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    Z Project

    It hatched, so here's the code for the hatchie: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. traumeule

    Z Project

    Code zD7b3 for you guys (nocturnal): Claim my eggs/hatchlings! (Btw it's incu-hatchable )
  3. Forum name: traumeule PM link: click here List of Valetines I Can Breed: 2 CB Valentine Dragons (2009) 1 2G Rosebud 1 3G Rosebud 4 3G Sweetling 2 2G Arsani 2 CB Radiant Angel 2 2G Radiant Angel 2 2G Heartseeker 2 CB Heartsteeling List of Valentine's I need: 2G Mutamore with common mate 2G Soulstone with common mate 2G Floral-Crowned with common mate any G Alt Sweetling
  4. Soooo many pretty caves! ²Aquatart: That almost looks like a curtain, really nice idea! ²AGYK: Seems like we both are into rainbows ^^ So cute! ²Alectrona: How romantic! <3 Well, here is mine... not quite the way I wanted it, but at least it's colorful. Since I didn't have time to decorate anything yesterday, I did not yet attract a mate who was willing to stay. Hopefully it'll work tomorrow.
  5. Ah, the parents are mine - I'm happy the eggie found a nice home! I grabbed this beauty. Thanks, Thoiris! As I probably won't be able to continue the lineage, I might freeze it after all. It's just so pretty to look at!
  6. Welcome! As mentioned before, I'm not able to update the first post right now, but I hope I'll get a hold of the PW soon. Ah, the secret word. ^^ One of the mods chose that one. I'm Austrian and have no idea what it means.
  7. You use the second egg, whatever breed it may be. To avoid that, however, you can influence your egg accordingly. And just to clarify: CBs on your scroll qualify for the project only in case they do not have offspring yet. Once the 2G is born, though, you can use that CB for further breeding. Only the first egg continues the heritage.* *) This is not applicable in case your offspring genders wrong like you mentioned.
  8. Hello everyone, Well, I am still working on this project, but I cannot update the topic, since I lost the PW for the project account (I was gone from DC for quite a while). Even if I had it, though, I'd have no time sorting through everything since the last update. I will contact thread moderators to see if they are still active and willing to do some update work. Some time ago I managed to breed my 6G High Queen of Commons. Currently, I am working on a High King for her to breed an Emperor or an Empress eventually. I can't help it, I love her.
  9. First of all: happy new year to everyone! I have a question about dinos. I noticed that they hardly ever appear on the want-list of any trades and that they seem to have become less rare recently. I managed to snag a green dino from the cave and was wondering what I can expect for it. I was thinking something in terms of CB Undine or 2G Avatars. Do you think that's realistic? Or am I wrong? Could I get something more rare? Thanks for your advice.
  10. At first glance, I thought it looked a little like Klingon. I would try to save you, anonymous person, if I knew who you are...
  11. This thread continues to be awesome! I had a visit from Gandalf this morning:
  12. I am honestly impressed with all the funny comments you people come up. It's really awesome to browse through this thread. I just wished I was half as creative with what I write (but I'm not, obviously)... Here are some of my favorites: "Prepare yourself! We're going on a holiday adventure! Dragons guaranteed~" #Pandalf (As a total LOTR & Hobbit Fan I was particularly happy to receive a gift from a real wizard. <3 I am so looking forward to Pandalf showing up on my doorstep now ^^ - I already packed a bag! ) How do you know when Santa's in the room? You can sense his presents. #Jocosa (I love puns ^^ And since I'm not a native English speaker, I rarely ever have heard any Christmassy ones before.) No cats were harmed during the wrapping of this present - as you can see #Auriene (That is always good to know!) Small town girl in a lonely world taking the midnight train going anywhere #Thief-of-Hearts (That tune has been stuck in my ear ever since! Awesome song!) Thank you for the chuckles, guys! And also thanks to the rest of you who sent me presents! I love each single one. =)
  13. Hear ye, hear ye! A Common Empress was born! Forum Name: traumeule Lineage Link to your King/Queen: http://dragcave.net/lineage/qbmGU Breed: Brimstone Name of your King/Queen: Empress Citrine of Commons
  14. Congratulations to you all! There are so many wonderful lineages to see here! =) I finally managed to breed myself a cute 6G eggie for my project, the Kings and Queens of Commons. I'm gonna give it the title Emperor or Empress, once it grows up - that's fitting for a child of a King and Queen, right? ... and who would have thought that the winner after 6 generations is a Brimstone? My guess would have been Spitfire, definitely. ^^
  15. ²rainbowsmile: Great! Yeah you are right, there are so many more common drangons than when we started out with the project... means we can make even longer lineages! I finally managed to breed my first 6G royal eggie. I will call it Emperor or Empress, because I already have one king and one queen. In case you are interested, here you can take a look at the cutie. Brimstone males were extremely dominant throughout the project...
  16. I want to thank my Secret Santa daemonhart for giving me a bunch of wonderful eggs and hatchies. You've been too kind. Thank you sooo much! <3
  17. I was wondering the exact same thing. I am in Oasis' half - just curious if my gifter is aware of me already?
  18. Okay, my giftee just got a pack with her last three gifts. I really hope that she likes what I got for her. I still haven't heard from my own Santa though... argh, but I really shouldn't be so impatient. There is plenty of time left! ^^ I will regularly check the thread. Although I don't have anything super special on my scroll, I might be able to help out at some point - and I gladly will!
  19. My giftee picked up her first gift. Unfortunately, I did not get back a PM from her. Well, I have a few more gifts at hand no matter what. Still, a thank you would have made me happy. I haven't heard anything from my own Santa yet, but since I am scroll-locked right now, it's perfectly okay.
  20. Thanks for your input. I was stupid enough not to track the PM I sent ... *facepalm* ... but I will wait as long as I can to give her a chance to respond.
  21. Hm, I was just wondering for how long I am supposed to hold the gift for the giftee? I am a litte worried as my giftee has got a few dead eggs on her scroll and does not seem to be really active... my hatchie might grow up until she sees the PM I sent. Which would be a pity, since it's probably the best gift of those I intend to give. I'd rather gift it to someone else instead of it growing up on my scroll - so how long would you say should I wait for my giftee to pick up the hatchie? Is 24 hours enough?
  22. Yay, gifting time! Luckily I had the perfect thing for my giftee on my scroll and sent her a CB red dorsal hatchie today. There will be more presents, this is just for you to know that I was a dutiful Secret Santa. Thank you very much for organizing everything! I can hardly imagine the workload of sorting everything and going through every scroll... You picked a great giftee for me, I can (and will) fulfill quite a lot of wishes she has.
  23. Thank you for your help! I kinda thought the same - they are not really rare in my opinion.