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  1. The problem with being a cabbage farmer on a mass scale is running out of energy before it's all watered. I may return to squash farming when this crop is harvested. Anyone have fun ideas for decorating yet? I was thinking of doing a haunted corn maze.
  2. Do we know if weeds will grow back? I might want to keep some for decoration if they won't regrow.
  3. That would be sad. I know I started with more than 10, but I forget what it was exactly.
  4. Agreed, this year's banner is magnificent. And I love the treats I've gotten so far. Thank you spriters! I haven't started with the game yet, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it as I do like farming games 🎃
  5. On the theory that salt smothers fire, I tried Blacktip (whose eggs smell of salt). But no change. https://dragcave.net/lineage/OmNBu I don't understand the spreadsheet so if someone could update it? Thank you
  6. If it's random, then some of the no-change results are probably just bad luck. Holding off on breeding mine because I have some earthquaking to do, but I'm looking forward to experimenting.
  7. At least they're pretty easy to grab from the biomes, for now. I can't wait for my other children to grow so I can play with flame colors.
  8. Thank you! I didn't realize we could EQ twice. Now I've got two skittish and a couple dead eggs which will surely haunt me 👻👻
  9. Used Earthquake on four eggs, and hatched one. The others were unaffected. I hardly ever EQ so I hope it's okay if I ask here - the unaffected eggs, will they hatch skittish (because EQ was used) or plain (because they didn't hatch)? If it's the latter I'll either try killing them, or toss them to the AP and try to grab fresh ones.
  10. I have one of those too! Agender Oracle:
  11. I'm not able to accept a trade - I guess this must be why! Fingers crossed for a swift resolution.
  12. 😊 I'm just surprised the name wasn't taken ! Aw 😔 Better luck with the next one. I can breed my (blue) Sapphires again tomorrow to try for a yellow, fingers crossed ! I did get lucky with my Earthquake babies. Three hatched and one stayed intact to hatch green.
  13. Don't feel bad, I let one get to adulthood before realizing he was a rainbow after all. I named him Ea-Nasir, after the Mesopotamian who was selling bad copper to his customers 4,000 years ago. (wikipedia)
  14. Guess I can stop trying to turn a pink yellow. Thank you 😄
  15. Bummed that the AP is filled with Celestials again. I spent all day yesterday hatching 'em and tossing babies back. I'm done 😑
  16. Reckon no solution will make everyone happy. I for one am grateful to players breeding Sapphires, because otherwise I wouldn't have any pink eggs at all
  17. Many thanks! I'm in love with several of the birthday sprites! Expanded Gemshard colors are amazing and I can't wait to see rainbow lineages from them. Electric Alts are stunning (haha) and the Royal hybrid too. I won't comment on all the new dragons, except to say each one is beautiful to me. Thank you to the spriters, TJ, and everyone involved in bringing us this birthday release. I bred as many of my Sapphires to the AP as I could, though I had a mishap or two (including an auto-abandon since I forgot I had a dead egg). I'll breed 'em again in a week. Hope they find good homes
  18. Can someone repost the Gemshards' days of the week? I can't find the post since the thread has gotten long. Please and thank you 😊
  19. 🍰 Happy birthday, Dragon Cave! 🍰 This release is more than I can wrap my head around on only one cup of coffee ☕ so I'm starting small with the Jungle drops and saving the rest for later.
  20. Love that. New sprites are lovely. I'm not where I can play with lineages right now, but I really appreciate the update.
  21. Multiple sources. I've used name generators, names inspired by games like World of Warcraft or The Sims, lists of archaic words, adult beverages, song lyrics, lines from movies, you name it. Some of my favorites just came out of my fevered brain, like Snacks McGibbons and Squishy Pockets. Others are combinations of interesting words, like Orbital Buffet and Supercluster Flytrap. Sometimes being thwarted in a name choice can lead to good ideas, like when I wanted Wild Endeavour (a Doctor Who reference) and it was taken. Instead I came up with Wild Persuasion and Fearless Endeavour, which had a similar flavor, and from that I got Bold Veracity, Rising Felicity, etc etc.
  22. I'm not seeing any eggs at all in Desert or Volcano O_o Edit: never mind, they have returned.
  23. I support this wholeheartedly! Thank you for bringing it up, InvaderAlexis. I (just now, after reading through the thread) added my pronouns to my signature. They have also been in my profile for ages. But my profile and sig are minimalist. As you said, such information can easily be lost in blocks of text, or in the visual chaos of signatures. I'd love to have a profile option for pronouns, one that's in the same format for everyone, easy to find. Or remove the Level 10 requirement for custom user titles so we can use the space under our icons.