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  1. May I have your thoughts about what to get for a CB Red Dorsal? I have no clue at all if it's worth anything or not...
  2. traumeule

    Z Project

    I accidently clicked a Deep Sea Eggie on the AP... it's horribly messy and also inbred, but at least I realized it has a code beginning with Z. Maybe one of you wants to add it to your Z-collection? (It's also low time and incuhatchable!)
  3. *wipes dust from thread* I am so glad to see that the thread is still in existence! I took a very long break from DC - and from this project respectively - but now I am back and I am actually working on my next line of commons again. I will try to contact the thread moderator to offer my assistance once again - so maybe we can clean up the first post and add project members who have not been added so far. Is anyone still breeding for this project?
  4. Okay, I am officially a little shocked. I got the first two eggies I clicked! THE FIRST TWO! In the blink of an eye! I already prepared for a wild hunt, but I really prefer this way. Yay! The eggs look wonderful and hatchlings are unbelievably adorable. Thank you very much spriters and TJ! Happy holidays to all of you!
  5. I must say that I am really absolutely amazed by how creative all of you are with buidling your forts! And the thing I love most is that not two forts look the same! I decided to make mine a little pretty basic and a little on the "darker" side, although I am really in a holiday mood right now. ^^ (It's not finished yet, but I won't be changing much of it, just the outer line of snowballs.)
  6. Gotcha! Scroll name: traumeule Threw a snow-ball at: Caius, thewhitestar, BetaHead, Ollis46; Edit: AwesoMan3000 Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: traumeule
  7. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: traumeule Gotcha! Scroll name: traumeule Threw a snow-ball at: Cathyl00
  8. Okay, thanks for your opinion, I might try that - we'll see how that work. Personally, I also do not like dinos... I just need them to structure my scroll into groups. Gosh, it sounds mean when I write it down...
  9. Since anything rare and/or unbreedable eludes me in the cave, I was really hoping for any kind of dino or, but I think this is probably too much to ask for. Apart from that, I'm not looking for anything atm - I was just curious about other opinions concerning alt blacks, since I practically never see them asked for in trades and such. A little sad in my opinion! Thank you very much for your comments! You've all been very helpful!
  10. Hm, since I started playing DC again, I noticed that the "value" of alt blacks dropped to almost zero. A few years back, players would almost offer their right arm for one - but now, no offers at all. Still, they are marked as rare in the rare trading thread - something I experienced not depicting reality. Do you know which ones - apart from 2nd gens - are still worth something? What can I expect for a 4th Gen even PB black (regulars, except for one alt in the lineage) curled alt black?
  11. I want to Change! Forum name: traumeule Reason for change: I snagged some eggies in the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience! Wishlist: 1. chicken 2. nice lineaged (not too messy, not inbred) shimmerskin (gold) or copper (green or red) 3. male blue striped 4. pink eggies or hatchies, any lineages 5. red hatchies, any lineage 6. I am more than happy about any hatchie that completes a family (male, female and frozen hatchie) on my scroll. As you see, there are many incomplete families and I'd be glad to change that with your help. Thank you!
  12. After so many years (with a loooong break, but still) I finally got my gold trophy. And congrats to you all! Never miss a chance to celebrate!
  13. Aww, I have a little Junior TJ Eggie here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Jr2TJ Too bad that I can't give the egg away to someone who collects nice codes, since I bred the egg for a project and must keep it. I personally never pay attention to codes. But this one caught my attention. ^^
  14. I am quite startled that so many people complain about the new release and also about the time it occurred. I understand that it was inconvenient for some of you, but guys - there are many timezones! :-) I am from Europe and usually I miss the big events because I'm already asleep when something comes up. Today I was lucky, because I had just gotten up and saw the new release. Next time, it's gonna be different again... But hey, it's a game after all. TJ for sure tries to keep everything in balance!
  15. I don't believe it, I caught four of the pretty new eggs at the hour drop 20 minutes ago - the first time in over a year that I participated in a new relase on DC again. *does the happy dance* My internet connection seems to have improved, I didn't have trouble catching them... when I imagine how hard that was a few years back. Still, I never catch anything valuable in the cave at "normal times". Thanks for the release, TJ - I have no clue what to expect from those!
  16. What a nice idea! Thank you so much for organizing this! I want to participate! Forum name: traumeule Scroll name: traumeule Wishlist: 1. low gen red copper (4 or lower) 2. low gen (4 or lower) or CB opal 3. male blue striped 4. female flamingo 5. you can never have too many red hatchies <3 6. I am more than happy about any hatchie that completes a family (male, female and frozen hatchie) on my scroll. As you see, there are many incomplete families and I'd be glad to change that with your help.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm really happy to see that this project goes so well - thanks to Dragon and Cat Tamer. You really do a fabulous job there, given I haven't paid much attention to DC during the last few months. RL has a firm grip on me and probably won't leave me alone for quite some time. Sorry for being so inactive! Now, is there anything anyone needs to know from me as the founder of this project? (I'm very sure Dragon and Cat Tamer has everything totally under control, but I figured I might as well ask now that I'm around.) Just shoot me a PM, if you need anything and I'll be happy to reply. Good luck to all Royal Highnesses!
  18. Hey folks, I really feel bad about having abanoned this project for nearly two months - sorry, everyone (especially Dragon and Cat Tamer!). RL was too complicated these days. Thanks for keeping the Thread up-to-date! Thank you big time, Tamer! It's great to see how everyone is making progress. Keep it up! Happy Halloween to everyone, traumeule
  19. Hey there, I'm back in time and the egg I froze hatched without any trouble. Thank you so much, purplehaze, for looking after my scroll! I'm very sorry that you were worried about the fogged egg, I should have informed you but I forgot. Thanks! Cheers, traumeule
  20. Thank you for your time, purplehaze!
  21. Scroll Name: traumeule Forum Name: traumeule What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sat: all How Long will you be gone: from 28 Aug to 1 Sep (both included) What Sitter's list do you want to be on: Your choice, I don't have preferences. All my hatchlings should be fine as they are all both added to Silvi's Lair and to Allure of Neglected Dragons, but it's nice to know that someone keeps an eye on the little ones. Thank you very much in advance!
  22. Hear ye, hear ye! A Common Queen was born! Forum Name: traumeule Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/traumeule Lineage Link to your King/Queen: http://dragcave.net/lineage/271jB Breed: Coastal Waverunner Name of your King/Queen: Queen Wavedancer of Commons Yay, the first Queen is a Coastal Waverunner. Next project: Use 16 different common dragons to produce a Common King. ... and a warm welcome to all newcomers! You'll be added to the list shortly.
  23. I'd prefer if you didn't, but after the project is over, you're free to do what you want with your CB dragons. Welcome on board, LexxyMomma and Xocowolf. Me or Dragon and Cat Tamer will add you to the list during the next update.
  24. Congratulations to the birth of your common King or Queen! I also have my 5th Gen eggie ready - stay tuned for more info, which will follow once the hatchie gendered. =)
  25. Just when we thought that my niece was about to finish her project, we had a refusal on her scroll... the last two Erzherzöge did not want to cooperate. Plan B is to release Kurfuerst Wasserkrieger into the wilderness - we already bred again and hope that the next 4th Gen won't be that picky. My own project is going slowly... I just finished to breed myself another 3rd Gen (a Daydream). Stay tuned! ²RotomGuy: Thanks for pointing out that mistake. And welcome aboard! =)