was meeting. They'd have to keep an eye out for Xiao while she was no longer at their side. Especially since there was some suspicious looking men over that way too. Suddenly aware of the fact that his hand had wandered
  12. "So, ummm... How should we do this?" Tennat asked. "I-I mean, should we all go through the same places? Talk to the locals? Split up?" This was truly Tennat's first time doing anything remotely like this. He was not used to being the one with the most knowledge of the area, or searching for would be assassins. At the palace, finding trespassers was easy; there weren't too many people there in the first place so you could easily know if someone was new, and you had to have certain insignias or something of the sort to show you were allowed. "Um, also, if you don't me asking m'Lady, how wil
  13. Jake - Always on target "Really Nelson?" Jake asked exasperatedly. "I'm already going to have to pay for the rest of Athena's drinks if I lose to her." Grabbing a pool stick, Jake moved into position to make his own shot; something that would prove difficult due to the shot just taken by the engineer. "You're really trying to make me lose my bet with her aren't you Nelson?" Said the gunner as he assessed the table. He couldn't get a straight shot on any of the pool balls. When it came to pool (and pretty much anything else) he could hit anything dead on, but with this shot he'd ha
  14. ((It's fine. I've been busy myself, so even if you did reply earlier I would have taken a while too.)) The coiled dragon that had spoken of his distaste of Tennat being there unnerved the young man. He didn't know exactly why the large serpent did, but it was just something with how he spoke, how he acted. It's as if the very air around him caused discomfort. And so, when the dragon finally left the hall with everyone else, Tennat let loose a breath of relief he himself didn't realize he was holding. Then as the two knights began to leave, with Karina close behind, he quickly replaced his
  15. Oh gosh. Gone for one day at work, and now there's a wall of chat. A text wall the size of the Great Wall of China... I really really want to be in this RP and everything, but the more I look at this the more I realize that if I join that I'll just be "That guy" who doesn't respond as much as everyone else and will slow everything down.
  16. It was technically an anime thon, but yea, I got 60% off of two mazing prints of Kirito and Asuna Ps. I support any romance. Sucker for those.
  17. They aren't rumors. SAO season II English subbed is being released every saturday at 1-3PM
  18. Finally, someone who understands me! That is my favorite anime ever, of all time. I went to comic con as Kirito and got a discount on SAO art!
  19. Soooo... This seemed to explode while I was gone (for work and skyrim). Sorry that I haven't been as active as I usually am. I'll try to keep up. I think that The recaps have gotten me caught up, but I think that I'll wait until the next morning or something, and have my character be a new teacher at the school (is it a high school or college by the way?) which will explain why he knows no one and it will allow me to catch up easier. Also, is there any of the student characters that would take chem? Ps. Love Two Kinds soooooo much. I'm always so impatient for the next update.
  20. Soooo... Am I accepted? Also, can someone please recap the story for me?
  21. Hey guys, Mak told me that you are looking for new people, and maybe even someone to take over the "bad guy". If you could repost the form so I don't have to dig through a million pages, I could see if I could do so. Also, I'd like to make my own original character too. User- Narath Name- Jaune Arc Age- 26 personality- Kind, patient, understanding, eccentric, caring, empathetic, little bit of a show off, sucker for romance. Rest to be RPed Gender- Male Race- Human alchemist Appearance- This Job or school - Chemistry teacher Other- Ps. Can someone catch me up on th
  22. ((That's fine. Not really sure what to post with Tennat though.)) Saren sighed in response to the dragon before him. "Why is that what everyone says?" He wondered aloud. "Does nobody even know what an Alchemist does?" Clapping his hands, he then bent down to place them onto the ground, causing the sand around him began to spark and crackle with what looked like bolts of energy. Suddenly, a large portion of sand under the tent disappeared, leaving behind a small, but noticeable lump under a fine layer of the grainy substance. Saren strode down into the pit, and lifted it up, reveali
  23. ((... Damn it, you're right. I was getting confused because they had a picture of Nathan Fillion for him. CURSES!!! I was so excited! But at least it's still someone that contributed to firefly... Still sad though...))