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  1. What about Falconiforms? (I love contrast in a checker lineage.)
  2. Wow! That is not what I expected at all! So vibrant and pretty
  3. I loved the eggs last night when I caught mine before bed... but now, seeing the wee hatchlings They are adorable!
  4. Aw thank you! It's Snowa's humble little farm, carved out of the deep woods. I'm going to look for Ronia, the Robber's Daughter thanks to you - I read a little about it, and it sounds great. The book, and the movie too.
  5. Oh my goodness, that's beautiful. I love it!
  6. I figure there will be people upset either way. That's why it would be great to have both Claudius forms available in the store. Or a toggle to turn the enraged form on and off, or something. It's getting down to the wire, though, so probably we won't get it.
  7. After saying all damage will be wiped away, TJ will probably have many upset players if Enraged Claudius doesn't revert to white 🤔
  8. That did it for me, too. I switched back to Default and it's back to normal.
  9. The lashing tail is a great detail. Calm Claudius moves his, too, only gently.
  10. Weird! It has gone for me, too. The text box is missing. (Windows, Chrome)
  11. What it says in the title. Can we have an option for a perma-enraged Claudius? Maybe by adding him to the store? I like him white, myself, but I noticed a lot of people mentioning it elsewhere. He's gorgeous both ways.
  12. Not to throw fat on the fire, but I've seen it work both ways. When it's the hourly resource drop, one empty tile is enough. When I fill the level bar, I need more than one. I just tested this again to make sure.
  13. It'd be cool if Claudius had a toggle to switch to perma-enraged, for those who want to keep him like that.
  14. The pond edge has a darker blue edge on one side.
  15. Congrats to the winners, and happy birthday!
  16. Happened twice to me after I'd made major revisions, and a few times after small changes. I was blaming my spotty connection but I don't really know. It definitely sucks.
  17. You can refresh the page to get rid of unwanted items - it will bump you back to the Edit/Battle selection screen. Also works if you decide not to attack a fortress (I've been enjoying just viewing random people's forts, without firing a shot)! Anyone have their fingers crossed that they'll get a certain resource drop? I'm hoping for one more of those pretty green bushes. (Dear TJ... )
  18. Feel free to attack me all you want, my fortress is more trees than anything, but if it will help then go for it.
  19. Everyone's forts look amazing. I love how there's so much variety in your fortress designs. The hedge mazes are really cool - I didn't leave myself room for one, but I love seeing them. QUESTION: Do the things you attack affect the drops you get? Like if you attack other peoples' plants, will you get wood resources? I ask because I think I'm seeing a correlation, but it might just be chance.
  20. True that. But when it's just something with a tiny hitbox, it helps.
  21. I support this too, it would be a big help. But one thing I've found that helps is zooming in. I can get the cursor on the right place if the right place is bigger.
  22. Updated with my Final Fort. I wanted to have the feeling of a space carved out of the forest, while still connected to civilization. There's a little farm, represented by the pumpkin patch and a row of fruit trees, and a stream and pond for fishing. Snowa is exchanging gifts with a snowman friend under the central Christmas tree. Claudius is admiring a pair of crystal clusters outside the fort, and has a Pepe bird on his head (a little WoW reference). I love the base upgrades, but I grew to love the little tent so I kept it. I can't seem to delete the original image below 😕
  23. I'd love to be able to buy duplicates of the resources, or at the very least have the ability to move them. Support!
  24. I've really enjoyed the event this year. The events that let us create something are my favorites. And the holiday dragons are just beautiful, both in form and concept. Many thanks to the artists, to TJ, and all who were involved in putting the game together.