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  1. Thanks! I think I remember that now.
  2. I can't remember -- is there a way to keep your fort from being destroyed by others? I don't want to play, and I don't want to have to rebuild.
  3. Glad you like it! (I tried to do the trees but they weren't cooperating.) I really love the dragon wing you sent me in nonbinary pride colors.
  4. Perfectly understandable. I feel a bit that way, myself.
  5. I give you.... None Pizza with Left Beef
  6. Especially since there's also a Star of David. 🤔 But hey, I didn't recognize the dragon wing till I saw someone decorate it. @Confused Cat I love the pizza dreidel!
  7. Here's some info about dreidels -- https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/dreidel/ But the shape is conducive to other designs as well!
  8. I'll take a crow! I love corvids. Your salmon knocked my socks off too - if it's fair to send two. 🍣
  9. Sent a cookie to Aniia/twizel. That button is easy to miss, don't feel bad
  10. That's so cool! I wonder how many variations there will be? Also I can't wait to see the spriters' alts. Re: the holiday event, I suppose we won't get a chance to redecorate our houses from 2016? Since if I remember right, there was a story that went along with that. I was having so much trouble with glitches that year, I never finished it and my house looks very sad. I hoped we'd revisit that one this year, but probably not right?
  11. Agreed, @InvaderAlexis I can understand fixing harmful glitches, but what was wrong with making cookies in batches?
  12. Thank you so much I sent you a mushroom.
  13. I'd love a cat butt if you still have some! I'll send something in return (scroll name Laura-Borealis) @Auriene I adore your beautiful birds, could I have one please? @smartster4 How are you so precise?! 😲 I make three lines and it's Lagtown for me.
  14. Sent to a101401014! my scrll name: Laura-Borealis
  15. Chiming in to say I prefer the original, multicolored version. I hope it's time based... Re: the AP, I was seeing eggs from the 25th mixing in yesterday. I don't know about the egg wall, I've never been good at figuring out the timing on that.
  16. Sent 😊 It took me a few tries, too. I had to settle for keeping most of his noodley arms offscreen.
  17. Finn the Human sent to a101401014 Poop Emoji Snowman sent to acm1923 💩😄 I've still got some Finns if anyone wants one.
  18. I have Finn the Human cookies if anyone wants? (please ignore Poop Emoji Snowman)
  19. I'd love a tree with a cardinal, if you still have some! (scroll is Laura-Borealis) Thanks!
  20. Spam-click the Save button. I think there is some luck involved in how many you get